Five Action Games for Android Device


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If you’ve just bought an Android smartphone or an Android tablet and want to start gaming, installing the following games in your device will keep you busy and thrilled for a lot of days.

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Five Action Games for Android Device

  1. 1. Five Action Games for Android DeviceEvery day more than half a million Android devices are activated. There are hundreds of millions ofAndroid devices in the market, and most people who buy smartphones or tablets use them to playgames. While most game developers made and released games only on iOS a few years ago, the rise ofAndroid OS has changed the way things work. Android game development is now a big business, and it iseasy for Android users to find fun and entertaining games for their devices.If you’ve just bought an Android smartphone or an Android tablet and want to start gaming, installingthe following games in your device will keep you busy and thrilled for a lot of days.ShadowgunFirst, the bad news. You’ll need one of the newer Androiddevices to play this powerful game. It is a cover-basedshooter game with some of the best graphics you’ll eversee on mobile. You get to level up a number of times, youget incredible weapon upgrade, there are lots ofchallenging and thrilling boss fights, and there arenumerous enemies you need to tackle. If you loveshooting games with loads of action, you will loveShadowgun.GrabatronThis is one of the most imaginative alien invasion games formobile. Instead of playing a heroic human, you play an alienUFO with human-grabbing claws. On top of it, you canabduct cows and hurl cars! What’s nice about the game isthat has a lot more than an innovative approach: it has anumber of new missions and level ups that will inspire you totorment humanity until you’ve gained dominance overearthlings.GTA 3Any and every gamer know about this game. Finally, Androidgame development companies have been able to create amobile version of the celebrated action game. Most high-endAndroid devices will have enough power to play this game.The best part is that although the touchscreen controls are alittle complicated, the Android game developers have beensuccessful in creating a credible open-world experience formobiles and tablets.
  2. 2. Dungeon HunterIf space and aliens do not attract you much, you can also gofor the old-fashioned dungeon adventure story. DungeonHunter is an open-world RPG with strong characters andmemorable fights. There are plots against kingdoms, largedungeons, ferocious monsters and powerful weapons. Thebest part is that you can team up with three other playersand continue your saga online!Trial XtremeIf you’re not much into RPGs and shooting and simply wanta thrilling and addictive racing game for your Androiddevice, this is the game you are looking for. You get you useyour touch screen and phone accelerometer, and you get torace on all sorts of tracks. When it comes to racing onmobile devices, this is one of the best games around.As the quality of the above-mentioned games indicates, Android game development has scaled newheights over the years. If you are planning to develop cool games for Android, you must hire smartAndroid developers who love gaming and who know how to transform game ideas into real games.Media Contact InformationIndiaNIC440 North Wolfe Road,Sunnyvale, CA – 94085,Phone: +1 (707) 234 5607Fax: +1 (415) 520 9356Website: