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Engage 2013 - Webtrends Streams - Technical


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Published in: Technology
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Engage 2013 - Webtrends Streams - Technical

  1. 1. Webtrends Streams – Technical Track Vijay Ilavarasan & Brad Gross Program Management, Webtrends
  2. 2. Agenda•  Streams Overview•  Tagging & Implementation•  Enrichment•  Stream Types•  Visualizations•  Streams API•  FAQ
  3. 3. Overview Actionable to the ecosystem Visitor-level intelligence As-it-happensInnovative, Disruptive andRevolutionary stand alone solutionto drive customer results #WTStreams
  4. 4. Customer Use CasesA new way to view your business and interact withcustomers»  Engagement»  Hygiene + Monitoring»  Action on Analytics»  Ad Networks + Promotions»  Content Targeting
  5. 5. TargetingCustomer Systems Remarketing Campaigns Visualize your business as-it-happens Fuel Your Marketing Visitor Takes Action Ecosystem on Website Webtrends Streams 1 2 3 1. Streaming Data 2. Enrich with 3. Push via Collection Geo, Browser, Device Streaming API
  6. 6. Streams - Overview Tag     Analy1cs   Server   [A9/A10]   statse.webtrends   SCS  Alternate  :  10.2  tag   Log  Re-­‐player   (6  min  delay)   scs.webtrends   WT    Visuals   [SCS]  Streaming     Enrichment  &   Streaming  API   Collec1on  Servers   Analysis   [SAPI]   Custom  Visuals  
  7. 7. Streams – Technical TrackTAGGING & IMPLEMENTATION
  8. 8. Implementation Styles•  Analytics + Streams : Log replayer•  Analytics + Streams : SCS tag upgrade•  Analytics + Streams : Replayer àSCS•  Streams Only : SCS
  9. 9. Analytics + Streams: Log Replayer Tag     Analy1cs   Server   [A9/A10]   statse.webtrends   SCS  Alternate  :   Older  tag   Log  Re-­‐player   (6  min  delay)   WT    Visuals   Enrichment  &   Streaming  API   Analysis   [SAPI]   Custom  Visuals  
  10. 10. Analytics + Streams : SCS tag Tag     Analy1cs   Server   [A9/A10]   statse.webtrends  10.2  tag   scs.webtrends   WT    Visuals   [SCS]  Streaming     Enrichment  &   Streaming  API   Collec1on  Servers   Analysis   [SAPI]   Under  3  seconds   Custom  Visuals  
  11. 11. Analytics + Streams : Replayer à SCS Tag     Analy1cs   Server   [A9/A10]   statse.webtrends   Temp  provision:   10.2  tag   Log  Re-­‐player   (6  min  delay)   scs.webtrends   WT    Visuals   [SCS]  Streaming     Enrichment  &   Streaming  API   Collec1on  Servers   Analysis   [SAPI]   Under  3  seconds   Custom  Visuals  
  12. 12. Streams Only : SCS10.2  tag   scs.webtrends   WT    Visuals   [SCS]  Streaming     Enrichment  &   Streaming  API   Collec1on  Servers   Analysis   [SAPI]   Under  3  seconds   Custom  Visuals  
  13. 13. Tag
  14. 14. Streams – Technical TrackENRICHMENT
  15. 15. Enrichment•  Geo (City, Region, Country…)•  Device (Tablet, Mobile phone …)•  Browser & OS (Chrome, Safari …)•  Traffic Source (Social, Campaigns..)•  Search (Source, Phrases..)
  16. 16. Streams – Technical TrackSTREAM TYPES
  17. 17. Stream Types•  Content•  Traffic Source•  Campaigns•  Scenarios•  Ad Events•  Hygiene•  Click Activity•  Mobile Apps
  18. 18. Streams – Technical TrackVISUALIZATIONS
  19. 19. Devices  Viz  (Egg  Toss)   Traffic  Source  Viz  (Seismograph)  Focus:  Devices  &  Top  Pages   Focus:  Traffic  Sources  &  Content  Group  Stream  Type:  Content   Stream  Type:  Traffic  Source  (+  Content)  Campaign  Viz   Map  Viz  Focus:  Campaign  Landing  Page  and  Sources   Focus:  Global  Shopping  Scenarios  Stream  Type:  Campaign  (+  Traffic  Source)   Stream  Type:  Scenario  
  20. 20. Streams – Technical TrackSTREAMS API
  21. 21. Developing a new App Register an App Get Access Token Build & Run Viz •  This requires •  This can be a simple •  Admin Settings providing credentials JavaScript App or •  Enter App name and (signed request) in more advanced Domain exchange for a Token. •  Get the secret •  This needs to run on a Server at the customer site
  22. 22. SAPI Query Structure•  Example: Opening a stream { "access_token": "<TOKEN>", "command": "stream", "stream_type": "return_all", "query": "select *", "api_version":"2.0","schema_version":2.0"} }•  Example: Filtering a stream { "command": "filter", "query": "select cs-host", "api_vesion":"2.0", "schema_version":2.0" }
  23. 23. SAPI query statements•  A good query selects only the necessary data to be streamed and kept in memory for processing.•  select: Specifies the part of the stream to return (for example, content group (wt.cg_n) and sub-content group (wt.cg_s).•  where: Specifies how to filter the stream (for example, include only events from the UK with a certain campaign ID). = is equal to like is like (use with * wildcard) != is not equal to nlike is not like (use with * wildcard)•  and/or logical operators can be used in where clause•  select data.wt.cg_n, data.wt.cg_s where and data.wt.mc_id=456
  24. 24. Streams – Technical TrackFAQ
  25. 25. Supported Browsers•  WSS (Web Secure Socket) •  Chrome on all OS •  Safari 6 on Mac•  WS (Web Socket) •  Chrome on all OS •  Safari 5 on Windows and Mac•  Non (yet) Supported: •  Internet Explorer •  Firefox
  26. 26. Supported Tags•  V8 and aboveNOTE: need V10 or above for Click Activity (Heat Map parameters)
  27. 27. Streams: Top 5 Take-Aways•  Revolutionary Stand Alone solution•  Rich Visitor level data that is Actionable•  Zero install start for existing clients•  Engaging customizable Visualizations•  Very powerful API
  28. 28. Sessions You Must See•  Thursday 9am – 1pm: Streams Workshop –  Hands-on training•  Streams Booth @ Solutions Pavilion
  29. 29. Thank YouVijay Ilavarasan, Program Manager Brad Gross, Program Manager Webtrends