Washington Houses Land Lease Presentation (6-12-13) (Chinese)


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  • Presenter – Deidra Gilliard, VP for Community Operations Good evening everyone and thank you for participating in this very important discussion today.This will be just one of many discussions that NYCHA and all of you--  will have in the coming weeks about a proposal to generate funding to Improve and Preserve Public Housing here at Meltzer.Unlike Chicago, Atlanta, St Louis who demolished their public housing, NYCHA  wants to keep it going for another 79 years.What we are going to do today is talk about one initiative to help do just that. Many of you may have come to a meeting NYCHA hosted  a few weeks ago.I also know there has been a lot of misinformation or confusion out there about plans for this development and that is why it is so important that you have come here to get information, raise questions, give your opinion and offer ideas.I speak for everyone at NYCHA when I say we want to and will answers all those questions, hear your comments and welcome all of your suggestions and ideas.   There are more meetings to come so this will not be the only chance to offer your opinion-- this is just the beginning of this multi-year process until 2015 to 2016.
  • Melba Butler:We hope that as many people as possible will have an opportunity to express their comments.So before we begin, let’s go over the following ground rules.I would like to go over some Ground Rules:We are here to listenThe passing out of materials, photo taking and video recordings are not allowedIf you would like to speak or ask a question – we ask that you complete a speaker slip [Hold up a sample of speaker slip] This is a meeting for residents so we are going to take questions from residents first and then move on to other questions if time permits.We ask that your comments are respectful and that you be considerate of others and allow them time to share their questionsIf you have any personal and/or specific need or issue related to your apartment – please raise your hand, NYCHA staff is here to assist you.We have “General Information” tables are available outside where leaflets and flyers may be displayed.Resource tables have been set up outside with information so that the end of the meeting you can pick-up information on that may be of interest to you on:Resident Economic Empowerment and Sustainability, Fair Housing, Social Services, Citywide Programs, and A Health Provider. Introduce Mike Zunno (or other designated Finance Senior staff), Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, to discuss the 1st topic- Financial Resources
  • Presenter – Deidra Gilliard, VP for Community Operations This PLAN is ALOT to TAKE in.  There is important information we want to share and importantly we want to hear what you think and answer your questions.Based on feedback we got from you and other residents when we had our first round of meetings,  we have broken down the discussion today into four parts.   (Go through the Four Topics, letting them know that for each topic NYCHA staff will share information and then we will break into the table groups to review and discuss the information). 
  • Presenter Fred Harris, EVP for Real Estate Development Reinforce the unmet need due to years of underfunding by the federal government $876 Million in Capital funding and $750 Million in Operating.NYCHA is not getting enough money to keep the buildings maintained.
  • Presenter –staff member from Development Department
  • Presenter –staff member from Development Department
  • Presenter –staff member from Development Department
  • Remind residents that we have copies of the presentation on the way out and also please visit the NYCHA website for updates.This is the start of many more conversations.
  • Washington Houses Land Lease Presentation (6-12-13) (Chinese)

    1. 1. 保護公共房屋資源擬公房土地 出租計劃工程招標書簡報會華盛頓公房區2013年6月12日
    2. 2.  聆聽各人發言 不得打斷或干擾他人發言 尊重別人 尊重不同意見 如有興趣在簡報後發表個人意見和建議,請到會場入口的招待處索取發言人登記表。 禁止錄影2會談規則
    3. 3. 3 納入居民反饋意見的修改案 新大樓設計規範和土地用途規劃資訊 第18章公共房屋拆除/轉讓申請 計劃時間表 發表意見和問答時間討論話題
    4. 4. 納入居民反饋意見的修改案 房屋局延期數月發怖工程招標公告 (RFP) 所有土地租金將首先用於資助八 (8) 個受影響的公房區的基建改善工程。 預留至少兩成出租單位租金定於地區收入中位數(AMI) 百分之60 或以下家庭所能負擔的合理價格水平。4
    5. 5. 納入居民反饋意見的修改案 房屋局對在華盛頓公房區空地興建的新大樓設有建築高度限制。 新建大樓必須經過精心設計,起改善公房區環境作用。如情況許可,需將一樓樓層用作社區中心。 願意增加廉租單位分配比例或降低申請人的收入規定至AMI的百分之50以下的競標發展商將在評比中獲加分。5
    6. 6. 納入居民反饋意見的修改案 投標書必須附帶一份招聘公房居民的詳盡計畫書。 地產商必須撥出至少百分之15的勞動成本 (包括工資外的附加津貼)用於聘請公房居民參與建築地盤工作。 房屋局將要求競標發展商遵守聯邦政府第三章公房居民就業及培訓的相關規定;地產商必須保證為紐約市公房居民預留百分之30的固定工作機會。 得標地產商須於2014年期間派代表出席會議,定期向居民,民選官員和社區委員會人士匯報有關工程規畫和第18章公共房屋拆除/轉讓申請的工作進度。6
    7. 7. 關鍵步驟: 居民諮詢- 居民有權就房屋局的第18章公共房屋拆除/轉讓申請遞交書面意見。 環境評估- 環境評估工作必須按照國家環境政策法案 (NEPA),州環境質量審查法案 (SEQRA),市環境質量審查法案 (CEQR)以及HUD的環境法規的規定進行。7第18章公共房屋拆除/轉讓申請房屋局必須待HUD完成審批程序才可簽訂土地租賃契約。
    8. 8. 關鍵步驟: 擬發展土地的市場價格估值 土地出租 (物業轉讓) 所得收入的用途 民選官員諮詢 要求副市長發信證明房屋局對其轉讓的土地已與當地政府民選官員完成諮詢程序 房屋委員會通過決議案,批准申請公共房屋拆除/轉讓和向HUD提交相關申請8第18章公共房屋拆除/轉讓申請房屋局必須待HUD完成審批程序才可簽訂土地租賃契約。
    9. 9. 華盛頓公房區東99街發展地皮9
    10. 10. 10華盛頓公房區東99街發展地皮
    11. 11. 11華盛頓公房區三大道與東99街交界處發展地皮
    12. 12. 12華盛頓公房區三大道與東99街交界處發展地皮
    13. 13. 未來5年間,房屋局轄下樓宇的基建資金短缺高達134億美元華盛頓公房區的基建改善工程需資5,520萬美元預算案僅撥出2,894,000美元資助未來五年的基建工程13
    14. 14. 公房區土地出租計劃 -2013年的要務 發佈工程招標書 招標書初稿諮詢會議 投標截止日期 面試/投標人的工程簡報 評標委員會向房屋局提供建議方案 房委會暫定得標人 發出附帶條件的中標通知書 房屋局制定年度機構計劃 (根據HUD第18章規定) 年內定期與居民和股東們 (民選官員和社區委員會)會晤14
    15. 15. 公房區空地出租計劃 -2014年的要務 年度機構計劃正式生效 準備遞交第18章公共房屋讓與/清拆申請 (草擬) 開始環境評估工作 與居民和股東們 (民選官員和社區委員會)會晤 – 又稱S18正式會議 房委會批准向HUD遞交第18章公共房屋讓與/清拆申請 遞交第18章公共房屋拆除/轉讓申請書 年內定期與居民和股東們 (民選官員和社區委員會)會晤15
    16. 16. 公房區空地出租計劃 --2016年的要務2015年的要務 HUD可能就申請提出疑問 (預計/時間有所變動) 準備回覆HUD的問題 HUD審批第18章公共房屋拆除/轉讓申請 (預計12月期間收到結果通知) 年內定期與居民和股東們 (民選官員和社區委員會)會晤2016年的要務 申請獲批後,簽訂土地租賃契約 工程籌備及動工 年內定期與居民和股東們 (民選官員和社區委員會)會晤16
    17. 17. 17土地招租資訊網址http://on.nyc.gov/landlease歡迎民眾上網填寫意見表或將意見書寄至:NYC Housing AuthorityLand Lease CommentsPO Box 3422New York NY 10008