Customer Outstanding Application for Android


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Outstanding management is one of the pain areas across various industries.

WebXpress has come up with innovative idea of finding out customer wise outstanding using android application.

WebXpress is an IT and Solutions company that offers services in the domain of Logistics.
Founded in 2004 the company has a presence in India, Saudi Arabia, East Africa, and South Asia.
Our idea is to connect all stakeholders in supply chain and provide visibility.

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Customer Outstanding Application for Android

  1. 1. Customer Outstanding Application For Android
  2. 2. Introduction • Outstanding management is one of the pain areas across various industries. • Manpower has been deployed by organizations to follow up for outstanding amount. • In Logistics domain where billing cycle takes at least 7-15 days or some times month just to generate bills. • Managing outstanding of more than 100 customers becomes real tedious job.
  3. 3. Introduction • WebXpress Billing module does help in finding out Branch wise – Location wise outstanding using online ERP system. • WebXpress has come up with innovative idea of finding out customer wise outstanding using android application. • To use the application, use of WebXpress billing system is must.
  4. 4. Features • Integration with WebXpress ERP system. • Outstanding summary of bills can be found out by entering customer name. • Application will show count of total number of bill pending and total pending amount. • Application has the feature of sending email and SMS.
  5. 5. Features • Possible to send mails to multiple email ids using separator as “;” • Possible to send SMS to multiple number using separator as “,” • Email format has details of bills like Bill number, bill amount, pending amount, overdue days. • SMS sends the total outstanding amount to the customer.
  6. 6. Benefits • Outstanding reminders to customers becomes easy. • Time & Effort have been saved to find out outstanding and the drafting customer wise mail. • MIS reports can be generated for the customer wise reminders sent via email & SMS.
  7. 7. Application Flow • Let us see the actual flow of the application • Enter user name • Enter Password • Click on Login button
  8. 8. Login Screen
  9. 9. Application Flow • Home Screen will appear, it will have field to enter customer name • Type the initial character of customer’s name, smart search will show list of all the available active customer • Select customer and click on the submit button
  10. 10. Login Screen
  11. 11. Select Customer Screen
  12. 12. Outstanding Details • After click on the submit button, outstanding summary of that customer will appear as shown in slide • Summary will give count of total number of pending bills and total amount of pending • Clicking on details button will redirect to the screen which has the bill wise details • SMS & Email option can be used from the same screen as well
  13. 13. Outstanding Summary Screen
  14. 14. SMS & Email • Slide shows the bill details like bill number, bill date, bill amount and pending amount • SMS & Email option are available here as well • Click on email button to send an email • If in last 5 days email has already been sent to the selected client then it will prompt message that “Email to this client has been sent” • It gives the option of cancellation and send again option
  15. 15. Outstanding Details
  16. 16. Alert Message
  17. 17. Email Screen • Enter the correct email address • Multiple email addresses can be entered using “;” • After clicking on the submit button, email will be sent
  18. 18. Email Screen
  19. 19. Outstanding Email
  20. 20. Success Screen
  21. 21. SMS Screen • To send the SMS, enter the number as shown in Fig. 14 • Email will be sent on the desired number • To send on multiple number enter the number separated by “,”
  22. 22. SMS Screen
  23. 23. Outstanding SMS
  24. 24. Success Screen
  25. 25. Thank You KEEP IN TOUCH Headquarters Regional Sales Office 114, Sundervilla, S. V. Road, Santacruz (West), Mumbai – 400052 +91 93 232 428 02 +91 22 325 735 60 ECFY Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 107, First Floor, Suncity Trade Tower, Sector–21, Gurgaon – 122001 +91 93 117 363 59