Digital Magazines For Tablets


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Discover how to easily create digital magazines to promote your products and services. Provide them for all tablets and use our tablet format to make them easy to read on a tablet.

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Digital Magazines For Tablets

  1. 1. DIGITAL MAGAZINES How to create your own digital magazine and reach millions of hungry readers!
  2. 2. APPLE NEWSSTAND Most traditional magazine producers have no idea of how people read magazine on tablets
  3. 3. OUR APPROACH Much easier to read and provides a better experience for the reader on all platforms
  4. 4. * Promote Your Products * Promote Your Services * Promote Affiliate Products * Turn It Into A PLR Product * Update Your Customers * Dominate A Niche * Reach Mobile Users * Reach Pad Users * Reach Desktop Users * Build Your List * Profit From Advertising
  5. 5. In This Course You Will Discover
  6. 6. THE COVER How to easily build a cover for your magazine.
  7. 7. THE CONTENT Where to find great content without having to write it all yourself.
  8. 8. FORMATTING Different ways you can format your magazine for best reading experience.
  9. 9. DISTRIBUTION There are hundreds of places you can put your magazine so people can download it.
  10. 10. Finally we will provide a forum so you can collaborate with others and share and cross promote your magazine
  11. 11. Yes, I got registered and watched all the videos already. Great GREAT information. I loved every one. You are a great instructor. I watch a lot of videos and webinars and most presenters talk around in circles wasting a lot of my time. You are concise and so informative and I'm impressed. Thanks for getting the code to me...and sorry for my mistake....Ellie
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Download your Production Creation Magazine Copy Here 2 MB Perfect for reading on Tablets Download Other Issues