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GPS+WebXpress benefits: for long haul routes, on the way tracking is essential
Tracking from two sources: GPS and WebXpress, thus improved accuracy
Time entered for arrival will be matched with time given by GPS system. This will reduce wrong time entry

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WebXpress solution benefits

  1. 1. WebXpress Solution Benefits Profit from IT
  2. 2. Everyday issues in Transportation & Fleet Operational • Data reentry at every stage- in computers or on paper • Managing paper- more than 10 lakh documents a year • Tracking- where are my goods and why they have not reached? • What is my Turn Around Time? Is it as per standard? • How to measure profitability of every booking? • What is my vehicle utilization? Where are my vehicles? What is TAT for each journey? Financial • Same truck journey paid twice • Was the bill generated? Was it collected? Within credit days? • How to ensure Invoice is as per contract? • Customer pays on account- how to reconcile? • Octroi payments shatter cash flow • Accounts are 3 months behind schedule • Cash and Bank statement- too little, too late • Have we settled driver advance? • Are charges as per standard costs?
  3. 3. WebXpress Benefits
  4. 4. WebXpress Benefits Summary Area Benefit Summary Operations  Reduce data entry time by 70%  Reduce tracking response time by 80%  Improve connecting load by 30%  Enforcement of contracts- 100% Billing  Reduce billing cycle by 40%  Online party ledger update & outstanding  Shipment wise profitability available online Finance  ONLINE cash & bank status of all location  Tracking of Octroi paid anywhere Octroi  Online Octroi Paid Vs. collection  Uniform Chart of Accounts  Reduce accounts entry by 70% Online Accounts  No accounts data synchronization required  Daily P&L location wise  Information available only on a NEED TO KNOW basis  No user can change any data or master tables
  5. 5. WebXpress Benefits Summary Area Benefit Summary Fleet  Eliminate duplicate payments to drivers for same expense  Reduce fleet document expiry by over 90%  Daily Fleet Location for each control location Maintenance  Control on fleet expenses through escalation based approval  Eliminate double payment for same maintenance expense Tyres  Improve tyre inventory accuracy by over 70%  Track tyre usage for a given vehicle  Measure Tyre Cost Per KM including retread and scrap sale Fuel  Upload data directly from Oil company data  Attach fuel data to trip sheet and vehicles  Set standard fuel cost for a route and approve
  6. 6. WebXpress Operations Benefits • No data re-entry: In WebXpress information is entered only once and updated thereafter. This improves productivity manifolds and reduces errors in data. Also • No data transfer: Data entered at any locations is automatically available to related locations. Thus, there is no need to manually transfer data across locations. • Discipline in workflow: All transactions in WebXpress are dependent on completion of previous steps. This ensures that a process set by company is always followed • Easy to use: WebXpress offers only those options and menus that a user needs to use. Combined with intuitive language and uncluttered screens, using WebXpress is easy even for high-school educated staff. Before WebXpress • Multiple entry at every hub • Every truck is a surprise After WebXpress • No Data Entry at Hub ( Docket / POD/DMRV) • Advance information of what is coming at least 4 hours in advance • Customer priority can be known in advance • Optimal utilization of truck load by pre- planning • Market vehicle planning
  7. 7. WebXpress Benefits- Finance BILLING • Faster billing: Online nature of WebXpress allows bill generation, submission and collection to happen from anywhere. • Lower working capital: A tighter control on billing cycle improves money flow and reduces need for external funding. Also, timely action helps to avoid or reduce bad debts. • Outstanding reconciliation: WebXpress maintains full details of all payments made by a customer across locations, for every docket. This helps to reconcile outstanding with customer and avoid disputes. FINANCIAL CONTROL • Track profitability: WebXpress calculates profitability of every single docket the minute it is delivered. Thus, managers can immediately decide whether a customer or a location is profitable enough. • Cash and Bank Management: WebXpress makes it possible to get daily cash and bank transactions of all locations. Thus, funds can be managed and deployed better. • Cost control: It is possible to view various cost heads across locations on a daily basis. This helps to control costs before they balloon.
  8. 8. WebXpress Benefits- Track & Trace BENEFITS IN TRACK & TRACE • Anytime-anywhere tracking: Tracking information to customers can be provided by all locations, even from a home PC or a mobile. Customers like to work with companies who can tell them what is going on. • On the way tracking: Using GPS and WebXpress, it is possible to know exact whereabouts of a consignment. Thus, there are no blind spots left. • Comprehensive tracking: WebXpress offers all possible information from a single screen. Thus, it is possible to view a docket or a manifest, check vehicle details, confirm delivery attempts etc. CUSTOMER SELF SERVICES PORTAL • Customers have their own login area and check any details of their transactions. • Customers are thus freed from calling various offices of company. • Customer can also use mobile devices to track and trace their consignment. • Customers can view and download bills, Octroi receipts and POD copies from anywhere in the world.
  9. 9. WebXpress Benefits- Octroi and Accounts BENEFITS IN OCTROI MANAGEMENT • Octroi payments are typically 10 to 1000 times freight income. • With WebXpress it is possible to predict likely Octroi liability. This helps to arrange for funds for various locations. • WebXpress reduces Octroi billing time and tracks collection across locations. • This helps to reduce gap between payment of Octroi and receipt from customer and save working capital. ACCOUNTS • Uniform Chart of Accounts: All users across location use same set of ledgers, this brings in uniformity of reporting costs • Online accounts: All transactions are posted automatically into relevant ledgers. Thus, accounts are always updated. • No synchronization: As all accounts are stored centrally, there in no data transfer and merging required • Daily P&L: As there is no lag between business and accounts, it is possible to generate location wise Profit & loss on a daily basis
  10. 10. SECURITY & ADMINISTRATION • Secure data and masters: No individual can access all data in WebXpress. Also, master tables can be changed only centrally by authorized personnel. This results in highly secure and reliable data. • Accountability: WebXpress remembers who did what and when. Thus, it is easy to track a transaction to an employee. • Need to know: WebXpress offers only those transactions and data to users that they need to know. This makes life simple for users and improves security.
  11. 11. How GPS + WebXpress will benefit • For long haul routes, on the way tracking is essential • Tracking from two sources: GPS and WebXpress, thus improved accuracy • Time entered for arrival will be matched with time given by GPS system. This will reduce wrong time entry • Estimate arrival time on the fly: Based on historic data, we can predict arrival time of a vehicle • Better view of supply chain for customers: Customers can find where their invoice number is. This will help them plan their inventory better • Combined with RFID/ Bar code, GPS can improve warehouse productivity • High value consignment tracking- a GPS device can be attached to a high value consignment to track it all the way
  12. 12. Thank You KEEP IN TOUCH Headquarters Regional Sales Office 114, Sundervilla, S. V. Road, Santacruz (West), Mumbai – 400052 +91 93 232 428 02 +91 22 325 735 60 ECFY Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 107, First Floor, Suncity Trade Tower, Sector–21, Gurgaon – 122001 +91 93 117 363 59 info@webxpress.in www.webxpress.in