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Texty pre Landing Page - procovny zosit


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Prakticke cvicenie ako zozstavit stranku s so spravnymi textami pre Vasu cielovu skupinu. Po vyplneni tohto pracovneho harku budete mat zarucene kvalitny obsah, aby sme mohli zvysit konverzie. zdroj:

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Texty pre Landing Page - procovny zosit

  1. 1. WRITING LANDING A step by step guide and PAGE COPY worksheet. Its finally time to put pen to paper... or fingers to keys if you prefer. Youll notice that were intentionally avoiding a conversation about your landingpage design right now. Thats because what you say is much more important what it looks like.
  2. 2. Version 1.0How to use this worksheetIts finally time to put pen to paper... or fingers to keys if you prefer. Youll notice that wereintentionally avoiding a conversation about your landing page design right now. Thats becausewhat you say is much more important what it looks like. Unfortunately too many people getcaught up on the look of their landing pages and dont spend enough time writing copy thatreally converts.You arent going to make that mistake. You are better than that. Youve already done a bunchof research so youre ready to go.Go step by step here and use the worksheet to create your first headlines and sales pitchesusing the research you’ve completed before. After you’ve completed this worksheet you’ll havegreat copy you could plug into just about any standard landing page design.
  3. 3. 1. Write Ten “Tweetable” Landing Page HeadlinesWrite 10-15 headlines for your landing page that are less than 140 characters in length. Theseheadlines should address the customer problems defined in the previous task.Create 3-5 each of different lengths. Start with 5 or fewer words, move up to a sentence, thenup to a longer sales pitch.These variations will come in handy when you look at different designs and want to start testingagainst one another. Five or Fewer Words 1 Easy Coming Soon Landing Pages 2 3 4 5 One Sentence 1 Publish a coming soon landing page for your business in 60 seconds. 2 3 4 5 Sales Pitch 1 Launch right. Start collecting customer email addresses today with beautiful launching soon page you can make yourself! Over 10k served! 2 3 4 5
  4. 4. 2. Write 10 Feature (Sub) HeadlinesWhat are ten unique things, beyond the headline, you think people should take away from yourlanding pages. These should include customer benefits and features you believe differentiateyour solution. They should be in headline form. Feature (sub) Headline 1 No technical skills required. 2 … 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 103. Write 3 variations of your call to actionMost forms have boring copy that doesn’t stand out. The headline will say “Join our list” and the button willsay “Submit”. That’s just terrible. You can do better. Describe a concrete call to action and the button text togo along with it. Call to Action Button Text 1 Get monthly tips on writing better landing pages! Send Me Tips! 2 34. Write three incentives that you could use in order to entice a call to action.You need to provide some extra incentive to get someone to take your call to action. If, for example, you arehoping to capture customer email addresses then incentives such as the following might work: Incentives 1 Receive our FREE ebook on (insert related subject here) 2 3
  5. 5. 5. Write 2 variations of a ~10 sentence sales letterThis is a draft of the longer form copy that youll use on your landing page. Rather than create variations yousimply want to write 2-3 paragraphs in ~10 sentences that sell your product or back up your sub-headlines.Imagine you were emailing someone out of the blue about your product. What would your sales letter looklike to them? What would you say? Pitch Sales Letter 1 2
  6. 6. 6. Find 10 customer quotes or other social proof pointsIdeally these are tweetable quotes that act as social proof for your product from other users. These quotescould come from beta testers or early adopters. I find that most happy customers will oblige you with a greatquote if you just ask.If you really dont have customer quotes then you can grab quotes about your industry from trademagazines. It will look like, to the visitor on your landing page, that these quotes are about your product...but really they are just quotes related to solutions like yours. Source Quote 1 Jack Source "Within 7 days our client had 1,500 signups to the service with $0 Adwords or ANY OTHER PPC spend and an very healthy conversion rate of around 35%" 2 Smashing "Many start-ups were indeed able to launch to a strong following through Magazine collecting interested users, email addresses, Twitter followers well ahead of their public appearance using launch pages." 3 … … 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  7. 7. 6. Find 3-5 “Hero Images” or Videos that back up your copyGood landing page designs tend to call for a killer product shot or explainer video. Sometimes the productshot could be the landing page background image, other times it might be a rotating slide show, andsometimes it’s an explainer video.But you’ll want to have these elements in mind when you start looking at your landing page designs and yourgoal is that the shot re-enforces your brand and the copy that’s been written so far. If you are looking forgreat background images or stock art this blog post may help you: Hero Shot or Video 1 2 3 4 5
  8. 8. 7. Create two versions of your landing page by combining elements of the copy aboveThese will be your drafts and should each include:  One headline  Three to four feature bullets  One of your sales letters  One incentive.  Three customer quotesMake sure you choose different headlines, bullets, and quotes for each draft of your landing page.Version 1 Component Copy Headline 3-4 Feature Bullets Call to Action One Sales Letter One Incentive 3 customer quotes Hero Image
  9. 9. Version 2 Component Copy Headline 3-4 Feature Bullets Call to Action One Sales Letter One Incentive 3 customer quotes Hero Image
  10. 10. 8. Email these variations to at least 5 customers.Find 5 people that are potential customers, to review your copy. Tell them you are going to send them twopitches and that they should tell you:  Which one they liked better.  What, specifically, they liked about it.  What did they take away from the pitch as the main point?  What was and was not convincing about the copy?Congratulations... youve conducted your first A/B test on your landing page without even touching thedesign. Youve focused on the copy and thats the most important part.Next Steps….Design and publish your pageThe copy is ready to be applied to a design you can start sending traffic to. This is where you hard worknow will start to pay off. Look for more worksheets and support from http://www.kickofflabs.comSend feedback on this worksheetLove it? Hated it? Found a spelling mistake? We’d love to make this better for you. with your feedback so we can improve.Use KickoffLabs for your landing pages KickoffLabs helps you create and deploy landing pages that engage customers without helpfrom your IT staff. We’ve got the perfect page for your campaign. When you’re ready to publisha landing page be sure to kick our tires with a free trial of ANY account type. Check us out: