Web xpress Home Delivery Solution (HDS)


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Web xpress Home Delivery Solution (HDS)

  1. 1. Home Delivery An Integrated e-Commerce Solution
  2. 2. Agenda  Home Delivery – The Future of Indian Retail  WebXpress Solutions for Home Delivery Management  WebXpress Home Delivery and E-commerce Cases  About WebXpress  Solution Pricing
  3. 3. Home Delivery – The Future of Indian Retail
  4. 4. Why share of Home Delivery will increase • Consumer will CHOSE shopping channel of preference • CHOICE, AVAILABILITY and PRICE will decide shopping habits- as compared to shopping experience • As disposable time in nuclear family reduces due to work pressure, commute and family needs- shopping will be treated more as chore than recreation • OFFICE DELIVERY will increase as time at home reduces due to 6 day work weeks and long commutes. As attitudes changes, consumers will buy high value items, brands online
  5. 5. India - A Natural Market for Home Delivery • CULTURE AND DEMOGRAPHY – Historical culture of Kirana store delivering goods on demand – Dense population areas, thus smaller delivery distances in last mile – Vertical growth in most cities rather combined with sprawl – Urban population already 40%, slated to go up to 60% by 2025 • SLOW GROWTH OF ORAGNIZED RETAIL – Very high and growing real estate cost makes spread of organized retail very difficult – After 15 years, organized retails and retail chains less than 5% of retail sales – FDI in retail not permitted, but allowed in logistics • GENERATIONAL SHIFT – Internet users with PC access over 100mn and with Mobile based Internet access over 300 mn – Most users in age group of 16 to 25, as they become comfortable with home delivery- purchasing will shift towards online
  6. 6. Home Delivery Economics • In-person delivery possible due to availability of large number of Delivery Boys • Delivery boy costs Rs. 5000-8000 pm in metro and Rs. 4000-6000 in mini-metro • Each delivery boy can handle 15-20 deliveries a day, thus about 500 deliveries per month • Thus, cost of delivery in last mile Rs. 10 to 15, fuel + bike cost Rs. 5-8 per delivery- thus last mile cost of Rs. 15 to 30 per delivery • Thus cost of delivery is 0.1% to 2% of cost of goods- based on type of goods • Thus, home delivery is an attractive option for E-commerce as well as Brick and Mortar stores • With better planning tools, technology and right product mix- Home Delivery costs can be improved without reducing service levels
  7. 7. Home Delivery Solution
  8. 8. E-Commerce Delivery Chain Central/ Regional Warehouse Vendor 1 Vendor n Transshipment Hub Vendor 2 Delivery Control Location Delivery Control Location Delivery Control Location Delivery Cluster Delivery Cluster Delivery Cluster
  9. 9. WebXpress Home Delivery Solution WebXpress HDS Biker Management- and Route Planning Online accountsReverse Operations Pin Code Manager Billing and Contract Track & TraceDelivery Operations Reports Mobile Solution COD Management GPS SYSTEM RFID/BAR CODING WMS Integration Stock Status Pick Data ERP Integration SKU data Order Integration Status Integration HOME DELIVERY LOGISTICS
  10. 10. WebXpress Solutions for Home Delivery Supply Chain Component WebXpress Solution Solution Fitment Vendor Pickup WebXpress HDS • Pickup requests from Purchase Order System can be sent to WebXpress • Information shared with Transport Partners for Pickup of consignment • Vendor Pick up from Customer premises enabled Central Warehouse WebXpress WMS • WebXpress WMS helps to manage storage at the warehouse • All operations at warehouse such as location management, pick and dispatch as per orders, order sequencing are handled by WMS Transshipment WebXpress HDS • Route management for transshipment of material to regional warehouse/ delivery control locations • There may be second level transshipment from regional warehouse to delivery control location • Transshiping the order to different vendors where delivery location is not available
  11. 11. WebXpress Solutions for Home Delivery Supply Chain Component WebXpress Solution Solution Fitment Home Delivery WebXpress HDS • Home Delivery System will manage last mile delivery to customer • Pin code based cluster planning, order sequencing managed by WebXpress • Planning orders as per preferred date of delivery and returning back to Customer if attempts are maxed out Delivery Location Search WebXpress GPS • Delivery executive can search for delivery location using Google maps in his mobile device • The same can be added at the time of delivery run sheet download into Mobile device Delivery Confirmation WebXpress Mobile • Delivery executive will confirm delivery information in his mobile device and also take photo of POD or signature of the reciever • Information from mobile will be uploaded in application and helps in tracking pending delivery • Location of delivery can be captures using GPS facility in mobile device
  12. 12. WebXpress Solutions for Home Delivery Supply Chain Component WebXpress Solution Solution Fitment Reverse Logistics WebXpress HDS • Home Delivery System will also manage the reverse logistic of returning the order back to the customer when rejected at time of attempt for delivery • Pure reverse Business is also managed where a new order of reverse pick is done • On reaching the delivery Location, proper handover process is established Cash Management WebXpress HDS • Process of capturing all the COD details for the COD dockets to avoid leakages • All the cod amount collected is transferred to the Bank account via Cash Deposit Slip Process • Post submitting the Cash the same cash can be remitted via Remittance modules which add clarity to the whole process rather than just mentioning to own bank to transfer to the customer’s bank
  13. 13. WebXpress Solutions for Home Delivery Supply Chain Component WebXpress Solution Solution Fitment Billing WebXpress HDS • Accurate and automatic calculation of Freight, COD charges, Fuel surcharge and other charges • Capability of generating bills on Day 1of more than 2,00,000 dockets • Post billing generation process like submitting to the customer, confirming partial or complete receipt of payment from customer can be done in the system
  14. 14. Mobile Solution for Home Delivery Hand Held Terminals Windows CE Windows Mobile Tablets Android 2.3 Android 4.0 Android Mobile Android 2.2, 4.0 Cellular Network GPRS 3G Wi-Fi Customer Application/ WebXpress Solution WebXpress Mobile Application Middleware
  15. 15. Mobile Solution Features • Integrated with WebXpress Home Delivery Solution web application • Ability to capture POD and update delivery information • Integration possible with payment software and hardware • Printing using blue tooth printer • GPS Location capture • Customer Address Finder
  16. 16. Home Delivery Solution Cases
  17. 17. WebXpress for e-Commerce: Home Delivery Customer GoJaVAS (Jabong.com) Profile • Founded by leading German E-commerce group Rocket Internet • Focus on range of fashion items and accessories WebXpress Solution Home Delivery Management Solution Solution Brief • WebXpress solution handle transportation and home delivery for Jabong customers across India • Solution integrated with WMS to get order data and delivery addresses • Line Haul Process integrated to provide clarity on the operations being handled at the Airport • WebXpress determines routing based in Pin code of delivery locations • Bar code enables solution for accurate delivery control • Mobile enabled solution for last mile delivery update • WebXpress provides Cash management solutions
  18. 18. WebXpress for E-Commerce: Home Delivery Customer DotZot (Parent Company – DTDC) Profile • Focus on delivering E-Commerce orders all over India WebXpress Solution Home Delivery Management Solution Solution Brief • WebXpress solution handle transportation and home delivery for DotZot customer’s orders across India • Reverse Operations is also being managed by the HDS • Home delivery solution also provides complete functionality of Billing and contract • Solution is integrated with various customers portal and database where orders get are pushed automatically • Functionaly is enabled to provide orders to other vendors where reach of DotZot is not there • WebXpress determines routing based in Pin code of delivery locations • Bar code enables solution for accurate delivery control • Mobile enabled solution for last mile delivery update • WebXpress provides Cash management solutions
  19. 19. WebXpress for Retail Store: Home Delivery Customer Hypercity Profile • India’s leading Hypermarket format chain of stores • 8 stores across India, each store of over 100,00 SQFT WebXpress Solution Home Delivery Management Solution Solution Brief • WebXpress solution handles entire work flow from the point customer books an article at store up to home delivery and demo • WebXpress is integrated with JDE based WMS and Point of Sale system of Hypercity • Bar code enabled solution for faster loading of vehicles • Mobile enabled solution for Delivery Update at customer home
  20. 20. WebXpress for E-Commerce: Warehousing Customer Pepperfry.com (Trendsutra Platform Services) Profile • E-Commerce venture founded by leading industry Professionals • Focus on home furniture and artifacts WebXpress Solution Warehouse management system Solution Brief • WebXpress has provided WMS Solution integrated with ERP and Transporter solutions • WMS is used to store material received from vendors at central warehouses • Order from ERP are populated into WMS and executed • Tracking information from Transport partners is received ONLINE to visibility on Order Status
  21. 21. About WebXpress
  22. 22. Company Snapshot Genesis • Private limited company • Founded in November 2004 • Based at Mumbai • Development centers at Mumbai & Surat Technology Expertise • Development: • AJAX, C# .Net, SQL 2005, SSRS • SMS/ GPRS, Windows Mobile, Android, RFID Team Profile • Business Process consultants • Training and Process Head • Project Managers- 9+ years exp • System & database designer- 6+ years exp Solution Focus • Transportation & fleet management • Warehousing • Supply chain visibility • Devices: Mobile, GPS • Business Intelligence Customer Segment Focus • Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) • User of Logistics Services (LSUs)
  23. 23. Organization Chart Chief Operating Officer Darshan Hadkar Founder & CEO Apurva Mankad Head- Product Development Ramashish Gupta Module Leader Module leader Development Team Partners Customers Finance & Admin Head- Project Implementation Krishan Malik Project Manager Project Manager Project Team Business Development Head Brijesh Arora Head- New Technology Chaitanya Tembe
  24. 24. WebXpress Solution Suite
  25. 25. WebXpress Product Suite Demand Storage Movement Warehouse Management Order Mgmt & Vehicle Request Transportation Execution Cold Chain Home Delivery Long Haul FTL EXIM Containers DEVICES GPS & Maps RFID |Bar Code Sensors FIN Control Customer & Vendor Contracts | Billing | Payments | Accounts MOBILE SOLUTIONS Android Applications Hand Held Terminals Analytics Integrated Business Intelligence- Qlikview | Microsoft BI Visibility Tools
  26. 26. WebXpress Product Suite Product Description Transport Management System TMS helps to manage all transactions such as load planning, tendering, placement, load movement and delivery. Manages various business models such as FTL, Cold Chain, Express Cargo. Fleet Management System FMS manages fleet related operations for long haul, secondary distribution, taxi fleet businesses. Also includes fleet maintenance, fuel management, expenses, document and driver management Warehouse Management System WMS helps to manage warehousing operations for a 3PL or a manufacturing/trading organization. WMS is highly configurable to manage multi user facility and can integrate with any ERP Business Intelligence WebXpress products are integrated with Qlikview BI tool to offer analytics for data generated. WebXpress offers ready to use BI templates to realize quick benefits of BI Finance & Accounts WebXpress has a fully functional Finance & Accounts systems fully integrated with all operations module of Fleet and TMS. Data Integration WebXpress can be integrated with ERP such as SAP and Oracle to exchange relevant information Devices WebXpress applications can be integrated with variety of devices such as GPS, Hand Held Terminal and also sensors such as temperature and fuel sensors
  27. 27. Why WebXpress? Lineage • Promoted by professionals • From IT and logistics industry • Global expertise for local needs Support Infrastructure • Online Customer Support Portal • Telephonic and IM support • Project Management Office Domain Focus • Undiluted focus on supply chain and logistics • Product focus with services • Transaction to Analysis Diversified Customer base • Start-ups to industry leaders • LSPs and user industry • IT challenged to IT mature The WebXpress Advantage Proven Solution • Over 2000 users, 1200 locations, 2 mn transactions per month • Built in Industry practices Ecosystem Approach • One stop solution • Web hosting to GPS to training • Enabled through partners A Technology Solution that works even at the Bottom of the Pyramid
  28. 28. WebXpress Customers WebXpress is used by
  29. 29. WebXpress Partners Qliktech Inc Business Intelligence Solution www.qlikview.com Microsoft WebXpress is Microsoft Independent Software Vendor www.microsoft.com Motorola India Enterprise Mobility Solutions Partner www.motorolasolutions.com Netmagic Solutions | CntrlS Data Center Web Hosting Partner www.netmagicsolutions.com | www.cntrls.in
  30. 30. Thank You KEEP IN TOUCH Headquarters Regional Sales Office 114, Sundervilla, S. V. Road, Santacruz (West), Mumbai – 400052 +91 93 232 428 02 +91 22 325 735 60 ECFY Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 107, First Floor, Suncity Trade Tower, Sector–21, Gurgaon – 122001 +91 93 117 363 59 info@webxpress.in www.webxpress.in