Why users choose WebMeUp?


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WebMeUp is an online SEO tool that's already won lots of hearts. This presentation tells us why it's so popular: http://webmeup.com/

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Why users choose WebMeUp?

  1. 1. Why users choose WebMeUp? webmeup.com New to WebMeUp? See the quick tour!
  2. 2. What’sWebMeUp WebMeUp is an all-in-one SEO software that helps site owners and SEOs optimize their sites and get all necessary data. Create branded reports and get SEO data 24/7 Find traffic-rich keywords and monitor site’s rankings Discover errors on your site and see pages that need to be fixed Track SEO of your top competitors = Profound SEO analysis See current backlinks and get more link ideas. Analyze your SMM webmeup.com
  3. 3. What do our users think? webmeup.com
  4. 4. Finally, after years of searching – a friendly SEO reporting tool “Finally after years of testing and trying a variety of SEO reporting tools, someone has come up with a winner that is exceptionally easy to use and feature loaded. I've only been working with WebMeUp for a few days, but I can tell you it is already a very hot bit of software. Cleverly well designed and very functional reporting. Not only that, but it has one of the fastest growing and friendly SEO community forums built right into it. I highly recommend you give it a 15 day test drive for free” John Alexander Founder and Director of Training SearchEngineAcademy webmeup.com
  5. 5. “Easily the best tool I've seen for managing website's SEO, Keywords and Competition. We've been looking for a website dashboard and thought we'd have to build it ourselves, so thanks for saving us a bunch of money and doing the work for us.” David Gass Founder and Director of Training Vision Group Management, LLC webmeup.com
  6. 6. “I was looking for a nice tool to monitor my keywords for various pages. And from the moment I signed up to WebMeUp, I was surprised to see the many benefits i had. Each tab revealed a new function that made my work easier. Integration with Google Analytics is great - and the Competitor overview is a great way to see your efforts are paying back. Thank you! Ture Alsvik Spies A/S webmeup.com
  7. 7. Brilliant bit of kit! “Really can't fault the software, it's in Beta yet it's really quite amazing. Data is gathered rapidly and reliably and displayed brilliantly. This is the must-have new toy for SEO professionals!” Chris, Webmaster and PPC Manager webmeup.com
  8. 8. From the first second “I was only since several seconds on this tool and yet I could take information in order to help some of my clients. Hands together for WebMeUp!” Dominique de Coster WSI IB Booster webmeup.com
  9. 9. 100% all-in-one SEO app “As usual, I couldn’t believe this app would help manage all of my SEO tasks – but it does! With a couple of clicks, I get as much data as I need at an astonishing speed. Thank you, WebMeUp team, for a truly professional app! Hemant Anjara Powerweave webmeup.com
  10. 10. User’s satisfaction first webmeup.com
  11. 11. What’s the perfect SEO tool? The one that fully satisfies the user! We listen to every user’s feedback and keep on adding new features to WebMeUp webmeup.com
  12. 12. “Finally an SEO tool that almost has it all! The software offers good overviews on the most important ranking factors and easy links to go more in depth. All web-based, which is great if you are mobile. The one thing I miss will be added shortly, reporting options! They offer a 15 day trial, worth while your time.” Mark Peters , Short Stay Group Reports You can easily export any data from WebMeUp, as well as schedule branded reports with rankings, on-page, and links data. webmeup.com
  13. 13. Reports webmeup.com
  14. 14. “Great functionality, and impressive performance (that data’s collected really quickly). Please, add more backlink data!” John Doherty, Independent SEO Backlinks WebMeUp's backlink tool has the web's fastest growing index of links (besides Google of course). While it's in beta, every day it's crawling 1,000,000,000 webpages and storing over 15,000,000,000 new external backlinks. In just a few weeks, this will become the largest database of links on the planet. webmeup.com
  15. 15. Backlinks webmeup.com
  16. 16. “Finally a tool that really helps me in analyzing both my site and my competitors sites. Clear suggestions for improvement. I have been using WebMeUp for a few days now, and already see some positive results. The only thing missing is tracking our site’s positions in Images, Videos, News, etc. Hope it comes soon :)” Jane Dowson, Marketing Manager Universal search rankings Now WebMeUp checks rankings in both regular and Universal search results (Images, Videos, etc.), so you can monitor every position your site has. Multiple results for the same keyword are presented in a clear table. webmeup.com
  17. 17. Universal search rankings webmeup.com
  18. 18. “As an old-timer SEO, I’ve seen, bought and tried many SEO tools, so it’s pretty difficult to surprise me. When I stumbled upon WebMeUp, I saw it stands out from the crowd. Now I’m monitoring 7 projects simultaneously – the data I get goes beyond any expectation! The WebMeUp API would be another interesting offer, and from what I learnt, the team’s already working on it!” Sarah Schmidt, Marketing Director WebMeUp API We’ve launched WebMeUp API to let other services use accurate and profound SEO data. The solution is more cost-effective compared to similar products. To get access to the API, simply create an account at WebMeUp platform. webmeup.com
  19. 19. And more features are to come soon! webmeup.com
  20. 20. Join our fast growing SEO community and
  21. 21. Connect with us on: Twitter: @WebMeUpSEO Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WebMeUpSEO Email: customercare@webmeup.com Website: http://webmeup.com/