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Long haul trip sheet billing


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Long haul trip sheet billing

  1. 1. WebXpress Solution TMS Long Haul Trip sheet Billing
  2. 2. Trip Billing - External THC  To capture this business process WebXpress offers an integrated fleet management system  Fleet owners place their own vehicles for customers or market fleet owner  In these types of placement customer offer point to point hire charges  Fleet owners do not have details of consignment in this case, they only hire amount details from city A to city B
  3. 3. Scenario For External THC Billing  Consider this case: Vikas Logistics is using WebXpress FMS solution They place their own vehicle for their customer Reliance Oil & Gas  Reliance Logistics prepares the document vehicle hire challan for Vikas Logistics; it has the details of contracted amount, labor amount and any other charges if applicable  So this becomes Trip Hire Challan (THC) and amount given against this THC becomes the income for Vikas Logistics  It is important to note that Consignment note is not prepared by Vikas Logistics, so it has no document against which Reliance Oil & Gas can be billed  Vikas Logistics also needs to prepare the Trip-sheet to capture the fuel expense and en-route expense  So effectively Trip-sheet should be capable of capturing income as well as expense.
  4. 4. THC Details  Here, in THC details THC number does not verify with any document number of WebXpress FMS system  Freight amount denotes the total contracted amount with Reliance Oil and Gas  Labor and other changes can be entered if there are any  From City and To City at the time of Tripsheet generation holds the utmost importance for the billing  Total of freight amount, labor amount and other amount becomes the billing amount for the Tripsheet
  5. 5. THC Details In Tripsheet Closure To add the details of vehicle hiring enter the rows in THC details
  6. 6. Based on survey and data analyzed by company, LSP’s prefers to appoints as authorized Logistics service provider of such companies having owned vehicles LSU benefit LSP benefit  To get more assurance on vehicle & its valid document  To get assurance for backup plan and back up vehicle in case of required  To get confidence about safety & security of shipment as Driver & vehicle is managed by LSP only.  Regular load on selected route  With Optimum capacity  Fixed income with assurance of round trip income  Reducing dependency on cash crunch to secure Profitability
  7. 7. Trip Bill Generation  In Bill generation criteria, user needs to select the Customer name, Tripsheet billing option and From – To City option  So all the Tripsheet which were made for given From – To City for a selected customer will appear while generating bill
  8. 8. Trip Bill Generation Select the Tripsheet
  9. 9. Trip Bill Generation Click here to generate bill
  10. 10. Bill Generated Bill is generated
  11. 11. Trip Profitability Considering THC details as income and Fuel expense, enroute expense as cost, profitability for the trip can be found out.
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