Study Abroad Webinars for Potential Partners


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A brief description on our Study Abroad Webinars with a focus on the benefits of Partnering with Web2Present.

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Study Abroad Webinars for Potential Partners

  1. 1. “Let the Universities or Business Schools present themselves to you live online!”
  2. 2. Web2Present & our StudyAbroad Webinars are dedicated to helping students find the right international study program. We provide students the opportunity to have direct interaction with university lecturers, alumni and key staff members from anywhere in the world. Our services are, and always will be completely free for students! WHO ARE WE? ´The Social Platform for great content, interactivity and increased reach´
  3. 3. Who attend our Webinars? With our distinct marketing capabilities and online promotions, Web2Present brings about 50-100 students from targeted regions around the world to attend these informational sessions. Each student understands what the webinar is about and has made a conscious decision to join it, showing a clear interest in the study program. We guide these students to make the best International study decision. Our Webinars? Our webinars are interactive online information sessions in which Universities and Business schools can promote specific courses to a highly targeted audience. The webinars are conducted over a sophisticated platform through which Universities are free to interact with students to answer FAQs. view example
  4. 4. Universities & Business Schools OUR CUSTOMERS
  5. 5. PROMOTIONAL Facebook Approval from 35,000 international students Twitter We set the latest #StudyAbroad trends! @web2present LinkedIn Gain access to the most insightful groups and discussions! Google+ Keeping up to date with a growing social media BENEFITS Receive direct access to our international social media audience! & OTHER LOCAL SOCIAL MEDIA: We’ll Share, Like, Tweet, ReTweet your content on all our social media platforms!
  6. 6. Customized Receive marketing support to cater to your specific marketing needs! Exclusivity Receive exclusive spotlights on our website, blog, social media coverage! PROMOTIONS Networking Interact with targeted audiences to receive maximum benefits of social networking! Social branding Become a familiar name among international students! Efficiency Receive the highest returns for your investment. “AS A BRANDING TOOL”
  7. 7. Receive exclusive Spotlight for the whole month! Newsletter Mentions! “Become our sponsored partner for our monthly newsletter!” 1
  8. 8. Website Banners!2 Optimize exposure: Advertise your company, Services and/or upcoming events on a attractive and dynamic 250x300 banner. View example Fully customizable to fit your message!
  9. 9. Check it out! Blog Posts!3 Wow! Great content! Increase your website/blog traffic & improve its SEO! Our frequently updated StudyAbroad Blog receives keenly interested international students who view, share and interact with our blog posts! visit blog Start a Link building strategy with us!
  10. 10. This comes with a brief description of your services and a direct link to your website! Media Partners!4 “Becoming an OFFICIAL PARTNER instantly Provides you a permanent advertisement Spot on our website!”
  11. 11. To get you started here are some suggestions which have proven to create valuable marketing synergies with our partners: Partnership Opportunities!
  12. 12. (Facebook posts/ LinkedIn or website exchanges): We have almost 35.000 Facebook likes and we can promote your Student services etc. for you in return for a post or mailing of the Study Abroad Webinar to your students! Partnership Opportunities! In exchange for helping us promote some of our webinars among your database (through mailing, newsletter etc.) we can offer you a free webinar, entirely produced by us, where you can invite your potential users/ students. We will take care of the production and support (value of €1500). Most beneficial for those organisations who wish to inform Students about scholarships, upcoming Events/programs. The main benefit allows you to interact with users and receive direct feedback! Exchange Promotions Free Webinar 1 2
  13. 13. In exchange for a spot/banner on your mailing newsletter, we will make you our sponsored partner for our monthly newsletter sent to all our Students. Partnership Opportunities! Do you have a lot of contacts and/or a big database of students who might be interested in our StudyAbroad Webinars? Why not become one of our Referral Partners and get paid per registration! Contact us to find out more! Newsletter Mentions Referral Partner 3 4
  14. 14. Please let us know if something sparks your interest! Partnership Opportunities! “We take pride in our marketing teams ability to cater to the specific needs of the university or partner, and bring the desired customized results” If you believe that there may be a fit between our advertising capabilities and your marketing needs OR are interested in other possibilities, feel free to email Brian McLackland-Partnership Coordinator at with your proposals or questions.