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Why Being Data Drive Isn't Enough


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Learn how you can use data to gain insights, increase revenue and optimize the customer experience.

Published in: Technology
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Why Being Data Drive Isn't Enough

  1. 1. TRADITIONAL DATA-DRIVEN APPROACH FRAGMENTED OPTIMIZATION - Separate business processes - Limited to a single channel - Thin intelligence for personalization REAR-VIEW ANALYTICS - Yesterday's preprocessed data - Aggregate trend reports - Limited flexibility, scalability LIMITED & SILOED DATA - Disconnected sources - Volume and variable limits - Sampling NEW INSIGHTS-DRIVEN APPROACH END-TO-END OPTIMIZATION - Personalization during entire customer journey - Continuous and adaptive - Single view of customer REAL-TIME ACTIONABLE ANALYTICS - Immediate insights - Actionable intelligence - Flexible, accurate and scalable UNIFIED & UNLIMITED DATA - Single point of collection, processing and storage - Collection of any type of digital data - Discreet visitor-level behaviors INSIGHTS CREATE The International Data Corporation estimates that by 2020 we will generate 40 zettabytes* of data a year 40 * Whoa! There are 1 BILLION terabyes in a zettabyte SO MUCH DATA DOES NOT MORE DATA Opportunity HIGHER GROWTH 15% or higher and 20% or higher year-over-year revenue growth vs. non-insights-driven businesses BETTER CUSTOMER VIEW 72% have implemented a single view of the customer vs. only 47% of non-insights-driven businesses Why Being Data Driven Isn’t Enough INFOGRAPHIC ©2016 Webtrends® Why being isn’t enough We live in a data-rich world. From visitor behavior on websites and social media interactions to mobile app usage and device communications across the Internet of Things, brands are inundated with data. While data-driven approaches were once sufficient, today's leading brands are adopting an insights-driven model that harnesses and applies data and analytics at every opportunity to differentiate their products and optimize the entire customer experience. According to Forrester Research, insights-driven businesses bring insights, not just data, into every decision, and they know exactly how to use them for greatest advantage across the entire customer lifecycle. Insights-driven business report:2 74% of enterprise architecture professionals aspire to be ‘data-driven’ But only 29% of companies are good at turning that data into action 1 Learn about the Infinity Data Connector Interested in a new technology that can help your company become insights-driven?