7 things you should know before your first SEO interview


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So, you are going to your first SEO job interview, yet, you’re afraid of losing the grip? Or maybe you lack fundamental knowledge or practical experience in the field? Make sure to familiarize yourself with these 7 tips that will surely help you out. This presentation contains the most valuable advice on how to succeed with your SEO endeavor.

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7 things you should know before your first SEO interview

  2. There’s nothing more stressful than having Neither experience nor fundamental knowledge of the required field… http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  3. So here are 7 things you need to know http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  4. 1 WANT TO GET AN SEO JOB? LEARN WHAT’S SEO http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  5. Sounds weird? The answer is “no!” http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  6. Most applicants can’t say a thing about search engine algos and onpage optimization They don’t even know what SEO stands for http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  7. Don’t be ignorant and research the topic even if it’s stated that no experience is required Here are some awesome resources… http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  8.  WebMeUp SEO Guide  SEO Book by Aaron Wall  SearchEngineLand SEO Guide http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  9. 2 THINK WHAT RELATED SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE YOU HAVE http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  10. All it takes to be an SEO is Knowledge + Experience + Skills And some good luck… http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  11. If you lack the first two FOCUS ON YOUR SKILLS. Keep the relevant ones in mind when sending CV or being interviewed http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  12. 3 NAME INDUSTRY INFLUENCERS http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  13. Not knowing This guy -> . Is like having committed a serious seo crime… http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  14. So here’s a little test: Who is Danny Sullivan? Think a while before going to the next slide http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  15. Answer: Editor-in-Chief of Search Engine Land http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  16. Here’s another one: Who is Rand Fishkin? http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  17. Answer: Ex MOZ CEO Indeed, he’s no longer the CEO. Missed that one? http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  18. Here’s a list of SEO-related personalities you need to know: Matt Cutts Barry Schwartz Aaron Wall Vanessa Fox Jim Boykin Bill Slawski Danny Sullivan Rand Fishkin Julie Joyce Darren Rowse Make sure to check out their blogs and websites http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  19. 4 ADVANCE YOUR PC/WEB SKILLS http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  20. Though you may not be required to code or make scripts Being an advanced PC user will help you a lot http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  21. So here are some guides and tutorials to get you started with: HTML Basics HTML for SEOs HTML Tags Joomla Tutorials Wordpress Lessons Drupal Tutorials Data Visualization Tools Visualisation for Web Designers http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  22. 5 PROFICIENCY IN COMMUNICATION http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  23. You will have to communicate your points to different people really Clearly and smartly http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  24. So, when you are pitching a potential customer or a partner, keep in mind These recommendations… http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  25. 1. Start communicating with the person in advance • • • Start interacting 3-4 weeks in advance Discuss stuff on twitter, share their posts, write knowledgeable comments, etc. Be natural and don’t overdo with likes and shares http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  26. 2. Don’t be too informal As in “Hey, dude, how are things?” http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  27. 3. Keep it short and clear Just like this http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  28. 4. Review your formatting • Don’t SHOUT in all caps • Check spelling • Make lists when possible http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  29. 6 PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  30. Being an SEO you’ll face many uncertainties. Persistence and focus on details can help you identify the problems and fix them as soon as possible http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  31. So here’s where you need to be most attentive: • Doing site audit (missing a critical indexing error can weaken all your SEO efforts) • Analyzing potential backlink partners’ sites (you don’t want to get your client’s site under the Google filter) • Analyzing competitors’ sites (don’t miss what helps competitors rank higher) http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  32. And even more: • Looking at the stats from Google Analytics (analyze the trends and work out new strategies) • Checking site’s health ISSUES (a couple of serious downtimes and half of your work gets wasted) • Creating and managing PPC campaigns (where your overall budget can be completely used in a single day if you don’t set the correct limits) • Contacting people (please be careful with names of people you contact) http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  33. 7 NEVER STOP LEARNING http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  34. You can’t learn SEO once and forever This industry never stops! http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  35. So here are some things to consider: • Take an SEO course There are courses for different levels of expertise, so no matter if you are a total beginner or an advanced SEO, you can find something to boost your skills. • Start an SEO blog One of the best ways to learn something is to teach. Start your own SEO blog to share interesting cases, discuss techniques and find useful connections. http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  36. And make sure to attend: • Attend events on internet marketing SEO conferences are ideal for specialists of any proficiency – newbie will learn more advanced SEO, while the gurus will network with one another. http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html
  37. Want more awesome ideas on how to improve your chances? Check out this article: http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup -com-blog-seo-job-interview.html http://webmeup.com/blog/webmeup-com-blog-seo-job-interview.html