Traffic list building is email marketing dead?


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Traffic and List Building Methods – Is Email Marketing Dead?: - CLICK THE LINK TO THE LEFT FOR YOUR FREE MARKETING PROGRAM
I want to talk to you a little bit today about - - Is Email Marketing Dead?
Why do we need traffic and a list in any business, doesn’t matter if it is an Internet or brick and mortar business…We Need It! Traffic equate to customers and customers help build our Business! Doesn’t matter if they are new or repeat customers they probably came out of Your List!
Each Video will cover one the types of traffic, we will be covering Is Email Marketing Dead?
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Given that; how do we get traffic and build that very needed List…because as they say; Money is in The List! So let’s take a look at this, there’re 2 types of Traffic, Paid or Free.
Types of Free traffic: Email Marketing, YouTube videos, other video sites, blogging (your blog), Social media, Social Media bookmarking, promote fee stuff (typical term), SEO/Organic, use viral content, off line promotions, traffic exchanges, podcasting, JVS traffic, newsletter, RSS Feed, RSS scrapers and the list contuse to grow.
Types of Paid Traffic: Pay Per Click (PPC), Cost Per Click (CPC), Pay Per View, Pay Per Call, Wmail Newsletter, Solo Ads, Email Media, Traffic Agencies, Affiliate Networks, Banner Media, CPA Media, Mobile, Traffic Exchanges, Torrent Marketing, Fiverr, content Syndication, Retargeting, Pay Per Lead (PPL) and more.
Making money online is entirely possible. You can make a good living online. By the same token you can waste a lot of money too. Over 90% of these programs are worthless. The problem is sifting through the garbage.

Why spend money to market online if you can do this for free. OPFD is a free marketing system that does not have downsells, upsells or even a membership; it costs you no money and will allow you to make a decent online income immediately.

What I’m doing is FREE, and I’m already producing an income. I can share with you several proof videos of generated income, if needed.

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Traffic list building is email marketing dead?

  1. 1. Traffic andTraffic and List BuildingList Building
  2. 2. Traffic andTraffic and List BuildingList Building Is Email Marketing Dead? And A Free Systemy
  3. 3. Traffic and List BuildingTraffic and List Building Email is not as effective as it used to be But  It Is Email is not as effective as it used to be….But  It Is  Not Dead! •More and  more messages are sent though Facebook and Twitter A  F b k l it       t th     f  il•As Facebook popularity grew so went the usage of emails •More  of the global internet users have a Facebook account •Same with Twitter even with limited characters •Then we have Gmail as one  of the leading email providersg p •Implemented a Priority Folder •In effect screens most marketing emails •Smart system that detects  what is spam even the legit emails. •Despite these factors Email Marketing is not dying •Email is an essential  internet feature and is still needed and used by internet  marketers
  4. 4. Traffic and List BuildingTraffic and List Building We Need to Use Different Strategies and Tactics •Goal should be converting as many prospects into buyers as possible •Free content  can work against you•Free content  can work against you. •You are building a Real Interested subscribers list •Usually without a “Call To Action” •Hard Sell Does NOT work any more •Look at the number of Hard Sell emails that are in your Spam Folder •Pre‐Sell Not Sell •Let the link do the selling •Remember  the key is to get as many as you can on your  listRemember, the key is to get as many as you can on your  list •Then start selling to them •Next we will look at Email : •Best time  to send O•Open rates •Click  through rates •Call To Action •Autoresponders p
  5. 5. Traffic and List BuildingTraffic and List Building Most people  check Emails at 8 – 10 AM Eastern Time Courtesy of GetResponce Best time to send Emails is 7  9 AM Eastern Time Best time to send Emails is 7 – 9 AM Eastern Time
  6. 6. Traffic and List BuildingTraffic and List Building Increase Your Open and Click Through Rates •Subject lineSubject line •Should be from 25 to 45 characters  in length •Open rate drops after 50 •Avoid All CAPS •Don’t use *** in the subject line •Don’t  over use the word FREE •Use no cost or zero cost  or…  •Use figures, examples’Use figures, examples •“3 reasons you can succeed online” •“No Cost with $997  Bonus for Free. •Don’t  overuse statements  to try to fool spam filters. Lik  F    ift    t•Like F.ree  gift or guar.antee Email Body •Try to keep it at 150 to 300 words F t    h t    li•Format 55 characters per line •Break  it up into small paragraphs at least 3
  7. 7. Traffic and List BuildingTraffic and List Building Call To Action (CTA) •Make a statement that causes them to take actionMake a statement that causes them to take action •“Click Now For  Special Discount” •“Limited Time Get it Now” •“Reserve Your Position Now’ •“Don't  Delay Get it Now” •Repeat the link at least 3  times •Cloaking  long  URL’s  increases click rate •Avoid  using free URL to redirect, like:Avoid  using free URL to redirect, like: •TinyURL AutoResponders •Set up 12 to 20 follow up emailsSet up 12 to 20 follow up emails •Send follow  ups daily •Mix up content •Link to Social Media Networks F b k •Facebook •Twitter •Your Blog
  8. 8. Honest OpinionHonest Opinion Yes…You Can Make Money Online, However You Need... 5. Training FREE 3. Sales Funnel 4. Communicate – Email Autoresponder Marketing System You 1 Offer 2. Presentation – Capture Page 3. Sales Funnel y 1. Offer
  9. 9. Video Review Let’s Talk About What You Can Get For Free! Video Review  Here is What You Get:  FreeTurnkey Marketing System  Free Capture Pages  Free Automated Sales Funnel d d Free Automated – Auto Responder  FreeTraining To Help You Succeed Free Weekly Training Webinars Free Weekly Training Webinars  100% FREE Money Making System
  10. 10. Video Review What Is It? Video Review More Easily Explained, What It Is Not:  This Is Not An MLM! This Is Not An MLM!  No Cold Calling  No Chasing Friend and FamilyNo Chasing Friend and Family  No Recurring Cost  No Monthly Autoshipy p  No Buying or Selling
  11. 11. Video Review So…What Does This Really Cost??? FREE Z F FREE Video Review FREE – Zero Fees - FREE 1. No Fee to Join 2. No Set up Feep 3. No Monthly Fee 4. No Recurring Cost 5. No Up Sellsp  Legitimate  Reliable  Can Work Part Time or Full Time  You Are Your Own Boss!