Engage 2013 - Mobile in the Social Enterprise


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Engage 2013 - Mobile in the Social Enterprise

  1. 1. Leveraging Mobile to Extend the Social EnterpriseMike Riccl David UhlerVP Digital/Product Marketing, Webtrends National Director – Research, Slalom
  2. 2. Agenda•  Why is mobile so vital to the social enterprise?•  Examples of how mobile is being utilized –  Jive Anywhere –  Salesforce Chatter –  Newsgator –  General Electric•  Measuring Mobile/Social effectively•  Expert Practitioners POV – David Uhler, Slalom Consulting
  3. 3. The Mobile & Social ConvergenceREALITIES WE CAN’T IGNORE
  4. 4. Eccentex – Jan 2013
  5. 5. Sources: Gist, iPass, ITPro, Cisco, IDC, Comscore
  6. 6. Sources: Gist, iPass, ITPro, Cisco, IDC, Comscore
  7. 7. Sources: Gist, iPass, ITPro, Cisco, IDC, Comscore
  8. 8. Leveraging Mobile to Extend Social CollaborationBEST OF BREED EXAMPLES
  9. 9. JIVE Anywhere•  Social collaboration platform•  Allows access to content & conversations•  Visit websites and then access any related content/conversations that exist within your social network•  Allows unhindered social collaboration anytime, anywhere.
  10. 10. Salesforce Chatter•  Social collaboration tool•  View colleague profiles•  File Sharing•  Feed aggregation•  Workflow approvals•  Community building•  Chatter for Sharepoint•  Messaging
  11. 11. Newsgator Mobile Sharepoint 2013 •  Enhance enterprise collaboration •  View activity streams •  Interact with colleagues using messaging •  Access Community discussions •  Initiate emails, phone calls or updates to colleagues •  Upload videos, photos and links
  12. 12. GE’s Approach to Mobile •  Commercial engagement •  Connect employees •  Communicate our story
  13. 13. GE – A Scalable Model
  14. 14. GE Examples
  15. 15. GE - Mobile Extends Collaboration
  16. 16. 2012 Lessons Learned: •  Mobile is a Behavior – Not Just a Tactic. •  Capturing the boom in mobile adoption means aligning campaign goals with natural user interactions creating excitement and utility around our brand •  Diversify Mobile Assets •  It doesn’t take millions, it takes innovation. •  Activating multiple mobile executions at once to track performance and optimize •  Separate Mobile KPI’s •  Mobile KPIs should be complimentary to overall campaign objectives but be measured based on mobile’s position in the users life. •  Mobile isn’t fully replacing any one medium – its accelerating connectivity and communication
  17. 17. Measuring the Social EnterpriseYOU CAN’T OPTIMIZE WHATYOU AREN’T MEASURING!
  18. 18. Why It’s Vital to Measure•  Understand better how teams work together•  Identify the content that your employees find valuable and optimize around that•  Quantify how cross departmental collaboration processes influence productivity•  Identify points of interactions between employees and customers•  Link internal engagement and collaboration to real business value•  Quantify social actions amongst employees•  Understand the real ROI of your social collaboration programs
  19. 19. An Expert Practitioners POV David Uhler – Slalom Consulting•  Looking at the trends we shared earlier … are you seeing a strong shift towards business using social to enhance collaboration and if so, are your clients also moving rapidly to integrate mobile into these strategies?
  20. 20. An Expert Practitioners POV David Uhler – Slalom Consulting•  Do you see this trends towards Social/Mobile and enterprise collaboration accelerating and if so, what should most enterprises be doing today to get their act together and get a handle around program ROI?
  21. 21. An Expert Practitioners POV David Uhler – Slalom Consulting•  In your opinion, how vital is measurement to social collaboration and are most brands taking it as seriously as they should?
  22. 22. An Expert Practitioners POV David Uhler – Slalom Consulting•  GE makes a point of stating that theres a need for separate mobile KPIs and that they should be focused on mobiles role in the users life. In your opinion, is this right in and do you believe that enterprises are placing enough focus on the importance of getting mobile measurement right?
  23. 23. Top 5 Take-Aways•  Social enterprise collaboration a key trend•  Mobility playing a huge roll to enable•  Proper measurement is vital and the best of breed players put it front and center•  Mobile KPIs should be separate and focus should be placed on understanding engagement and optimizing content•  Measurement = > ROI
  24. 24. Sessions You Must See•  Wed @10am: What to Measure in Social –  Susan Ettlinger – Altimeter –  John Lovett – Web Analytics Demystified•  Wed @10am: Driving Adoption for Collaboration Initiatives –  Melissa Risteff, VP Newsgator –  Jeff Seacrist, VP Partner Solutions, Webtrends
  25. 25. Thank YouMike Ricci, VP – Digital/Product Marketing Webtrends Mike.Ricci@webtrends.com blogs.webtrends.com @MobileNTRactv