Douglass Land Lease Presentation 4-03-13 (English)


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Douglass Houses has a $192 million unmet need for capital building improvements over the next 5 years.

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  • Presenter – Deidra Gilliard, VP for Community OperationsIntroduction: Good Evening everyone and welcome. I ask that everyone place take a seat we are about to begin the meeting.My name is Deidra Gilliardand I am the Vice President for Community Operationsfor the New York City Housing Authority. Tonight’s meeting is a very important meeting about preserving public housing. This is a start of many more conversations to come.It is a pleasure to be here – we have NYCHA staff from various departments – Development, Communications, Capital Projects, Operations, REES. But before we begin the meeting I would like to inform you of the following [Ask Interpreters to come up to podium]: We have available interpreters in Spanish, Chinese and Russian. They are going to come up now and introduce themselves and explain that we have wireless interpretation equipment; that will enable you to hear the presentation simultaneously in Spanish, Chinese and Russian.We also have sign languages interpreters who will be signing during the presentationI would like to go over some Ground Rules:We are here to listenIf you would like to speak or ask a question – we ask that you complete a speaker slip [Hold up a sample of speaker slip] This is a meeting for residents so we are going to take questions from residents first and then move on to other questions if time permits.We ask that your comments are respectful and that you be considerate of others and allow them time to share their questionsIf you have any personal and/or specific need or issue related to your apartment – please raise your hand, NYCHA staff is here to assist you.
  • Presenter – Deidra Gilliard, VP for Community OperationsTonight’s meeting is a conversation about preserving, maintaining and protecting public housing for another 79 years. We want public housing to be here for future generations.This is a continuation of several years of conversation that we have had going back to 2006 when NYCHA embarked on the first Plan to Preserve Public Housing to find alternative ideas and ways to preserve public housing.[HOLD UP 2006 PPPH Booklet] In this plan we talked about many ways to generate revenue to maintain and preserve this vital resource called public housing
  • Presenter – Deidra Gilliard, VP for Community OperationsIn 2011 we introduced Plan NYCHA which was a collaborative effort again continuing the conversation. [HOLD Plan NYCHA Report up]
  • Presenter – Deidra Gilliard, VP for Community OperationsMany of you may have participated in the Plan NYCHA roundtables and community conversations across the city were more than a dozens of meetings that NYCHA held with residents, elected officials and other key stakeholders. –
  • Presenter – Deidra Gilliard, VP for Community OperationsEmphasis the points on the slide – WE are not doing anything else but preserving public housing for the future.Preserve – this NOT about demolishing, selling or privatizing public housingRestore – But in order to preserve public housing we need to restore financial stability. How do we transform the way we do things?Transforming – we can NO longer continue to do business the way we have been. We cannot have residents waiting for much needed repairs. We need to be much more efficient and better at what we do. Improve: When we transform and do better we provide better customer service.So we all share the same interest which is to preserve public housing. But the big challenge is achieving financial stability. All this preservation requires money and resources. Which NYCHA DOES NOT have right now.
  • Presenter – Deidra Gilliard, VP for Community Operationswill ask staff from Capital Projects and Operations to explain Capital and Operation FundingSo this is very important I want to talk about the two sources of funding we receive.I am going to ask that members the Capital Projects Division and Operations come up to explain to all of you the difference between Capital and Operating Funding.Rebecca Finlan, Capital Projects DivisionLuis Ponce, Operations
  • Presenter – Capital ProjectsAfter Rebecca finishes – both Rebecca and Ponce are still standing with you.Just to make it clear we have been underfunded by $876 million that could have been used for fixing elevators, roofs, boilers
  • Presenter – OperationsJust to make it clear we have been underfunded by $750 million that could have been used for apartment repairs.
  • Presenter – Deidra Gilliard, VP for Community Operations will turn over presentation to EVP Fred Harris who will present slide$6 Billion is the current unmet capital need$7.4 is the unmet capital need for the next 5 years for a total amount of $13.4 Billion
  • Presenter –Executive Vice President for Development, Fred HarrisDeidra Gilliard - Go through the points again to emphasize what the project is NOT to dispel rumors!!
  • Presenter –Executive Vice President for Development, Fred HarrisDeidra Gilliard - Go through the points again to emphasize what the project is NOT to dispel rumors!!
  • Presenter –Executive Vice President for Development, Fred Harris
  • Presenter – Katherine Gray, Senior Portfolio Manager
  • Presenter – Katherine Gray, Senior Portfolio Manager
  • Presenter – Katherine Gray, Senior Portfolio Manager
  • Presenter – Katherine Gray, Senior Portfolio Manager
  • Presenter –Executive Vice President for Development, Fred HarrisPlease note that the amount of money will be reinvested into Public Housing – in Douglass and across the city at other NYCHA developments.General Manager Cecil House will then introduce Presenter – Katherine Gray - Senior Portfolio Managerwho is the Team Leader for this project.
  • Presenter – EVP Fred Harris
  • Presenter – Deidra Gilliard, VP for Community OperationsRemind residents that we have copies of the presentation on the way out and also please visit the NYCHA website for updates.This is the start of many more conversations.
  • Presenter – Deidra Gilliard, VP for Community Operationsand team will field questions from the audience
  • Douglass Land Lease Presentation 4-03-13 (English)

    1. 1. 79 Years Strong
    2. 2. 3Douglass HousesApril 3, 2013Preserving Public Housing
    3. 3. A Roadmap for PreservationEnsures that public housing remains available forcurrent and future generations of New Yorkers4
    4. 4. Plan NYCHA Development NYCHA worked hand in handby hosting dozens of meetingswith residents, electeds,community partners andemployees Thousands of residentsprovided input into proposalsincluding:o Looking at ways to use NYCHA’smost valuable asset –our land- togenerate revenueo Development of new mixed-use,mixed-income housing to supportmore families in need5
    5. 5. A Roadmap for the FutureA Call to: Preserve publichousing – buildings,communities andopportunities Restore financialstability Transform the way wedo things Improve services6
    6. 6. Two Different Federal Funding Streamssupport NYCHA’s ActivitiesCapital:► Covers roofs, bricks,elevators andelectrical, plumbingand heating systems► Requires long termplanning► Calls for complex andlengthy executionOperating:► Covers buildingmaintenance andrepairs, day to dayoperations andadministration► Based on HUD fundingformula that shortchanges NYCHA7Both Capital and Operating funding has declined.
    7. 7. -$900-$800-$700-$600-$500-$400-$300-$200-$100$02001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012InMillionsofDollars Cumulative Annual Capital FundingDecline Since 20018Funding DeclinedOver $876M
    8. 8. -$800-$700-$600-$500-$400-$300-$200-$100$02001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Operating Funding Decline Since 20019Funding DeclinedOver $750MDollarsinMillions
    9. 9. NYCHA’s Unmet Need For Capital InvestmentWill Increase From $6B today to $13.4BOver the next 5 YearsCapital Investment atDouglass Houses:•$192M total identified needsfor the next 5 years•$22M planned for the next 5years including:•Garbage collection systems•Playground equipment•Elevators rehab•Heating systems10
    10. 10. Proposed Plan will help Preserve PublicHousing for Current and Future Families NYCHA would lease (not sell)14 parcels of land locatedwithin 8 developments Income generated will bededicated to buildingimprovements for publichousing The developers would finance,construct, and operate newresidential buildings. Approximately 80% of theapartments will be market rateand 20% will be permanentlylow income11
    11. 11. Setting the Record Straight:This is a Plan to Save Douglass HousesThe Development Plan Will: Not increase rent for NYCHAresidents due to the newdevelopments. Not demolish public housingapartments Not displace NYCHA families Not privatize – NYCHA will still bethe landlord Not sell the land; NYCHA will ownthe land under the new buildings. Not result in job losses or increasedwork requirements for NYCHApersonnel.12
    12. 12. NYCHA’s Core Principles for Development All new buildings located alongstreet fronts to encouragepedestrian traffic and campusintegration with the neighborhoodand reduce construction impact Replacement of all parkingspaces for all current residentlegal permit holders NYCHA will remain your landlordand retain ownership of the landunder the new buildings via99-year ground leases13
    13. 13. Douglass Houses: Where We Are144,612 residents live at Douglass Houses & Addition
    14. 14. Douglass Houses:Proposed Development Sites15
    15. 15. Development Opportunity at Douglass HousesManhattan Avenue Site Site Area: 19,000 SF New Construction: 340,000 SF (approx.) Estimated # of new apts: 368 unitsWest 100th Street Site Site Area: 18,750 SF New Construction: 220,000 SF (approx.) Estimated # of new apts: 189 unitsWest 104th Street Site Site Area: 16,000 SF New Construction: 175,000 SF (approx.) Estimated # of new apts: 237 units16Maximum Allowable Income1 person $ 36,1202 persons $ 41,2803 persons $ 46,4404 persons $ 51,540Low Income units will be available tohouseholds with incomes at or below 60%of Area Median Income (AMI)
    16. 16. Douglass Houses Today17
    17. 17. Benefits NYCHA Wide We estimate that this initiative would generatebetween $30 Million and $50 Million of funding on ayearly basis for 99 years (term of ground lease) New funding streams will be used to improve thequality of life of NYCHA residents by funding aportion of critical capital improvements This initiative will generate approximately 800permanently low income housing units for lowincome New Yorkers NYCHA residents will be given a preference for thelow-income units18
    18. 18. Benefits for Douglass Houses Residents Preference for low incomeapartments in the newbuildings Alternative power duringblackouts for critical systemssuch as hallway and stairlighting, heat and hot water,elevators and security Enhanced security features forthe entire development Construction and permanentjob opportunities for NYCHAresidents Increased investment in criticalcapital needs to preserveDouglass Houses19
    19. 19. 20Land Lease Website Comments can be submitted online and inwriting to:NYC Housing AuthorityLand Lease CommentsPO Box 3422New York NY 10008
    20. 20. 21Q & A