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WebXtract February 2016

Monthly Newsletter that updates you with the latest happenings in WebXpress and its extended world.

WebXpress is an IT Solutions company offering services in the domain of Logistics.
We have multiple number of IT solutions in our basket to cater the growing requirements of the Logistics sector:

1. Transportation Management System
2. Fleet Management System
3. Warehouse Management System
4. E-Commerce Solution
5. Business Intelligence
6. Mobile Solutions
7. Finance and Accounting System

WebXpress has a large customer base, to name a few, Linfox, Agility, Safexpress, ColdEX, Kelvin, Future Supply Chains, DTDC, Surat Goods Transport and many more.

If you want to know more about our company please visit

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WebXtract February 2016

  1. 1. WebXtract February 2016
  2. 2. 2016 February WebXpress is an IT Solutions company offering services in the domain of Logistics We have a presence in India, Saudi Arabia, East Africa, South Asia WebXtract Your Monthly Extract of Updates in the World of WebXpress Use the titles to jump to articles Use the arrows to return to menu Article Menu 1 Manage your Fleet Efficiently WebXpress-FMS Transform the way your fleet operates 2 We are ready to change the world of delivery KARTtrack 3 Connecting Software to Hardware with Intercode Partner Improve efficiency by going the mobile way 4 The latest news on our customers: Customer Digest Congratulations to FSC and Safexpress for its achievement 5 See what WebXpress users have to say: Customers Speak See why Sarco Roadline Pvt Ltd placed its trust in WebXpress 6 Upcoming quarterly logistics events: Event Calendar List of noteworthy exhibitions, trade shows & conferences Issue 26 Manage your complex network of logistics partners under one roof.
  3. 3. Fleet Management System One Stop Solution for Last Mile WebXtract February 2016 WebXpress FMS is a web based tool to help customers gain real time visibility across their Fleet hubs and it can be integrated with GPS service providers for tracking the customer order level. Why Choose WebXpress-FMS 1. Trip sheet Management 2. Driver settlement 3. Fuel tracking And Asset Management 4. TAT of vehicle 5. Tracking billing to attached and financial control over fleet hub. Transform the way your fleet operates Not only Manage your movements but also your fleetShow me how WebXpress-FMS can help my business
  4. 4. KartTrack LSP Management Now At Your Fingertips KARTtrack is a Multi-LSP Connector. It lets you manage your complex network of logistics partners under one roof. You no longer need to manually connect with each partner or their systems. WebXtract February 2016 Show me how KartTrack can help my business What Does KARTtrack Do? It links you to multiple LSPs through a single interface thereby eliminating the need to manage each partner manually. Once you are connected, you get real- time information on cash collection, tracking, delivery failures and even complaints. Who Should You Use It? KARTtrack is for E-commerce companies/vendors. It becomes very difficult to keep track of all activities of each delivery partner. Multiple LSPs eliminates the need to manage each partner manually.
  5. 5. Welcome to Our New Partner Improve efficiency by going the mobile way WebXtract February 2016 Connecting software with hardware to enhance the logistics experience WebXpress is leading Logistics Software Product and Platform company, dedicated to cater the growing requirements of logistics sector. It combines Cloud + Mobile + Analytics to offer Real Time Intelligence to over 70 companies and 10,000 plus users everyday. Intercode Solutions has been a Enterprise Mobility and Data Capturing solutions provider for over 25 years by designing applications specific to needs of customers & writes connectivity modules that integrate into customers’ existing ERP Systems.
  6. 6. Customer Digest The latest happenings in the world of WebXpress Customers WebXtract February 2016 FSC gets awarded the BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 certification after successfully completing the Audit for Warehousing, Logistics, Cold Chain, E-Commerce and Freight Forwarding Services Safexpress has been recognized among the 20 Most Promising Healthcare Solutions and Services Providers of 2015 by ERP Insights magazine for facilitating quality health care and driving value innovation
  7. 7. 7 Customer Speaks Sarco Roadlines Pvt Ltd on WebXpress WMS Sarco is a trusted name in the warehousing industry with an experience on the latest storage methods. The technology behind this is supported by WebXpress. Sarco business model demands deep integration with its centralised SAP system, but customisations are possible in a system like WebXpress WMS. Centralised data is pushed from SAP daily into WMS, which takes over the operational process thereafter. A significant process improvement introduced at Sarco via WebXpress is the use of Hand Held Terminals to reduce overall turn-around time. Location assignment is automated and to further reduce time consumption, each cargo is automatically assigned a barcode to quickly clear it for the next stage in the process cycle. Sarco is reputed for its prompt, reliable service and strict adherence to delivery schedules that facilitate movement of Transportation worth Rs 25 crore annually. The company today has more than 5,000 plus satisfied customers, which include multinationals, public and private sector organizations as well as the trading community. About the customer WebXtract February 2016
  8. 8. WebXtract February 2016 Upcoming Logistics Events! April Logistics Summit The 2016 Georgia Logistics Summit will feature all new sessions! This is a unique event with an established reputation for delivering the highest quality speakers and a tremendous networking environment. For further information: summit/ International Commercial Vehicle Fair 2016 Venue: Coimbatore Date: 18-20 Feb February INTRALOGISTICS EUROPE Venue: Paris Date: 22-25 Mar GEORGIA LOGISTICS SUMMIT Venue: Atlanta, Georgia Date: 19-20 Apr TICVF is an annual event organized by Nexinno Trade Fairs Pvt Ltd. which aims to facilitate the transport industry in identifying technological solutions to meet the challenges and align with the transformation. For further information: Intralogistics Europe brings together all handling equipment and automated systems which process and rationalise the physical movements of supply, production and distribution. For further information: March
  9. 9. WebXtract February 2016 KEEP IN TOUCH Copyright © 2016, ECFY Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Get our Contact details Get our Location details Thank You