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WebXpress Solution for Valuable Cargo


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WebXpress Solution for valuable cargo provides security management for high worth cargo like diamonds , gold , cash etc.

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WebXpress Solution for Valuable Cargo

  1. 1. Technology for Valuable Cargo
  2. 2. Industry Overview • Valuable cargo means shipment, with declared value more than 1000 USD per kilo Some of Valuable cargo are - gold, platinum - legal banknotes, traveler's cheque, securities, shares, stamps - diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals, real pearls as well as jewelry consisting these stones - jewelry and watches made of silver, gold or platinum
  3. 3. Why it’s important?
  4. 4. Challenges Continuous tracking of consignment Alerts in case of any exception Data log for investigation of robbery Tracking facility to customer
  5. 5. WebXpress Products for Valuable Cargo
  6. 6. WebXpress Features •Geo fencing the vehicle on a particular route •Alerts and SMS in case of exceptions like vehicle taking different route •Continuous log of information of vehicle journey Geo - Fencing •Latitude , longitude data capture from any GPS provider •Exact location capture for a vehicle •Integration with Goggle Maps for graphical display GPS •Customer Portal to track their valuable consignment •SMS and Email at various events like booking , delivery etc to notify customer Customer Tracking
  7. 7. Thank You KEEP IN TOUCH Headquarters Regional Sales Office 114, Sundervilla, S. V. Road, Santacruz (West), Mumbai – 400052 +91 93 232 428 02 +91 22 325 735 60 ECFY Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 107, First Floor, Suncity Trade Tower, Sector–21, Gurgaon – 122001 +91 93 117 363 59