Nathalie Krup - Microsoft - WebCongress NYC 2014


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Nathalie Krup - Microsoft - WebCongress NYC 2014

  1. 1. “How is your relationship with technology changing?” “What do you want now?” “What will you want tomorrow?” We asked : 45 early adopters 8,000 online consumers Experts across Microsoft & IPG Mediabrands Microsoft Digital Trends
  2. 2. This is the dawn of a new era.
  3. 3. Value Me Right to Anonymity IntelligentlyON Age of Serendipity Enhancing the Real My Analytics Creator Culture Niche Networks 8 Digital Trends
  4. 4. Enhancing The Real Light up our senses not numb them “Up to now, our interactions with digital devices has been mainly via digital techniques; increasingly, such digital techniques will be supplanted by analogue ones, which better reflect how we naturally interact with the everyday world, and therefore our innate human nature. ” Bill Buxton, Principal Researcher, Microsoft
  5. 5. Enhancing The Real What is the trend? Going Beyond Tactile & Touch Increasing desire for technology to immerse consumers in enhanced, multi-sensory experiences – beyond touch and 2D To an Enhanced World 36% say digital devices and services already enhance their experience in the real world Digital Humanisation Consumers are looking for products and services that offer more engaging and ‘human’ digital connections
  6. 6. Enhancing the Real
  7. 7. Enhancing The Real What is Next? Blurring of Worlds A growing desire for digital services that enable similar experiences online as offline whether its fabric in retail or online gaming Engage All Our Senses 49% of global consumers have interest in technology that allows them to experience things on- and offline in the same way The Real More Real The digital space will evolve into a new layer to the real world, and technology will bring to life once-intangible objects or experiences
  8. 8. Enhancing the Real
  9. 9. Enhancing The Real Brand Toolkit & Discussion Have all the human senses in mind. Enhance and engage, but be careful not to invade or overpower Show, don’t tell. Engage consumers in your brand and campaign and seek out opportunities to collaborate with brands that are pioneers in sensory technology Create multi sensory experiences. Across brand touchpoints, give compelling interactions in real & virtual space Don’t overwhelm. Ensure multi-sensory engagement does not confuse or create unnecessary noise
  10. 10. Age of Serendipity I expect the unexpected “There are opportunities for technology to begin not only to present more natural ways to interact, but also much more natural ways for technology to anticipate my world and my life and what I’m about to do. Even to anticipate things that I don’t know that I might want yet.” Steve Clayton, Digital Anthropologist, Microsoft
  11. 11. Age of Serendipity What is the trend? Human Coincidences As our relationship with technology matures, we expect more human moments of connection online. Acute Relevance 55% expect technology to deliver surprising experiences that are uniquely tailored and ‘feel like coincidences’ One Step Ahead At their most powerful, digital technologies can perform a kind of magic - a Human Feeling so content/services will feel more like a happy accident – almost like ‘fate’
  12. 12. Age of Serendipity .
  13. 13. Age of Serendipity What this means for brands Engagement at Another Level It sharpens the senses, encourages emotional engagement with the world, people – and brands too Inspire Positive Associations Deliver a pleasantly surprising experience and 61% are more likely to buy from you Know Me Intimately 42% already expect brands to know them and offer something they didn’t even know they wanted
  14. 14. Age of Serendipity
  15. 15. Age of Serendipity Brand Toolkit & Discussion Deliver pleasantly surprising & memorable experiences. Even outside your product/service portfolio Build serendipity into loyalty programs. This will ensure longer term engagement Serendipity can be simple and small. Coincidence and surprise do not need to be complex Highly personalised & beyond behaviour. Go beyond using past behaviour to predict and recommend Build quality control into the process. Make sure each one delivers something memorable
  16. 16. Creator Culture I want bespoke as standard “Coding for me is a bit like drawing or sketching, or perhaps even more like Lego for grown-ups. It’s something I like to play around with, build things, or even create things that have a life of their own.” Early adopter interviewee
  17. 17. Creator Culture What is the Trend? A New Creator Culture Experimentalism, creativity and a desire for the satisfaction of building something new lie at the heart Still Niche…but emerging markets on forefront Due to its niche and youth nature, global average awareness modest at 23% Make Do & Mend 2.0 39% express a desire to learn more about how to make or adapt their digital devices and services (46% emerging markets)
  18. 18. Creator Culture
  19. 19. Creator Culture Why is this happening Growing Expectations Spend more and more time with digital tech & increasingly eager to understand their inner workings Coding Less Geeky Amateur developers’ overnight app success has inspired others to learn to code, and share the riches of a potentially lucrative marketplace More Accessible Barriers to learning to code and hack are lower than ever. High-tech tools and materials are cheaper than ever
  20. 20. Creator Culture What is Next? Empowering Creativity Consumers will increasingly create their own personal ecosystems of tools and services that are tailored to their specific needs Focus on ‘Creating’ 54% are interested in making their own digital products in the future About the Blueprints The future will be increasingly about digital designs and intellectual property, rather than physical products
  21. 21. Creator Culture What this means for brands Collaborative Experimentation Brands must develop collaborative relationships with consumers opening themselves to consumers’ experimentation Creative Involvement Brands should find ways to encourage consumers in creating new products or services, whether tweaks of their own or entirely new experiences Hacking Openness 49% expect brands to be open and allow them to create a new product or service by using the brands original design and features – jumping to 65% in emerging markets
  22. 22. Creator Culture
  23. 23. Creator Culture Brand Toolkit Get Involved with Generation i. They are the crusaders of the future Creator Culture. Engage with emerging markets. Consumers who, by necessity, are the established creators Align with coder clubs, science clubs and events Embrace Disruption. Start planning now for a world in which we are all co-creators and more self-sufficient Focus on the blueprints. Customisation should be built into products and services pre shelf
  24. 24. What’s Next?  Full Trends Information Available  Digital Trends Refresh
  25. 25. Thank you! Nathalie Krup Global Consumer Insights