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A short presentation on the subject search and how to optimize for social search.

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Heaven Of Search - Google

  1. 1. Heaven of search – <br />the all mighty Google!<br />What does it all mean?<br />How optimize for search in this new landscape of search?<br />Peter Isaksson<br />Web analyzer at Alenio<br />Twitter: @Webbanalys<br />
  2. 2. Google<br />Blogs<br />Maps<br />Real time search<br />Social<br />Video<br />Voice<br />Goggle<br />News<br />Mobile<br />Personalization<br />Images<br />Web pages<br />What does it all mean?<br />Peter Isaksson<br />Web analyzer at Alenio<br />Twitter: @Webbanalys<br />
  3. 3. Google<br />Blogs<br />Maps<br />Real time search<br />Social<br />Video<br />Voice<br />Goggle<br />News<br />Mobile<br />Personalization<br />Images<br />Web pages<br />Personalization<br />Depending on what pages you visited earlier Google puts these pages higher up in the search result (if relevant to the search).<br />The search result you get is built on your previously visited pages! Pages you visited more often ends up higher in the search results.<br />Peter Isaksson<br />Web analyzer at Alenio<br />Twitter: @Webbanalys<br />
  4. 4. Google<br />Blogs<br />Maps<br />Real time search<br />Social<br />Video<br />Voice<br />Goggle<br />News<br />Mobile<br />Personalization<br />Images<br />Web pages<br />Social<br />Social Search adds relevant content from your contacts to your results!<br />The search result contains information that your contacts think is relevant to your search. If your contacts have mentioned anything about the subject relevant to your search it´s ends up in the result.<br />Peter Isaksson<br />Web analyzer at Alenio<br />Twitter: @Webbanalys<br />
  5. 5. Google<br />Blogs<br />Maps<br />Real time search<br />Social<br />Video<br />Voice<br />Goggle<br />News<br />Mobile<br />Personalization<br />Images<br />Web pages<br />Maps (Earth)<br />Search the earth for location based information. View streets and neighborhoods or take a look at your upcoming vacation resort through street view. <br />Peter Isaksson<br />Web analyzer at Alenio<br />Twitter: @Webbanalys<br />
  6. 6. Google<br />Blogs<br />Maps<br />Real time search<br />Social<br />Video<br />Voice<br />Goggle<br />News<br />Mobile<br />Personalization<br />Images<br />Web pages<br />Mobile (Local)<br />Search results based on where you are. A search for restaurants will give back a location based search result depending on your location. Just tell Google your location and voila.<br />No need to make a second search or to add a geographical name. Google serves up the most relevant answers to your search based on your location. <br />Peter Isaksson<br />Web analyzer at Alenio<br />Twitter: @Webbanalys<br />
  7. 7. Google<br />Blogs<br />Maps<br />Real time search<br />Social<br />Video<br />Voice<br />Goggle<br />News<br />Mobile<br />Personalization<br />Images<br />Web pages<br />Blogs<br />Search blogs all over the web for information. What&apos;s written about you or your company in the blogosphere? <br />Peter Isaksson<br />Web analyzer at Alenio<br />Twitter: @Webbanalys<br />
  8. 8. Google<br />Blogs<br />Maps<br />Real time search<br />Social<br />Video<br />Voice<br />Goggle<br />News<br />Mobile<br />Personalization<br />Images<br />Web pages<br />Video<br />Google Videos is geared towards providing a large archive of freely searchable videos. Searching for a new video? Search Google Video.<br />Remember that You Tube is the second biggest search engine in the world and that Google owns it!<br />Peter Isaksson<br />Web analyzer at Alenio<br />Twitter: @Webbanalys<br />
  9. 9. Google<br />Blogs<br />Maps<br />Real time search<br />Social<br />Video<br />Voice<br />Goggle<br />News<br />Mobile<br />Personalization<br />Images<br />Web pages<br />Image<br />Google Image search helps you find images relevant to your search. <br />The keywords for the image search are based on the filename of the image, the link text pointing to the image, and text adjacent to the image.<br />Peter Isaksson<br />Web analyzer at Alenio<br />Twitter: @Webbanalys<br />
  10. 10. Google<br />Blogs<br />Maps<br />Real time search<br />Social<br />Video<br />Voice<br />Goggle<br />News<br />Mobile<br />Personalization<br />Images<br />Web pages<br />News<br />Google News provides searching for news, and the choice of sorting the results by date and time of publishing or grouping them. <br />In the English versions, there are options to tailor the grouping to a selected national audience.<br />Google Fast Flip is a news aggregator that mimics the experience of flicking through a newspaper or magazine.<br />Peter Isaksson<br />Web analyzer at Alenio<br />Twitter: @Webbanalys<br />
  11. 11. Google<br />Blogs<br />Maps<br />Real time search<br />Social<br />Video<br />Voice<br />Goggle<br />News<br />Mobile<br />Personalization<br />Images<br />Web pages<br />Voice<br />Google Voice search makes it possible to speak your search and then get the result back to your iPhone or Android on a page or as a link.<br />Peter Isaksson<br />Web analyzer at Alenio<br />Twitter: @Webbanalys<br />
  12. 12. Google<br />Blogs<br />Maps<br />Real time search<br />Social<br />Video<br />Voice<br />Goggle<br />News<br />Mobile<br />Personalization<br />Images<br />Web pages<br />Web pages<br />The most traditional way Google find information is through web pages. Pages with content matching your search query all competes on who´s going to get the click. Universal search displays content from several sources relevant to your search query.<br />Consider how personalization and social search can effect the search results!<br />Peter Isaksson<br />Web analyzer at Alenio<br />Twitter: @Webbanalys<br />
  13. 13. Google<br />Blogs<br />Maps<br />Real time search<br />Social<br />Video<br />Voice<br />Goggle<br />News<br />Mobile<br />Personalization<br />Images<br />Web pages<br />Real time search<br />Real time search result shows what is going on just this minute within your search query. The search result consist of micro blogging and status updates.<br />Peter Isaksson<br />Web analyzer at Alenio<br />Twitter: @Webbanalys<br />
  14. 14. Google<br />Blogs<br />Maps<br />Real time search<br />Social<br />Video<br />Voice<br />Goggle<br />News<br />Mobile<br />Personalization<br />Images<br />Web pages<br />Goggle<br />Google Goggles can provide you with information about the points of interest near you, without even conducting a search.<br />You can use it to find the names and locations of landmarks, or famous artworks, books, DVDs, logos, even get the contact details of a certain restaurant or find out where the nearest one is to where you’ll be that night.<br />With the nearby places overlay you&apos;ll see labels tagged to the nearby businesses.<br />Peter Isaksson<br />Web analyzer at Alenio<br />Twitter: @Webbanalys<br />
  15. 15. Google<br />Blogs<br />Maps<br />Real time search<br />Social<br />Video<br />Voice<br />Goggle<br />News<br />Mobile<br />Personalization<br />Images<br />Web pages<br />How optimize for search in this new landscape of search?<br />Peter Isaksson<br />Web analyzer at Alenio<br />Twitter: @Webbanalys<br />
  16. 16. Google<br />Blogs<br />Maps<br />Real time search<br />Social<br />Video<br />Voice<br />Goggle<br />News<br />Mobile<br />Personalization<br />Images<br />Web pages<br />Search results<br />When search results more and more are built upon personalization and your social network, how can businesses secure their visibility in the search results?<br />When search engines shows mobile search results pending on your location, how can businesses be visible?<br />When search results are mixed, as in universal search, how can businesses improve their visibility.<br />Traditional search engine optimization is dead and we say welcome to Social search optimization!<br />Remember! SSO is not a strategy for creating a social media presence! <br />Peter Isaksson<br />Web analyzer at Alenio<br />Twitter: @Webbanalys<br />
  17. 17. Google<br />Blogs<br />Maps<br />Real time search<br />Social<br />Video<br />Voice<br />Goggle<br />News<br />Mobile<br />Personalization<br />Images<br />Web pages<br />Social search optimization<br />Every kind of content that’s produced by your business or reside on sites controlled by your company should be;<br /><ul><li> Tagged in a correct way
  18. 18. Using descriptions of video and images
  19. 19. Using keyword rich url:s externally and internally
  20. 20. Having links that describe the content they point to inside videos and images
  21. 21. Thoroughly described on Google Maps
  22. 22. Possible to share every page on the site with others
  23. 23. Posting news and press releases to sites that are listed in Google News
  24. 24. Using date and timestamp on pages that are updated often
  25. 25. Letting their visitors comment content
  26. 26. Having a semantic organized content on your web site </li></ul>Peter Isaksson<br />Web analyzer at Alenio<br />Twitter: @Webbanalys<br />
  27. 27. Google<br />You are mobile and can be located through GPS. You are always connected to the Internet and search for news, products and places around you. You share your experiences with friends via social networking sites and it´s all happening in real time!<br />News<br />Maps<br />Video<br />Goggle<br />Blogs<br />Images<br />Social<br />Voice<br />Real time search<br />Personalization<br />Web site<br />Mobile<br />Peter Isaksson<br />Web analyzer at Alenio<br />Twitter: @Webbanalys<br />