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Social Media for Government Enterprises

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  2. Hi… it’s great to be back with another interactive monthly webinar & welcome to an action-packed learning session! If this is your first time, let’s get to know each other little bit. I am based in Singapore and head Digital Marketing at Web Spiders. More info @ I love digital media, sharing insights based on user behavior & our interaction with technology! Today’s session is all about Social Media for Government Enterprises. Let’s get started! BTW, you can find me on social media (of course!) @ LinkedIn: Twitter: @write2kavita Facebook: E-mail: Director @write2kavita
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  4. @write2kavita Social Media for Good Governance Survey of citizens who prefer interacting with governments via social media Source: Statista
  5. @write2kavita Platforms USP Opportunities & Benefits Most popular network Advanced targeting, niche community, branded visuals, native videos. Micro blogging site Twitter chats, real-time updates, hashtag marketing, trending topics. Video sharing site Video marketing, user generated clips, video blogging, tutorials. Professional network Professional blogs & updates, interest groups, influencer marketing. App for pictures, videos Millennial marketing, hashtag marketing, micro video marketing. Curation & discovery site Targeted boards, place pins, article pins, infographics, branded photos. 1. Popular Social Media Platforms
  6. @write2kavita Social Media Engagement - Singapore Polytechnic Copyright: Singapore Polytechnic
  7. @write2kavita 2. Objectives & KPIs Raise Awareness Reach, Impressions, Views, Fans, Followers, CTR Build Engagement Solve Queries, Get Feedback Collaborate & Promote Manage Reputation Likes, Shares, Comments, Retweets, Repins, Favourites Messages, Testimonials, Reviews, Ratings, Surveys Niche Communities, Forums, Twitter Chats, Targeted Campaigns Social Listening - Mentions, Referrals etc.
  8. @write2kavita 3. Bio Persona Development Bio: Marketing Manager & Aspiring Entrepreneur Working mother with 2 young kids, lives in Singapore Interests: Loves gardening & travelling, interested in social causes Personality: Outgoing, Enthusiastic, Warm & Idealistic Online hangouts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube Best way to connect: Facebook niche communities, industry specific LinkedIn blogs, mobile videos via YouTube, real-time tweets Stella Wong Female, 44 years
  9. @write2kavita 4. Effective Audience Targeting ● Demographic targeting ● Regional or location based targeting ● Lookalike audience ● Interest based segmentation ● Socio-economic classification ● Segmentation on the basis of industry, profession ● Keyword targeting ● Device targeting ● Advanced behavioural targeting
  10. @write2kavita Objective Tone & Persona Language Post Types Spread Awareness ● Warm & Inviting ● Informative ● Honest & Helpful Simple & Easy to understand ● Real-Time Updates ● Thought Provoking Posts, Polls, Surveys Establish Authority ● Professional & Sincere ● Authoritative yet Friendly Industry Savvy ● Tips & Expert Advice ● Professional Blogs ● Video Tutorials Build Engagement ● Direct & Outgoing ● Playful & Inspiring ● Personal Conversational & Fun ● Shareable Content - photos, infographics ● Throwback Updates ● Interactive Updates 5. Social Media Voice & Messaging
  11. @write2kavita Voice & Messaging - Unify To UDify Copyright: Unify To UDify Targeted Post Informative Post Warm & Helpful Tone Relevant Messaging
  12. @write2kavita 6. Rules of Community Engagement ● Ask questions, show curiosity to spark conversations ● Respond to queries, share information & join in discussions ● Invite public opinion on topics of interest ● Be human and be accessible at all times! ● Try not to be too preachy or boring but be consistent ● Don’t get caught up in red tapism - be fast, accurate & relevant! ● Wow them with content they’ll love! ● Give them reason to come back - think incentives & takeaways!
  13. @write2kavita Community Building & Engagement Copyright: Copyright: PAssion Chingay Club Celebratory Post Real-Time Event Updates
  14. @write2kavita 7. Social Media Content Strategy ● Frequency & variety of posts ● Ideal length of posts ● Best day & time to post ● Platform centric content creation ● Mix of original & curated content ● Hashtag marketing & Cross promotion ● Post targeting & real-time updates ● Content performance analysis
  15. @write2kavita Infographics Newsletter Content Assets - Nanyang Technical University Copyright: NTU
  16. @write2kavita 8. A Typical Editorial Calendar Calendar Post Type Goal Channels Monday Branded Photo Post Awareness/Reach Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Tuesday Event Promotion Boost Participation Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Wednesday News/Announcement Education/Information Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Thursday Website/Blog Promotion Drive Traffic Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Friday Contests/Polls Engagement Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Saturday Interactive Video Interaction/ Distribution YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Sunday Guides/How-to’s/Blogs Knowledge Sharing Slideshare, LinkedIn, Facebook
  17. @write2kavita Campaign Type & Target Audience Campaign Objective Platforms & Incentives Editorial Calendar & Creatives Campaign Promotion Campaign Monitoring Campaign Results Post Campaign Activities 9. A Social Media Campaign Timeline
  18. @write2kavita Copyright: PAssion Chingay Club Social Media Campaign - PAssion Chingay Club
  19. @write2kavita ● Customized editorial calendar ● Team progress tracking ● Collaborative editing, content workflow ● Crowdsourcing, content marketing map ● Campaign planning, execution ● Audience engagement ● Campaign impact analysis ● Collaboration feature for ideas, content ● Targeted advertising ● Auto-schedule, social profile mgmt. ● Real-time social success tracking ● Multiple platform campaign mgmt. ● Campaign performance analysis Free Mid-Range Mid-Range Enterprise ● Cross channel campaign mgmt. ● Interactive & customized experiences ● Social curation feature ● Multiple device, language support 10.Campaign Monitoring Tools & Analytics
  20. @write2kavita Social Media Crisis Management ● React quickly, empower your teams and accept responsibility. ● Know how and when to take the issue offline. ● Apologise if necessary and do not ignore or be defensive! ● Provide constructive responses to questions, requests or complaints. ● Refrain from closing your social media accounts or engaging in a debate! ● Tune in to social listening 24/7. ● Avoid sending out conflicting statements or inappropriate responses ● Be genuine, sincere and show your concern, commitment! ● Take it as a learning experience and prepare a post crisis document for future use.
  21. @write2kavita • Verify the official accounts. Make sure all the contact details and descriptions fields are properly filled out. • Define roles and responsibilities clearly. Encourage regular internal communication to maintain accuracy and transparency. • Provide regular trainings, embrace new technologies and platforms. However, avoid the pitfalls of over-marketing! • Have a data backed strategy along with effective workflows and calendars in place. • Be consistent when it comes to messaging and creatives. But do customize the content & speak the language of the specific platform. • Integrate social media initiatives with offline communication. That includes events & campaigns! • Link back to website, blog and relevant portals. Develop a Customized G2C Playbook
  22. @write2kavita • Prepare a FAQ document with common Q/A, guidelines and best practices. • Always use social listening tools, be prompt when it comes to addressing complaints or dispelling rumours. • Use acronyms cautiously and remember to provide appropriate captions and CTAs in posts. • Take ownership of hashtags and research popular ones to be found readily by fans. • Open dialogues and conversations instead of opting for a broadcast approach. • Connect and engage influencers regularly and promote advocacy. Join relevant groups as well! • Leverage trends & incentivise whenever possible. Create powerful social media movements! • Run social media audits at regular interval and adjust the strategy accordingly. Develop a Customized G2C Playbook
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  24. @write2kavita Web Spiders provides 360 ° Digital Marketing Services: Search+Social+Content Marketing #shamelessplugin Speak to us at 8499 7403 to discuss more! On-Demand Learning demand-learning/digital-marketing