5 Beneficial Business Applications for iPhone 5The sixth generation of iPhone comes embedded with an impeccable design and...
CareerBuilder for Employers                             If you are in search of talented professionals, then              ...
your iPhone 5, you can load email attachments and edit them even when you’re out of office. Itallows you to create documen...
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5 Beneficial Business Applications for iPhone 5


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Apple’s sixth generation of iPhone has provided endless opportunities to the users and developers. Right now, the AppStore has plenty of useful business applications that can help users to process their work flow and perform their daily tasks in an easier and better way.

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5 Beneficial Business Applications for iPhone 5

  1. 1. 5 Beneficial Business Applications for iPhone 5The sixth generation of iPhone comes embedded with an impeccable design and lots of usefulfeatures. If you want iPhone apps that can leverage maximum benefits from this platform, thenhire iPhone 5 application developers from IndiaNIC to get the most affordable solutions foryour business apps.When Apple announced the new features of iPhone 5, users, as well as developers knew thatthis device is going to provide them with endless opportunities. Apart from the various built-inapps, Apple brought in more third-party apps that were specifically designed for iPhone. Themore applications you get, the faster your works get done. Among the different categories ofapplications that are there in the AppStore, the business apps are certainly going to get athrust. Whether it is managing files or getting your expense reports, the AppStore is filled withadvantageous business applications for your iPhone 5 that enable you to be updated on almostevery necessary thing.While browsing the AppStore, you’ll find plenty of applications in the business category, and ifyou’re trying to find some handy ones, then given below are 5 prolific applications that arecertainly going to be very helpful for you. Concur - Travel, Receipts, Expense Reports While you are busy in traveling to and fro for meeting your clients, purchasing important items for your business and making other expenses for your business, Concur takes care of your travel, receipts and other expense reports so that you can keep a check on them and can stay productive. Both small and large businesses could track and manage their expenses. Right from the cab fare to hotel charges, Concur enables users to import data from credit cards, check, approve and submit expense reports and manage their airfares, hotels and dining itineraries. With Concur in your iPhone 5, no need to shufflethrough your receipts or remember your expenses as your expenses gather at one place andyour expense report gets ready when you get home.
  2. 2. CareerBuilder for Employers If you are in search of talented professionals, then CareerBuilder for Employers will help you to find out the most suitable candidates. This business application lets you access the applicants who have applied to your job postings. Through your CarrerBuilder account, you can review the resumes of the applicants and can contact them directly from iPhone. You can also view applications up to last 7 days. After selecting the right candidates, you can save them to a folder, call them or email them directly from iPhone or flip through them. You receive push notifications when you getnew applications. With CareerBuilder beside you, you can find the best talent for yourcompany. Go Daddy Domain and Email Manager Now, this app is a must have for all those business people who need have multiple Go Daddy domains, and you also receive notifications about your upcoming expirations. This helps you to renew all your products on time. It enables you to send and receive emails from Go Daddy in its Mobile Workspace mail client. Through this application, you can manage your dedicated and virtual servers, Go Daddy account settings, hosting, as well as email accounts. The good thing is the iPhone version of the app includes of Online Storage file manager through which you can easily manage your documents from anywhere. Smart Office 2 Microsoft Office has become indispensable software for businessmen, and if you work with MS office documents in iPhone, then Smart Office 2 will also become crucial for you. This application makes editing, creating and sharing MS office documents absolutely easier. This one comes incorporated with Printing so you do not even need to buy a separate Printer app. It even gives you Cloud file access so that you can download your important files directly from Dropbox and Google Docs. Among the various features that it has, one of the mostsignificant features is its support for a wide range of important languages including Chinese(both traditional and simplified), Japanese, French, Russian and Turkish. With Smart Office 2 in
  3. 3. your iPhone 5, you can load email attachments and edit them even when you’re out of office. Itallows you to create documents with the scratch and is the only application that comes with afree set of preloaded templates. All these features certainly make Smart Office 2 the new hubof mobile office activity. Parkmobile You visit lots of places in the town and so, you have to be alert about your parking data. Parkmobile is one of those build-to-make-your-task-easy apps that provide you secure online access to your parking data so that you can keep track of any change in your account settings and of your parking expenses. It also provides a better way of paying for your parking using your iPhone. Also, you need not worry if you’re driving a different car as it lets you quickly change your license number and activate your parking session. So, whether it’s a private parking lot or a public one, youneed not worry as Parkmobile can be found right from city streets to airports. So, withParkmobile in your iPhone 5, you’ll never have to search for coins or worry about adysfunctional parking meter as it offers you plenty of flexible solutions that make your dayeasier.All these third-party apps in the AppStore are geared towards making your daily tasks easier.However, if you think that your needs are a little different and that you need customizedbusiness apps for iPhone 5, then the simplest option for you is to hire iPhone applicationdevelopment services because hiring professional services would provide you with flexiblesolutions that would best suit your requirements.Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7312606Media Contact InformationIndiaNIC440 North Wolfe Road,Sunnyvale, CA – 94085,Phone: +1 (707) 234 5607Fax: +1 (415) 520 9356Website: www.indianic.com