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Eduardo Fernandez - Blackberry - WebCongress Lima 2014


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Home is that place where your smartphone connects to WiFi automatically

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Eduardo Fernandez - Blackberry - WebCongress Lima 2014

  1. 1. Homeis thatplace whereyour smartphone connects toWiFi automatically WEBCONGRESSLIMA edfernandez @efernandez
  2. 2. Source: KPCB internet trends 2014 report. Morgan Stanley Internet report 2009.
  3. 3. Things get “smartified” All of Them Smart contact lens for diabetics Blood sugar reading in tears 1/sec
  4. 4. Home is where your smartphone connects to WiFi automaticallyLIFX: KickStarter project Multi-color, app controlled light bulb
  5. 5. OMsignal: bio-sensing apparel Heart Rate, Breathing, Steps We, humans, become the interface Rise of the Natural User Interfaces (NUI)
  6. 6. Ovei immersive capsule: Xbox/PS/PC mulitmedia pod
  7. 7. Diffusion of innovations: Everett Rogers. 1962 World is here US is there Smartphone Penetration
  8. 8. Computing capacity Moore’s Law Computing power doubles every 18-24 months. Costs cut by a half. Bandwidth capacity Gilder’s & Nielsen’s Doubles every 2 years - wired Doubles every 2.5 years - wireless (Cooper’s Law) Digital storage capacity Kryder’s Law Doubles every 2 years. Technology Evolution Laws 2yrs 2x /
  9. 9. ‘Truth’ is a tweet, photo or video clicked & sent away New definitions of ‘success’- money may not be Access to luxury vs owning luxury – Rise of sharing economy & EaaS (Everything as a Service) Self-realization and self-actualization happens now also online (Win)^3: You help me, I help you, we help others Klout score in your resume from now onwards Global thinking, global objectives - collective intelligence arising (Singularity) People
  10. 10. Entrepreneur generation • Reduced sense of security since terrorist attacks 2001 • Destabilized economy Financial crisis since 2008 • High unemployment levels – ‘Evil’ corporations • Increasing perceived fiscal pressure – self sustain or live out of the system • Pervasive & cheap computing everywhere • Tech-entrepreneur heroes – Dorsey, Zuckenberg, Larry, Sergey • All tools you need in the web: crowdfunding yourself (kickstarter, rockthepost) • No loss aversion fostering self driven entrepreneurship
  11. 11. edfernandez @efernandez With warmest appreciation for their amazing work: KPCB: MaryMeeker, 2014 Internetreport VisionMobile: MobileMegatrendsreport Fjord: AnnualTrendsReport2014 JWT: 100ThingsToWatch2014 Horace Dediu Asymco REFERENCES