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WebBar #4 Ouali Benmeziane "SEO Link Building Strategies"


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Published in: Technology, Business
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WebBar #4 Ouali Benmeziane "SEO Link Building Strategies"

  1. 1. [ no ]follow me if you can
  2. 2. Link me i’m fam*us
  3. 3. A parte de ser una ventana de paso de una web a otra, los links son recomendación, puntos que permiten a un robot valorar las importancia y popularidad de una web. Link building ¿ LinQué ?
  4. 4. Cantidad Relevancia Idioma PageRank Entorno Anchor Keywords Quality Link
  5. 5. [Link] Content is King Optimized [Link] content is Emperor
  6. 6. Daily Monitored link The Queen
  7. 7. Auto Generated Link Your salvation !
  8. 8. Link Research
  9. 9. Link Monitoring
  10. 10. Link Juice Natural, organic
  11. 11. idioming
  12. 12. Link Baiting excita tu usuario
  13. 13. Follow me If you can …
  14. 14. Where can i get the perfect link ? blogs partners Social media tu red de webs U+Rival
  15. 15. GeoLinks
  16. 16. S o c i a l Links
  17. 17. Not Gúd for SEO Link to spam web Broken links Links Shopping Keyword Density
  18. 18. Black Hat SEO! oculto Link Bombing Spamming Keywords Link Duplicate Link Link Satelite Duplicate Link Link Ranch
  19. 19.