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La Guardia Land Lease Presentation (6-14-13) (English)


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La Guardia Land Lease Presentation (6-14-13) (English)

  1. 1. Preserving Public HousingOverviewfor Pending Land LeaseRequest For ProposalLaGuardia HousesJune 17, 2013
  2. 2.  Let’s hear from everyone No interruptions Treat everyone with respect Respect different opinions Speaker slips are available to register for the opencomment time at the end of the presentations No videotaping2Meeting Guidelines
  3. 3. 3 Key Changes Implemented Due to ResidentFeedback Design and Zoning Information Section 18 Project Timeline Comments and Q & ADiscussion Topics
  4. 4. Key Changes Implemented Due toResident Feedback NYCHA has extended the release date of the pendingRequest for Proposal (RFP) by several months 100% of revenue generated from rent will beinvested to meet the capital needs at the eight (8)affected developments in the initial period. At least 20% of the apartments will be permanentlylow-income available to households earning a rangeof incomes below 60% of Area Median Income (AMI)for NYC Metro Area.4
  5. 5. Key Changes Implemented Due toResident Feedback NYCHA has restricted the height that can be built onthe LaGuardia Houses development sites. New Building designs must improve affected NYCHAdevelopments, be thoughtfully designed. Developers will be competitively scored on theirwillingness to increase the percentage of permanentlyaffordable apartments and or to decrease the averageAMI below 50%5
  6. 6. Key Changes Implemented Due toResident Feedback Proposers will be required to submit a NYCHA resident hiring plandetailing initiatives targeted at hiring NYCHA residents. At least 15% of the total labor cost for construction work shouldbe made-up of NYCHA residents. NYCHA will require that proposers adhere to Section 3-like hiringgoals; 30% of permanent employment opportunities will betargeted to NYCHA residents. Designated developers will be required to conduct meetings,discussions with residents, elected officials and communityboards , as project planning is refined and Section 18 applicationsare prepared during 2014. 6
  7. 7. Some Key Steps: Resident Consultation- Residents have the right to submit separate written comments aboutthe Section 18 application Environmental Review:- Completion of environmental assessment of proposed developmentprojects pursuant to the federal National Environmental Policy Act(NEPA) and State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA); in NewYork City, environmental review follows the City Environmental QualityReview (CEQR) manual7Section 18Before NYCHA may enter into a ground lease HUD must approve theproposed transaction.
  8. 8. Some Key Steps: Notice of Disposition in NYCHA Annual Plan Appraisal of development site Description of How Proceeds from Land Leases (disposition) Will Be Used Elected Official Consultation Letter dated and signed by Deputy Mayor that demonstrates NYCHA hasconsulted with the appropriate local government officials about theproposed disposition Adoption of a resolution by the NYCHA Board to authorize submission ofthe Section 18 application 8Section 18Before NYCHA may enter into a ground lease HUD must approve theproposed transaction.
  9. 9. LaGuardia HousesMadison Street Site9
  10. 10. LaGuardia HousesMadison Street Site10
  11. 11. LaGuardia HousesRutgers Street Site11
  12. 12. LaGuardia HousesRutgers Street Site12
  13. 13. $13.4 Billion Unmet Capital Need NYCHA Widefor the Next 5 YearsLaGuardia Housescurrently has a total of$79 Million in capitalneedsNYCHA’s current 5 yearModernization Planbudgets $10.1 Millionfor LaGuardia Housesfor 2013-201713
  14. 14. Land Lease OpportunityKey Milestones 2013 Release RFP Pre-Submission Conference Proposals due Interviews/Applicant Presentations Selection Committee makes recommendation to NYCHA Board Board Conditionally Designates Developer(s) CDLs issued to Developers NYCHA to develop its Annual Plan (per HUD Section 18) Throughout the year, there will be periodic engagement withresidents and other stakeholders (elected officials andCommunity Boards)14
  15. 15. Land Lease OpportunityKey Milestones 2014 NYCHA Annual Plan becomes effective Preparation of Section 18 Application (Draft) Commence Environmental Review Engagement with residents and other stakeholders(elected and CBs) – “Official S18 Meetings” Board Approval to submit Section 18 Application to HUD Submission of Section 18 Application to HUD Throughout the year, there will be on-going engagementwith residents and other stakeholders (elected officialsand Community Boards)15
  16. 16. Land Lease OpportunityKey Milestones 2015-2016Key Milestones 2015 HUD may issue questions on application (est. / time may vary) Prepare responses to HUD questions HUD reviews S18 Application (with approval targeted in December). Throughout the year, there will be periodic engagement with residentsand other stakeholders (elected officials and Community Boards)Key Milestones 2016 Upon approval, enter Ground Lease agreement(s) Construction preparation & groundbreaking Throughout the year, there will be periodic engagement with residentsand other stakeholders (elected officials and Community Boards)16
  17. 17. 17Land Lease Website Comments can be submitted online and in writing to:NYC Housing AuthorityLand Lease CommentsPO Box 3422New York NY 10008