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Annual Plan for Fiscal Year 2014 Presentation - Queens


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Federal law requires housing authorities to develop, with input from residents of public housing and Section 8 Leased Housing, elected officials and the public, an Annual Plan that sets forth its major initiatives for the coming year. NYCHA develops this Plan in consultation with the Resident Advisory Board (RAB), 45 elected public housing residents along with nine participants from the Section 8 program.

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Annual Plan for Fiscal Year 2014 Presentation - Queens

  1. 1. New York City Housing AuthorityFY 2014 Annual PlanQueens Community RoundtableElectrical Industry CenterJune 10, 2013
  2. 2. Welcome&IntroductionExercise
  3. 3. Public Comment on the AnnualPlan – Roundtable Meetings3Call (212) 306-8248 to RSVP for the Roundtable DiscussionsJUNE 6, 2013 – MANHATTANJohnson Community Center1833 Lexington AvenueJUNE 17, 2013 – BRONXBetances Community Center465 St. Anns AvenueJUNE 10, 2013 – QUEENSElectrical Industry Center67-35 Parsons Blvd at Jewel AvenueJUNE 24, 2013 – BROOKLYNIngersoll CommunityCenter177 Myrtle AvenueJUNE 13, 2013 – STATEN ISLANDStapleton Community Center230 Broad StreetAnnual Plan Roundtables – 6 PM to 8:30 PM
  4. 4. Public Comment on the AnnualPlan – Public Hearing4Annual Plan Public Hearing – 5:30 PM to 8 PMJuly 24, 2013Pace UniversitySchimmel Center for the Arts3 Spruce StreetNew York, NY 10038Public Housing Agency Plan CommentsChurch Street StationP.O. Box 3422New York, New York 10008-3422Fax: (212) 306-7905
  5. 5. Topics Discussed at AnnualPlan Roundtable Meetings51. Financial Resources2. Capital Projects3. Crime & Safety4. Land Lease Opportunity5. NYCHA Prepares
  6. 6. Meeting Guidelines• Let’s hear from everyone• No interruptions• Treat everyone with respect• Respect different opinions• Speaker slips are available to register for the opencomment time at the end of the presentations• No videotaping6
  7. 7. Topic 1: Financial ResourcesNYCHA’s Historical Funding•Operating•Capital2013 Adopted Operating Budget•Impact of Sequester•Rent Equity PolicyNYCHA’s Major Initiatives•Capital Fund Financing Program•Unfunded Public Housing Units•Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Program•Moving-to-Work (MTW) Program7
  8. 8. Topic 1: Financial ResourcesNYCHA’s Historical Operating Funding8Federal Operating Funding and Shortfall since 2001CumulativeShortfall:$972M* The 2013 Adopted Plan projected $910M of Federal PH Operating Fundsubsidies. Sequestration reduced the Plan by $114M to $796M.
  9. 9. Topic 1: Financial ResourcesNYCHA’s Historical Capital Funding9Decreasein annualfunding of$164M, or39%, since2001Cumulativefundingdecreaseof $1,040Msince 2001
  10. 10. Topic 1: Financial Resources2013 Adopted Operating Budget10
  11. 11. Topic 1: Financial ResourcesImpact of Sequester11 The impact of sequestration to NYCHA’s Adopted Plans isHUGE It is expected that NYCHA will receive a total of $206M LESS inFederal Funding than planned in 2013
  12. 12. Topic 1: Financial ResourcesRent Equity Policy12 Approximately 47,000 of NYCHA households, or 28% of totalhouseholds, currently pay less than 30 percent of their incomein rent (“Flat Rent Households”) The Board approved the rent increase policy aimed atimproving fairness in rents among Public Housing residentso Average income of Flat Rent HH’s is more than doubleNYCHA’s overall average annual income ($48K vs. $23K)yet…o These HH’s pay 22% or less of their income in rent Increases are phased in over five years Average rent increase for the Flat Rent HH’s for 2013 is $144(from $749 to $893), or 19%
  13. 13. Topic 1: Financial ResourcesRent Equity Policy Approved by Board13Proposed 2014 Flat Rent scheduleFMR - Fair Market RentAMI - Average Median Income
  14. 14. Topic 1: Financial ResourcesMajor Initiatives included in 2013 PlanCapital Fund Financing Program• $500M Bond Issuance• Proceeds will be used for modernization at between 24 to38 developments• Projects will address building “envelope” issues(Brickwork, Roofs)Unfunded Public Housing Units• Approximately 5,500 public housing units in formerCity/State developments remain Unfunded and receive noform of subsidy• Plan includes the conversion of 4,300 of these unfundedunits to Section 8 beginning in 2014 (approved by HUD inSeptember 2008)14
  15. 15. Topic 1: Financial ResourcesMajor InitiativesMoving-to-Work (MTW) Program–Has been a demonstration program since 1996–Allows localities to better address the needs of theircommunities by providing housing authorities flexibility;oAbility to the combine funding streams (vouchers,capital and operating)oAbility to implement rent simplification andoOther administrative streamlining measures‒ Retains critical tenant protection rightsRental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Program–HUD exploring on a pilot basis–Conversion of a public housing property to a form of project-based Section 8-type voucher program–Ability to leverage cash flow to fund near and long-termrehabilitation needs 15
  16. 16. Topic 2: Capital Projects165 year Capital Plan for FY 2013 – 2017Adopted May 22, 2013 Hurricane Sandy Progress$1.8B funding request Bond B Planned Work$500M CCTV UpdateCompletion still targeted for 2013
  17. 17. Topic 2: Capital Projects5 Year Capital Plan 2013-2017171,0001,1501,3001,4501,6001,7501,9002,0502,2002,3502,5002012-2016 2013-2017Capital Plan to PlanFederal Bond City State Contract-Based Section 8 Properties$2.38B$2.18B$inmillions
  18. 18. Topic 2: Capital ProjectsHurricane Sandy18Total Request $1.8BExpectedReimbursements fromInsurance, FederalEmergencyManagement Agency,CommunityDevelopment BlockGrantMitigationat 29unaffecteddev., $617CommunityCenters,$180Other(EOC,admin,misc), $220EmergencyResponse,$120Restorewithresiliency at33 dev.,$660
  19. 19. Topic 2: Capital ProjectsBond B19Total $543M39 DevelopmentsBricks & OtherMasonry33.3%Water Tank0.5%Pump System0.1%AdditionalRepairs4.7%ReplaceWindows12.6%Replace Roofs32.1%Fees16.7%Distributionby Type of WorkBK35.9%BX10.3%MN28.2%QN10.3%SI15.4%Distributionof Work by Boro
  20. 20. Topic 2: Capital ProjectsCCTV Update2085 Developments1 awaiting signoff37 at OMB/Comptroller41 in Construction6 CompleteExpected completion Dec. 2013
  21. 21. Topic 3: Safety and CrimePreventionCurrent Initiatives:Installation of Enhanced Security Measures :21 As of 2013, elected officials have allocated approximately $61 millionto install CCTV and/or Layered Access Control at approximately 85 NYCHAdevelopments. NYCHA is working to install security systems in 85 developments by fall2013.The new security system installations will be uniform, technologicallyadvanced cameras that will be part of an integrated system.
  22. 22. Topic 3: Safety and CrimePreventionCurrent Initiatives:Installation of Enhanced Security Measures :22Bay View – Completed 9/5/2012Amsterdam – Completed 9/7/2012Smith – Completed 3/31/2013Taft – Completed 03/15/2013Mott Haven-CCTV – Completed 03/29/2013Williams – Completed 04/26/20113
  23. 23. Topic 3: Safety and CrimePreventionLonger Term:Continue to strengthen relationship with the NYPDand other law enforcement agencies.Boost resident engagementSecure additional funding for the security measures.Increase communication about safety issues withresidents23
  24. 24. Topic 4: Land Lease OpportunityNYCHAs proposed plan would lease –not sell – 14 parcels of land locatedwithin eight (8) developments toprivate developers who wouldfinance, construct, and operate thenew residential buildings. The incomegenerated through land leases wouldbe dedicated to buildingimprovements at the eightdevelopments and other publichousing properties citywide.24
  25. 25. Topic 4: Land LeaseOpportunity NYCHA Benefits:• Development of all proposed sites wouldgenerate between an estimated $30 Million and$50 Million for capital improvements on a yearlybasis for 99 years (term of land lease)• Each new building will be a mix of 80%unsubsidized apartments and 20% permanentlyaffordable apartments generating approximately800 permanently low income housing units forlow income New Yorkers with NYCHA residentpreference25
  26. 26. Topic 4: Land LeaseOpportunity Resident Benefits:•Increased investment in critical capital needs topreserve NYCHA developments•Preference for low income apartments in the newbuildings•Alternative power during blackouts for criticalsystems such as hallway and stair lighting, heat andhot water, elevators and security•Enhanced security features for the entiredevelopment•Construction and permanent job opportunities forNYCHA residents26
  27. 27. Topic 4: Land LeaseOpportunity - Baruch Houses:Site 1: East Houston Street SiteCurrent Use:Parking Lot (54 Spaces)Estimated Lot Area:26,000 SFEstimated Proposed Residential Floor Area:350,000 SF (378 Apartments)** Assumption: 925 SF/Apartment27
  28. 28. Topic 4: Land LeaseOpportunity - Campos Plaza:Site 1: East 12th Street SiteCurrent Use:Parking Lot (45 Spaces),Basketball CourtEstimated Lot Area:26,000 SFEstimated Proposed Residential Floor Area:90,000 SF (97 Apartments)**Assumption: 925 SF/Apartment28
  29. 29. Topic 4: Land LeaseOpportunity - Carver Houses:Site 1: Madison Avenue SiteCurrent Use:Parking Lot (58 Spaces)Estimated Lot Area:14,000 SFSite 2: Park Avenue SiteCurrent Use:Parking Lot (59 Spaces)Estimated Lot Area:23,000 SFEstimated Proposed Residential Floor Area:242,000 SF (262 Apartments)*Estimated Proposed Revenue Generating CommunityFacility Floor Area:500,000 SF*Assumption: 925 SF/Apartment29
  30. 30. Topic 4: Land Lease Opportunity -Douglass Houses:Site 1: West 104th Street SiteCurrent Use:Parking Lot (86 Spaces)Estimated Lot Area:16,000 SFEstimated Proposed Residential Floor Area:175,000 SF (189 Apartments)*Site 2: West 100th Street SiteCurrent Use:Parking Lot (29 Spaces)Estimated Lot Area:18,750 SFEstimated Proposed Residential Floor Area:220,000 SF (237 Apartments)*Site 3: Manhattan Avenue SiteCurrent Use:Parking Lot (83 Spaces)Estimated Lot Area:19,000 SFEstimated Proposed Residential Floor Area:340,000 SF (368 Apartments)**Assumption: 925 SF/Apartment30
  31. 31. Topic 4: Land Lease Opportunity -LaGuardia Houses:Site 1: Madison Street SiteCurrent Use:Parking Lot (17 Spaces) &Garbage Compactor YardEstimated Lot Area:9,000 SFEstimated Proposed Residential Floor Area:135,000 SF (146 Apartments)*Site 2: Rutgers Street SiteCurrent Use:Parking Lot (31 Spaces)Estimated Lot Area:7,500 SFEstimated Proposed Residential Floor Area:120,000 SF (130 Apartments)**Assumption: 925 SF/Apartment 31
  32. 32. Topic 4: Land LeaseOpportunity Meltzer Tower:Site 1: East 1st Street SiteCurrent Use:Seating AreaEstimated Lot Area:18,750 SFEstimated Proposed Residential Floor Area:121,000 SF (131 Apartments)*Estimated Proposed Commercial Floor Area:18,750 SF*Assumption: 925 SF/Apartment32
  33. 33. Topic 4: Land LeaseOpportunity - Smith Houses:Site 1: Robert F. Wagner PlaceSiteCurrent Use:Paved Baseball Field / BasketballCourtEstimated Lot Area:16,250 SFEstimated Proposed Residential Floor Area:365,000 SF (395 Apartments)*Site 2: South Street SiteCurrent Use:Parking Lot (200 Spaces) &Garbage Compactor YardEstimated Lot Area:55,000 SFEstimated Proposed Residential Floor Area:700,000 SF (757 Apartments)**Assumption: 925 SF/Apartment33
  34. 34. Topic 4: Land Lease Opportunity -Washington Houses:Site 1: 3rd Avenue & East 99thStreet SiteCurrent Use:Parking Lot (36 Spaces),Community Facility & HealthClinicEstimated Lot Area:57,000 SFEstimated Proposed Residential Floor Area:500,000 SF (540 Apartments)*Site 2: East 99th Street SiteCurrent Use:Landscaped AreaEstimated Lot Area:18,000 SFEstimated Proposed Residential Floor Area:350,000 SF (378 Apartments)**Assumption: 925 SF/Apartment34
  35. 35. Topic 4: Land Lease Opportunity –Key Milestones 2013• Release RFP• Pre-Submission Conference• Proposals due• Interviews/Applicant Presentations• Selection Committee makes recommendation to NYCHA Board• Board Conditionally Designates Developer(s)• CDLs issued to Developers• NYCHA to develop its Annual Plan (per HUD Section 18)• Throughout the year, there will be periodic engagement withresidents and other stakeholders (elected officials and CommunityBoards)35
  36. 36. Topic 4: Land Lease Opportunity –Key Milestones 2014• NYCHA Annual Plan becomes effective• Preparation of Section 18 Application (Draft)• Commence Environmental Review• Engagement with residents and other stakeholders(elected and CBs) – “Official S18 Meetings”• Board Approval to submit Section 18 Application to HUD• Submission of Section 18 Application to HUD• Throughout the year, there will be on-going engagementwith residents and other stakeholders (elected officialsand Community Boards)36
  37. 37. Topic 4: Land Lease Opportunity –Key Milestones 2015-2016Key Milestones 2015• HUD may issue questions on application (est. / time may vary)• Prepare responses to HUD questions• HUD reviews S18 Application (with approval targeted in December).• Throughout the year, there will be periodic engagement with residentsand other stakeholders (elected officials and Community Boards)• Key Milestones 2016• Upon approval, enter Ground Lease agreement(s)• Construction preparation & groundbreaking• Throughout the year, there will be periodic engagement with residentsand other stakeholders (elected officials and Community Boards)37
  38. 38. 38NYCHA highest priority is the safety & security of the residents.With the start of Hurricane season on June 1st through November 30th, NYCHA isprepared to do our part in the event of a hurricane or other weather-related emergency.As New York City’s largest landlord, our focus must be to secure our buildings and actswiftly to restore the systems and services that are most important for residents.The following are some priorities that we have been focusing on: Developing an emergency communications plan to deliver timely and consistentinformation to NYCHA residents, staff and key stakeholders Expanding the role of the CCC to provide a wider range of information to our customers Coordinating and sharing with key city agencies, community based organizations andinforming them of our preparedness plans Establishing a clear policy and process on how to handle donations and volunteers Establishing an emergency training program across all departments Identifying community centers that will be used during an emergency as emergencyoperations centers
  39. 39. 39MAKE A PLAN TO EVACUATEGATHER SUPPLIES• Pack a Go Bag and a Go Wallet• Pack an emergency supply kitin case you stay homeGET INFORMEDFor NYCHA resident information, go Your Zones: Find out if you live in a hurricaneevacuation zone by visiting by calling 311.
  40. 40. Questions and AnswersSubmit your written commentsregarding the Draft Annual Agency Planfor FY 2014 by mail to:Public Housing Agency PlanCommentsChurch Street StationP.O. Box 3422New York, New York 10008-3422
  41. 41. Wrap Up & CloseThank you41