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Satellite Direct Scam Reported by Former Users Over Lifetime Membership


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The service that designed the Satellite Direct TV Software for Windows and Mac OS X computers has seen a rise in the number of online scam reports over the past couple of years by a small number of former users that disputed the service for canceling their lifetime memberships. Lack of communication and vague Terms of Service article on the company's website are part of the reasons what caused those complaints to rise. One reviewer, tester and user of the software has taken time out to provide a clear explanation and breakdown of the lifetime membership, one year support and device change to help potential customers and current users better understand, and preserve their lifetime membership as it was truly intended.

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Satellite Direct Scam Reported by Former Users Over Lifetime Membership

  1. 1. Users of Satellite Direct TV Player Angry Over Lifetime Membership Cancellation Over the past couple of years, some complaints sprouted across the Internet regarding the Satellite Direct TV software and service that led to scam reports being posted online. These complaints didn't come from the vast majority but they were similar nonetheless. What started it all was the deactivation of the user's SD TV player software, which normally occurs when the user makes some kind of device change after one year of support expires. This mishap resulted in those users losing their lifetime memberships, whereas some admitted to making the device change that automatically triggered the deactivation while others denied it. Either way, these users are holding the company accountable to their lifetime membership promise and want their service either reinstated or refund their money – even after the 60 day money guarantee elapsed. The SD TV Player software cost around $50 USD but also offers a special discount where some can get it for $29 USD. The TV player delivers 1000s of free global, live/on-demand TV channels from the web to any Windows or Mac OS X computer with an Internet connection (preferrable broadband). The user can setup a web TV system instantly without the doing the initial work which normally requires searching online for channels and television programs, visiting one TV/Video website after another to watch a specific program and creating computer folders to save the TV/Video website's URLs or bookmarking them. Is Satellite Direct A Scam (TV Player Software)?
  2. 2. Perhaps not a scam but some beg to differ. The service cleaned up its act a few years ago through upgrades, now delivers about 80% of what it promises, has legitimate 60 day money back guarantee backed by a 3rd party payment processor, and Success Rate/Failure Rate reveals a lot more users still use the software than number of refund requests. (This is not a take-your-money-and-hide service as some may think, but understandable to some degree.) The SD TV player has an 80+% Success Rate which was calculated from actual sale/refund transactions from my affiliate account. This was the only way I could get access to that information and it's 100% real. I've made this information available to my visitors in my lengthly review of this product/service which also answers many questions – See Is Lifetime Membership (Promise) A Scam? Questionable. If the service deliberately left out important information in their TOS (Terms of Service), whereas potential customers and users don't understand how they could lose the lifetime membership when a device change occurs (caused by user) after one year of support expires, then perhaps it's a scam. The only section in their TOS that touches on this is very vague... “One Time Fee Licenses would get a Year support, After that period it may be chargeable. All the licenses is valid for single device or Operating System.” It doesn't tell you exactly what's included in the one year support with reactivation code requests. Nothing describes what is a device change by the user that automatically deactivates the TV player software. Nothing is mentioned what happens when the one year support is over and how the user can lose his/her lifetime membership. I've already contacted support via email with many suggestions that should be included in their TOS, so I'll wait and see what happens.
  3. 3. I am not trying to push this issue under the rug but I want to lean more towards a solution and provide a better understanding. The majority of users including myself are still using this technology and service. The information below will help you understand things better if you want to take a closer look at this technology and searching for a TV solution. And as strange as this may sound, Satellite Direct is still number one, most sought after pay-to-download Satellite TV Software across out there. As for the complaints and scam reports, the issue actually stems from a lack of communication on Satellite Direct's part for not explaining policies clearly enough in their TOS (Terms of Service), among other wordings that should be stated to give customers/users a much better understanding -- regarding lifetime membership, one year support, and device change. As a solution, I provided a break down of what I know and have learned from my experience as a product reviewer, tester and user of this technology including others like it. The take away from the information below is understanding what not to do to cause a device change after one year of support is over, whereby the user loses his/her lifetime membershp and must either purchase another license (SatelliteDirect) again or move on. Understanding Satellite Direct's Policy Regarding the Following... • Lifetime access/usage • Device change/account reset (registration code reactivation) • One year support with automatic channel updates • What happens after one year support • How user can lose lifetime membership Lifetime Membership All new and current users receive lifetime membership with lifetime access/usage and automatic channel updates, with exception to the following should any occur... (Here's how users can lose lifetime membership, after one year support expires) Device Change/Reset Account Automatic deactivation of the Satellite Direct TV player software occurs when user changes one or more of the following on his/her device (computer): • User changes ISP (Internet Service Provider) • User installs software on another device (computer) • User installs software on new operating system
  4. 4. • User formats or refreshes computer • User changes/removes/replaces hard drive or any major hardware such as motherboard or RAM • User re-installs/restores Windows • User changes BIOS Note: The user should keep the above device changes in mine when taking his/her computer to any tech center for repair. In addition, installing the Satellite Direct software to any external hard drive will not work; It must be installed on the computer's internal hard drive. Warning: Using 3rd party tools to refresh the hard drive or PC may cause Satellite Direct to automatically deactivate - use with caution. This doesn't mean the user cannot run periodic security scans on his/her computer, such as antivirus and malware applications. However, running any other 3rd party tool that refreshes the computer may cause automatic deactivation of the TV player software (device change) and will be at your own risk. ---------------------------------------------------- As long as the user's one year support service is still active, which includes multiple account resets (registration code reactivation), the user can contact support for account reset. Otherwise, the user will be denied account reset if one year support expires (see below). One Year Support In the first year of using the SatelliteDirect TV player, whereas one year support starts immediately on date of purchase, the user also receives multiple registration code reactivation (account reset) requests -- if the TV player software stops working due to any device change explained previously. One purchase allows one license to install the software on one device, not multiple devices. To make clear, user cannot install the TV player software on one computer and then install it on another computer when using the same license. After One Year Support When one year support expires and device change occurs that automatically deactivates the TV player software, lifetime access/usage will no longer be supported. In other words... Any requests for account reset (registration code reactivation) after the expiration (1 year from purchase date) or refund requested (60 days after purchase date) will not be supported. If a device change should occur, then user must purchase a new license (buy Satellite Direct again) to receive another one year support service with lifetime access/usage and channel updates. To Learn More, Read My Review on Satellite Direct with Pros and Cons, Video Demos, and Screenshots or copy/paste this url in your browser's address bar...
  5. 5. ---------------------------------------------- Note: Most of the information above may not be included in the Satellite Direct Terms of Service at this particular time. However, I have notified the company/service via email to consider a TOS update so that customers may have more clarity. I'm hoping they will consider my request and update their TOS which helps both them and customers/users.