Engage 2013 - Webtrends Streams


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Engage 2013 - Webtrends Streams

  1. 1. “  can  count  on  otne  hand  evolu*onarymes  I  have  seen  a     I   solu0on  that’s   ruly  r the  number  of  0 ,  truly  disrup0ve.     This  is  one  of  those  *mes.     ”     Eric  Peterson,  Founder  -­‐  Web  Analy0cs  Demys0fied  
  2. 2. A PARADIGM SHIFT Digital Intelligence§  From reporting on historical events to real- Machine-to- time intelligence machine§  From data aggregation and sampling to visitor- Marketing & Consumer Business level details Management§  From reading reports to fueling action systems§  From rear-view analysis Web/Business to in-the-moment action Analysts Historical Real-time Streaming Reporting & Insights of Analysis & Data visitor Viz behaviors as- it- happens
  3. 3. VISIONImprove customer engagement and Customer Centricconversions by supplying rich digitalintelligence that is:Customer Centric§  Visitor-level intelligence about in- session activities and past behaviors, enriched with external information ActionableRight Time§  Deliver intelligence within seconds to improve offers and content while they are STILL on your siteActionable§  Fuel action systems through machine-to-machine delivery of visitor intelligence using push API Right Time
  4. 4. A NEW ERA FOR DIGITAL MARKETING Historical Real-Time Analytics AnalyticsCustomer Centric Visitor–level detail + Real-Time As-it-happens + Actionable Machine-to-machine + Dashboards, Campaigns, High level Trending, Visitor Engagement, Ad Multi-touch attribution, Campaigns, Summary- Targeting, Social Interaction,Use Cases Data mining. All in the past Level Analysis hours to Trends, Referrals, Open API’s hours to days old. minutes old. to drive as it happens action.
  5. 5. JUST THE BEGINNING 4   3 Fueling Marketing Targeting & & Business Optimization Processes 2 Solutions Extending Streams into Session & Precision targeting and business processes Aggregate remarketing solutions within your organization Streams Streaming & replay1 of full visitor sessions Webtrends Streams Events Enriched event data as-it- happens pushed through streaming API
  6. 6. 1. WEBTRENDS STREAMS EVENTSIdentify and visualize keyonline business events as theyoccur and trigger marketingsystems to take action.The result is a new wayto look at your businessand drive marketingactions around keybusiness events.
  7. 7. 2. WEBTRENDS STREAMS SESSIONSComplete visitor sessions andactions that led to thebusiness event will provide adeeper understanding of acustomer behaviors online.The result is improvedoffer relevance andhigher precision productrecommendations
  8. 8. 3. TARGETING & OPTIMIZATION SOLUTIONSPackaged solutions for in-the-moment online testing, targetingand remarketing:§  Webtrends Optimize combined with Streams will enable high precision content targeting based upon rich in-session and historical visitor intelligence§  Packaged solutions with major email marketing vendors will dramatically reduce remarketing time delaysThe result is improvedcontent targeting, higherconversion rates andoptimized ROI.
  9. 9. 4. FUELING MARKETING & BUSINESS PROCESSESSeamlessly stream as-it-happens customer intelligenceinto all marketing & businessapplications to optimize yourcustomer relationships:§  Site Hygiene and Monitoring§  Fraud Detection§  CRM & Call Center Integration§  Marketing Automation§  Product recommendations & promotions§  Display advertising§  Ad serving demand side platforms
  10. 10. RE-IMAGINE DIGITAL MARKETING “  Webtrends  lSife  in  a  whay  nhot  previously   our  data  to   treams   as   elped  us  bring   possible.  Through  engaging   visualiza0ons  our  staff  are  now  able  to   appreciate  the  global  scale  of  our   business  in  real  0me  and  we’re  excited   about  the  customer  facing  opportuni0es   this  unlocks.   ”   David  N  Williams   Head  of  Customer  Intelligence  |    ASOS    
  11. 11. Streams at EngageTuesday4:30 PM Real-Time Analytics and Biz Transformation PanelWednesday10:10 Implementing Webtrends StreamsStreams Kiosk – ALL DAY – Tuesday through WednesdayTechnical teams to answer customer questions
  12. 12. Top 5 Take-Aways•  Re-Imagine Digital Marketing•  Individual Visitor Information, Behavior and Events - As it Happens•  Push API to Fuel Key Action Systems•  Drive Engagement and Relevance•  Respond in Social Time
  13. 13. Rate Session, Speakers & Panelists