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  • WebMobi is the ultimate HTML5 based rapid enterprise application creation platform that empowers teams to design, develop and deploy web and native mobile apps from cloud based single integrated environment.
  • WebMobi Mobile Solutions for eCommerce

    1. 1. Solutions For eRetail Customers WebMobi pairs rapid engine mobile app creation with powerful location detection and a context based engagement, one of its kind notification capabilities to help make branded mobile applications smarter, more intuitive and more engaging. Do You Know? You Can Reach Your Customer 99% of the time with most relevant Information through Mobile. This is not possible through any other medium! WebMobi Public WebMobi has been selected as a finalist for Red Herring's Top 100 Asia award, a prestigious list honouring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the Asian business region. WebMobi is listen among Silicon India’s ‘Top 100 Technology Companies in the U.S. founded and managed by Indians in the US.
    2. 2. About Us Webmobi is a cloud-based Mobile Relationship Management (MRM) platform that aims at providing its users with a competitive advantage by enhancing mobile presence. With its scalable cross-platform application development and user- friendly interface, WebMobi provides a fully integrated single solution that allows both SMEs and enterprises to easily create and deploy customized mobile applications to engage their audiences We have one the most advanced Mobile App /Web App creation Platform which can Build high quality user interface apps with rich features at a very affordable price. WebMobi pairs rapid engine mobile app creation with powerful location detection and a context based engagement, one of its kind notification capabilities to help make branded mobile applications smarter, more intuitive and more engaging. So if you have a business which is still not mobile, it is the right time to go now !
    3. 3. Why eRetailers Should Go Mobile • Mobile smartphone users like — love — retail and iOS users spent 525 percent more time on retail mobile apps in December 2012as those users had in December 2011. Source: Flurry • Almost half of people who own smartphones are becoming mobile shoppers. Survey: Complete • Your Competition Has a Mobile App: Some 83 percent of the top retailers offer at least one mobile application, according to IT consulting firm Cognizant. • Mobile apps from retailers had nearly double the usage growth as price comparison applications or purchasing assistance applications. Source: Tech Crunch and Flurry • Reach your customer – Anywhere , Anytime ! • Build Customer Engagement: Understand your customer, be more interactive, deliver customized content. Take your Marketing Plan to next level !
    4. 4. Introducing WebMobi Mobile Relationship Management Platform WebMobi Public Customer Loyalty Programs Marketing Campaign Customer Engagement Reach Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere ! Location Based Marketing Push Notification Promotions & Offers Understand Customer Purchasing Behaviour Go Viral: Integrate with FB, Twitter. Blogs. Generate Traffic Detailed Analytics Mobile Relationship Management is an innovative and efficient way to build brand loyalty, enhance user experience, and drive sales. Mobile Relationship Management is much more than just launching impromptu campaigns. It improves existing investments and gives your marketing lifecycle a substantial kick start. With the right systems in place, MRM is a sure fire way to get a grasp of the each customer’s unique purchasing tendencies and also provides ways to capitalize on this information. It magnifies the success of other forms of user engagement while pushing compelling mobile calls to action.
    5. 5. WebMobi Retailers App WebMobi Confidential - Do Not Distribute Mobile App has created an entirely new channel for customers and retailers to personally connect before, during and after a shopping experience, and the possibilities for engagement are endless. Retail mobile apps can also provide the retailer an opportunity to showcase their products via virtual shopping windows that can be viewed on smart mobile phones. WebMobi believes that with a proper mix of creativity and customization while developing mobile apps, effective mobile solutions can be found to various retailing problems. WebMobi can built mobile apps through which customers can now browse and pay for goods and services on their mobile devices, request and redeem in-store coupons, check on discounts, receive payment and balance alerts, or even compare prices directly from their mobile. The possibilities are endless – and today’s best-in- class retailers know this. How WebMobi Is Changing the Retail Scenario Technology is changing, so are your Customers. Customers today are more demanding and want to interact with a brand that offers an easy and convenient shopping experience across multiple channels, and they expect a consistent experience and level of service throughout. The impact of mobile is huge on the retail industry. Armed with SmartPhones, modern day shoppers carry ready information of products in their palms. The immense development in the world of mobile computing has forced the retail sector to respond by coming to terms with the changed shopping scenario.
    6. 6. WebMobi Retail Apps Features WebMobi Confidential - Do Not Distribute • Webmobi Retail App is Much More than just a Mobile App WebMobi’s retailer’s mobile app provides consumers with eye catching interactive elements to help them find stores, support their purchase decision, and facilitate customer service processes like filing rebates, optimizing offers, and even making returns. • Built customer Engagement: WebMobi’s Mobile apps are like Assistance tool in your Customer’s end providing answers to questions about a product while in-store based on a product catalogue search or barcode scan, behind the scenes videos or customer reviews. • Social Network Integration Enabling social engagement also lifts your brand to the people in a customer’s social circle, creating new traffic generation and branding opportunities. WebMobi can integrate your App to Social Networking sites like FB, Twitter etc so that Brands can now include their check-ins and other store- specific social tools in their apps that simultaneously allow the interactions to flow out to this networking sites. • Build Customer Loyalty Reward your loyal customer with an app that ties their visits and purchases to loyalty awards and uses store visit knowledge to set up feedback opportunities by delivering surveys and bounce-back offers upon exit from a store location.
    7. 7. WebMobi Retail Apps Features WebMobi Confidential - Do Not Distribute • WebMobi’s advanced Location Based and Contextual Engagement Platform: Integrating with WebMobi’s location based Notification engine into your mobile app will allow you to discover when customers are in your store’s vicinity, creating opportunities to engage the customer with timely offers and information to drive store foot traffic. Equipping your mobile app with WebMobi location detection technology allows for the automatic, personalized delivery of messages to consumers near stores, in stores and even as they exit locations to map time, content and incentives together to target and augment that consumer at the right time and place • Generate new revenue streams through WebMobi’s scalable cross-platform application development and user-friendly interface. • Integrate with existing e-commerce, web, and ERP/CRM assets, enabling access to real-time information.
    8. 8. Why WebMobi ? • Best and Fastest way to build app. • Expert Development and Support team: We have good experience in building Mobile Apps and have a team of best in class developers from IITs and IIITs. • Lowest in industry pricing. • Customer Engagement Benefit your customer with WebMobi’s intelligent and highly advanced location and contextual engagement engine and Push Messaging Services, you can deliver relevant information to your customer at any place and any time. • Quality- Rapidly build stunning and high- quality App with many rich features like integration to social networking site, payment gateways, rich customized templates, blogs, videos etc. • Analytics – Get Detailed Analysis of your App performance. • Cross Platform: Webmobi cross platform implementation enables consistent user experience everywhere ! IOS, Android and Mobile Websites. • Save Money and Resources: Launch it on WebMobi Cloud and save money and resource. You don’t any IT Infrastructure to support your App. Do You Know ? WebMobi has been shortlisted among the top 100 Tech Startup in Asia by ―Red Herring Asia‖ in the year 2013 !
    9. 9. Select The Powerful Features That Your App Needs Dynamic App Creation Discussion/Reviews Scheduler/Alerts Custom templates User Friendly Easy to Browse Apps Login/Register Custom themes Ads Panel Forms Offers
    10. 10. WebMobi’s Customer Engagement Platform – Push Messaging Services WebMobi Public A Push Message can create wonders for your business Push Messages is a new channel of communication which helps brands to directly communicate with their consumers. Push Messaging is like giving voice to your Mobile Apps which talk to your consumer and prompt them to take any specific action or just pass on the message to them. Push Message appear in a pop box on your home screen of mobile apps or in the Notification window. Done right, a good push marketing strategy can boost app engagement significantly. Why push matters: the second generation of apps ―The Next Version of our App requires more engaging functionality‖ ―We need a way to keep customers engaged over time‖
    11. 11. Push messaging sustains customer engagement WebMobi Public It’s Simple! Create, Preview, Deliver and Measure With WebMobi’s Customer Engagement Platform you can easily create a Push Message and send it to thousands of user who have installed your Mobile App. WebMobi’s Customer Engagement Platform provides set of rules that you can use to build your recipient list. It even allows you to schedule your message in advance, integrate images and videos in it. Now, send your consumers promotional offers, coupons, news, product updates or anything your business demands. WebMobi’s Customer Engagement Platform also provides option of automatic triggering of Push Messages when any particular event occurs. For eg, a user purchases some T Shirt using your Mobile App, you can set rules to trigger a Thank You Message on his Purchase- All of your targeted Push Messages are delivered right to your user’s home screens and are just a tap away. ―Dear Shopper! Thank you for shopping with us. Get attractive discounts on Casual wears. Click Here to view our hottest collection‖
    12. 12. Push is the savior for apps •540% increase in daily app opens •3X faster response time than email •30% increase in social sharing (on Facebook & Twitter) •20% increase in total mobile orders
    13. 13. Push increases the options to engage with the customer WebMobi Public • Not limited to 140 characters • Highly interactive and rich – Send Text, Videos, Images or redirect them to a particular landing page in an App. • Provides the user more control over what they receive, when they receive • Increases the places and ways to engage with the consumer Send Deals & Coupons Track Prescriptions Promote Events
    14. 14. “The allure of push notifications is that they can be used to prompt user to take immediate action and redirect them to information you want to show. For Eg you can drive them to a specific page on your Mobile App, show them video, images, survey results or anything” WebMobi Public Real-time Mobile Engagement to Monetization
    15. 15. Introducing WebMobi – A Real-Time Location Based App Creation & Engagement Platform WebMobi Public What are the three most important data points for your customers? Location, Location, Location. We believe it’s essential in any architecture, because it powerfully defines relevance. Where are they? What are they doing? How often have they been there? When were they last there? Is it work time or family time? Location is a marketer’s greatest asset to uncover context for a consumer, enabling brands to tailor and time messages appropriately. It’s what makes mobile truly mobile. WebMobi’s platform can combine location data with other contextual information giving brands the opportunity to truly delight customers. For Example, a Customer arrives at your Retail store for shopping. Send them a Push Message greeting them with their name on their arrival and telling them about that particular day’s offers and promotions. Based on their browsing history, give them Information about their favourite product in store.
    16. 16. Introducing WebMobi – A Real-Time Location Based App Creation & Engagement platform WebMobi Messaging Features 1. Real-time location based Notifications 2. In-app messaging for personalized communication of offers and marketing events 3. Send coupons, custom messages, special offers based on location and context 4. Analytics for enhanced targeting based on customer app usage and behavior 5. Create personalized marketing campaigns and promotions for target user groups Your Competitor are greeting customers and sending them real time promotional offers when they enter their store. It’s the time you get Started !
    17. 17. WebMobi Push Notification Dashboard WebMobi Public Measure Push Notification Performance : 1. Number of Successful Push Messages Sent 2. Number of Push Messages opened 3. Goal Completion: No of times desired action triggered. 4. Get detailed analytics of Mobile Apps performance. Set rules for choosing recipients: Define customize rules like – 1. Send it particular set of recipients like particular department, designation or any other groups. Create your own groups. 2. Define parameters based on actions like last opened, did not open, open date, clicked etc. Message Composer: 1. Create message embedding videos, images, text. 2. Create/Choose landing page for redirecting user to take a particular desired action. 3. Schedule message and send it simultaneously. Need Specific Dashboard to suit your Business ? WebMobi can create Customized Push Notification Dashboard based on your Business requirements.
    18. 18. WebMobi’s MRM Platform - Introducing 3rd Generation of Mobile Marketing WebMobi Public 1st Generation 1. Advent of Internet 2. Marketing Strategies: Websites, Pop ups,Banner Ads etc. 3. No level of Customer Engagement. Communication was one way. 2nd Generation 1. Introduction of Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites. 2. Presence of New Channel for Marketing. 3. Easily shareable content was main benefit. 4.Deeper and better level of Customer Engagement compared to Web. 3rd Generation 1. Mobile Used to transform customer relationships personalization. 2. Deepening customer relationships, using data on location, preferences and past engagement behaviour to create custom experiences Brands that focus on relevance over reach and value over frequency build enduring customer relationships and outpace the competition. That’s the power of WebMobi’s Mobile Relationship Management. WebMobi’s MRM goes beyond the creation of apps to consider a broader, strategic approach to acquiring, converting and retaining customers. It integrates technologies including apps, Push Messaging, Location Based Marketing, Consumer Behavioural targeting to understand user preferences, Understanding App Behaviour and gaining analytics, audience targeting and many more.
    19. 19. WebMobi Public WebMobiMRM Platform Analytics Push Message Profile Info Location Based Marketing Behavioral Marketing User Preference In App Behavior Think of the time when your Marketing Team faced difficulties of communicating personalized information to targeted group of people or faced difficulty of effectively measuring the result of any marketing campaign due inexistence of any clear boundary within different targeted group of people. This made driving brand loyalty by customer engagement a difficult task. Now , you can rely on your Mobile App to get real time access to Customer information like user behaviour, preferences, location, In App analytics . Marketers gets holistic view to understand their consumer so as Push Messaging sent to them are more relevant.
    20. 20. Push Messaging + MRM Platform: Discover Whole New Concept of Targeting WebMobi Public User Preference like He likes Reebok Shoes Location- Under 8 KM Radius of Store Profile Info - Male User type - Loyalty Card Holder Device info - owns Android phone In App Behavior - Opened in last 1 week/ Purchased something. Result: Targeted Set of Customers. Send them Push Message with relevant content. ―Dear Loyalty Program Member! We bring You Special Discount on Reebok Shoes. Shop Now! Use Coupon Code DIS70‖ Integrate WebMobi MRM Platform with your Mobile App and it will give wings to your Mobile Marketing Campaign. It combines many layers of Customer Information to offer you new insights for targeting right customer and thus makes your Mobile Marketing Campaign effective.
    21. 21. Ready To Get Started ? Find out details on pricing by email or telephone Email us @ support@webmobi.com Call us @ 1-888-247-7695, +91 8884280122 Visit us @ http://www.webmobi.com WebMobi has been shortlisted among the top 100 Tech Startup in Asia by “ Red Herring Asia” in the year 2013 !