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Computer science


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Nottingham University Computer Science Undergraduate programs

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Computer science

  1. 1. For general undergraduateenquiries contact: The Enquiry Centre t: +44 (0)115 951 5559 Computer Science e: w: Undergraduate study
  2. 2. Computer Science Computer Science Contents Welcome to the School of Computer Science 02 Welcome Welcome to the School of Computer Science At the end of your degree, your prospects will be at The University of Nottingham. We’re pleased excellent. Our degrees are designed to equip you 03 Why computer science at Nottingham? that you’re considering studying one of the with an in-depth knowledge of how computers 06 Research-led teaching most diverse and relevant subjects of the 21st work and how that knowledge can be applied to century, and delighted that you’re thinking of design and implement the systems of the future. 07 Student profile applying to study it here. Coupled with an impressive range of valuable 09 Course structures transferable skills such as problem solving, project As you’ll discover from reading this brochure, we management and independent research, this 13 First-year course structure offer world-class teaching and a stimulating study means that you will be well positioned to apply for 15 Computer science degree courses environment. In the latest Research Assessment positions with companies such as Adobe, Google, Exercise, 100% of our research was classed IBM and Microsoft. 19 Year in industry and summer placements as of an international standard. This means that 20 Study abroad your lectures and seminars will be based around Choosing where to study is obviously a big the latest developments – something that’s decision and we’d encourage you to do as much 21 Careers absolutely vital in as fast-moving an industry as research as you can. Please read this brochure, 23 Why choose The University of Nottingham? computer science – and that you will be taught check our website for more detailed information by lecturers who are world-leading researchers and take advantage of our open days, where you 25 Applying for a place in the subjects they teach. Staff and students will be able to see the facilities for yourself and 26 Visiting and contacting us are currently exploring areas including mobile ask any questions you might have. computing, the fundamental principles of logic and discrete mathematics, and the application of We look forward to meeting you. those principles to gaming, scheduling and driving Front cover image: robots. Professor Uwe Aickelin Olivia Graham working on her coursework in the school’s main terminal room. Head of the School of Computer Science You’ll benefit from up-to-the-minute software, dedicated computer labs and wireless access throughout the school building and the on-campus halls of residence. Not only that, our connections with employers open up exciting possibilities for your year in industry or summer internship, if you choose to take this option. Students working in the School of Computer Science Atrium.01 02
  3. 3. Computer Science Computer Science Why computer science at Nottingham? Computer science is intimately concerned About us Access to computers Throughout the year, you will be able to seek with knowing, in detail, how computers and The School of Computer Science employs over Don’t worry about bringing a computer with you academic advice from the course director for your computer systems work. Building on that 30 members of staff, including 13 professors, and – the school’s computer facilities are available degree, and from tutors and module convenors knowledge helps us understand how we can typically accepts 130 undergraduate students and there are also 24-hour facilities for computer at module registration days, which are held three build computer systems and program them per year. We are based on Jubilee Campus, use in several locations around the University, times a year. to do what we want them to do. It’s also a beautifully designed campus with striking including on Jubilee Campus. In addition, all about the way computers store and process buildings, innovative green technology and plenty University accommodation comes equipped with A further source of support is the Undergraduate information and how humans and computers of open spaces. an internet connection – useful to know if you do Learning Community Forum, which deals with all interact with each other. decide to bring a computer with you. issues affecting campus life (social, residential Our courses are constantly reviewed to ensure and catering) as well as academic matters. Computer scientists need to look at down-to- their content is up-to-date and our students and Study support earth engineering issues such as building tools alumni endorse that one of the most popular Advice and support will be available to you from We hope you will feel at home at Nottingham. that help us create large-scale software systems. and valuable elements is the second-year group the day you arrive at University. In Week One, However, should you have any problems, the However, at the other end of the scale, there are project. For more details of this project, please you will benefit from our course-specific teaching University has specialist support services. profound philosophical issues about what can, or see pages 9-10. and learning support sessions. You will also be These include Academic and Disability Support, can’t, be computed. This leads us to ask profound introduced to your personal tutor, who can offer Financial Support, a counselling service and faith questions about the fundamental nature of the Facilities guidance on academic and personal matters at advice. For more information, please see ‘computation’ process. We are committed to providing the facilities you’ll any time during the year, should you need it. At need to succeed in computer science. Along with the end of the first semester, you will be able to At its core, computer science is about access to University-wide facilities, computer contribute any feedback on your experience to a representing, transforming, analysing and science students will have exclusive use of the discussion group. distributing information. This information can come following: from very different sources and mean different • three workstation labs with regularly updated things. Face locations can be found in video hardware within the school, providing a total of streams, networks of friends can be learned from 235 PCs running mainly Windows 7 – with social media, and the current prices of stocks 24-hour access can be retrieved from the stock market intranet. • University-wide wireless access and dedicated A degree in computer science will teach you how Ethernet points in the school to deal with information, no matter what form it • a pool of Linux workstations and remote access comes in. to Linux (SuSE/CentOS) servers • virtual servers for teaching and projects in a high A computer science degree from The University availability cluster of Nottingham will leave you well placed to understand how to program today’s computers • MSDN® access for registered students “The advantages are working in a real-life and also how to design and implement the systems of the future, whether they are a Scan the code to watch our school video situation, boosting communication skills traditional computer system, a smartphone, the next internet, or something completely new. on your smartphone. and gaining experience in the voluntary sector.” Niall O’Dwyer MSci Computer Science, third year03 04
  4. 4. Computer Science Computer Science Research-led teaching CompSoc • Helping Playworks, a charity which aims to Equally important for you as a student is the Dr Max Wilson CompSoc is The University of Nottingham’s improve play facilities for children in Nottingham, quality of the school’s research. Computer Dr Wilson is a lecturer in human-computer official Computer Science Society, with a to develop their membership database so that science is a subject that changes at such an interaction and information seeking in the Mixed presence in the UK, China and Malaysia they could communicate more effectively with incredible speed that it is vital that you are Reality Lab. His research focuses on search- Campuses. While the society consists mainly their members taught by people who are driving the subject user interface design, taking a multidisciplinary of computer science students, anyone with an • Investigating ways of integrating human forward. In the latest national Research perspective from both human-computer interest in the area is encouraged to join. The resources information such as timesheets, Assessment Exercise, we were ranked eighth interaction (the presentation and interaction) and society’s purpose is to supply a social group and sickness records and annual leave to enable in the UK for research quality, with 100% of information science (the information and seeking environment for computer science and to facilitate better management of information by the our research deemed to be of an international behaviours). student interaction between different stages of Women’s Aid Integrated Services, who standard and 80% rated world-class/ study, from undergraduate to postgraduate. support women and children experiencing internationally leading. His doctoral work, which won best article in the domestic abuse Journal of the American Society for Information The society meets regularly and runs several Being taught by staff who are carrying out Science and Technology in 2009, focused on large events. Last year, CompSoc arranged the For more information about the programme research means your knowledge is up-to-date evaluating search-user interfaces using models of Sciences Ball and many other regular socials, please see and relevant, and that you learn from people who human information seeking behaviours. Much of and also supported a careers fair, other careers- are genuinely excited about what they teach. his past work has been grounded in supporting related initiatives and guest lectures in the school. and follow the links to ‘Work experience You might find yourself working on world-leading exploratory search with the mSpace platform, and The highlight of the year is a trip to CeBit, the and volunteering’, ‘Work experience’ and ‘IT research for your third- or fourth-year project, within the developing context of web science. world’s largest international trade fair held in Consultancy project’. or they may inspire you to carry out your own He has recently given talks in Spain and America Hanover, Germany. research at postgraduate level! and is due to visit part of the UK, the Netherlands Scholarships and Japan. IT Community Consultants project We offer generous, non-competitive scholarships Dr Michel Valstar This unique project can offer you a taste of what for high-achieving students. For the latest Dr Valstar is a researcher in automatic human you could be doing once you graduate. You will information, please see behaviour understanding. His goal is to create be providing technology solutions to help improve robots and other machines that understand us a local charity’s performance. Commitment is half feesandfunding and interact with us equally well as other humans a day a week from September to March and you’ll do. Using computer vision, machine learning and receive support and mentoring plus a small grant. signal processing techniques, he creates a range of systems that can, for example, recognise facial Recent projects include: expressions from video, infer your emotion from • Developing a website and social media for the audio-visual signals, or that can tell whether your Renewal Trust, a Community Development smile is genuinely one of amusement or just polite. Trust which supports activities which will Part of his work was implemented in the SEMAINE improve quality of life in the local area system, which lets a user chat with a Sensitive • Helping HLG, a charity which provides training, Artificial Listener. These artificial intelligent beings information and support services to supported react to you in a natural way even if they don’t housing organisations, to create an online understand what you’re saying, only how you’re directory of services behaving. You can watch a selection of videos of interactions with conversational agents on Michel’s own website: see and follow the links to ‘People’ to use the staff look-up.05 06
  5. 5. Computer Science Computer Science “The facilities are great. We’ve got a really good lab and there are always computers available for us to use. I find the staff really helpful too – the lecturers are clear in their lectures and if ever I’ve got any problems, they’re more than willing to help.” Ben George / BSc Computer Science, second year Find out more about Ben’­­ experience at s Scan the code to watch this video on smartphone. your smart phone. Ben is working in the Atrium in the Computer Science Building on Jubilee Campus. Since appearing in this video, Ben has decided to stay at Nottingham to do an MSc Computer Science and Entrepreneurship.07 08
  6. 6. Computer Science Computer Science Course structures Our degrees are built around a three-year counts as partial fulfilment of the requirements • 2011 IBM Prize for best overall project: Third year structure. The first year is considered a for full professional accreditation of Chartered IT Developing a software kitchen assistant tool, The third year centres around an individual project qualifying year and is designed to provide Professional, Chartered Engineer and Chartered which must be able to provide recipes that (40 credits for single honours students) – you will the basic foundations of knowledge that are Scientist. match a supplied list of available ingredients. agree the topic of the project with a member of required for the later parts of the course. The The project was inspired by the scenario of staff. Students often propose their own projects second and third years will count towards First year arriving home after a long day at work, opening which allows them great freedom to specialise in your final degree classification. Our MSci All our single honours degrees share a common the fridge to find... a single egg, one lonely onion areas of particular interest. Recent examples of degrees add a fourth year of advanced study. first year, allowing you to easily move between and some almost mouldy cheese... projects include: Every module is worth a set number of credits our degrees at the end of the first year should you • 2011 School and Alumni prize for best overall (typically 10) and you will be expected to wish. The first year of our joint honours courses stall: The creation of a user interface for viewing • an iPhone project to help people learn to use complete 120 credits of modules in each year features a subset of the modules used on our and analysis of magnetic resonance (MR) DSLR cameras of study. single honours course combined with modules images. The interface would allow the display of • the feasibility of creating a real-time corner- from the other discipline. Detailed information 3D MR images, as well as three side views of a alerting system for motorcyclists Each year is divided into two semesters with on the make-up of the first year can be found on 3D image. • a static and dynamic code analyser for C and exams at the end of each semester, so you will page 13. C++ be expected to take 60 credits of modules in There is more advanced study of core computer each semester. Each module will typically have science (including programming, networks, data Three further specialist modules focusing two or three one-hour lectures and many also Second year structures, logic and concurrency) and further The second year of our degree revolves around on compilers, computers in the world, and have associated lab sessions and tutorials to give specialist modules depending on the exact understanding how a modern operating system a 20-credit software engineering group project you the chance to practise what is taught in the degree. In addition you will be able to choose up works are typically studied. The remaining credits in a relevant area that is designed to simulate lectures. to 30 credits from a selection of optional modules. can be made up from any high-level optional what it is like to work on a real software project. Prizes are given to the best projects and there is modules available within the school with up to 20 Students without a Group Project Open Day where students are credits allowed for modules from other schools. programming experience asked to run a trade show-like stall promoting Importantly, you do not need any previous programming experience to take our courses. their software. “The course has been extremely useful in preparing me for industry, especially the What we’re looking for when you apply is an To give you an idea of the type of work you might enthusiasm for the subject and reasons why you do, here are some examples of previous projects: second-year group project. I was placed think you would do well in computer science. • 2012 IBM Prize for best overall project: Professional recognition Developing an interactive, multi-user, networked Our BSc Computer Science and BSc Computer implementation of the popular board game Settlers of Catan in a group of four students who I’d never met before. Immediately we began working Science with Artificial Intelligence degrees are accredited by the British Computer Society • 2012 School and Alumni Prize for best overall stall: Developing a musical computer game for towards our common goal. We all learnt (BCS), which is the licensing body for the Engineering and Science Councils. This is not two players, the duellists, each equipped with a only an external recognition of the excellence of (MIDI) keyboard connected to the computer. The our curricula and teaching but also a recognition that the knowledge and skills you learn while project was inspired by Arthur Smith’s famous instrumental composition Duelling Banjos. how to manage a real project and work studying the degree are of academic excellence and of relevance to industry. Graduates from effectively as a team.” these degrees qualify for exemption from the BCS Miraj Makin, Professional Examination; hence their degree BSc Computer Science, third year09 10
  7. 7. Computer Science Computer Science A course director discussing mobile devices with a computer science student. Three or four years? Which course is right for me? One decision that you will have to make is As well as our straight computer science degrees, whether to opt for a three-year Bachelor of we also offer two specialist degrees. Our Science (BSc) degree or invest the extra time in a Software Engineering degree uses many of the four-year Master of Science (MSci) degree. While same modules as used on our Computer Science our three-year degree provides a broad grounding degree but is tailored to focus on the design and in computer science, the fourth year provides implementation of large software systems. Our you with further opportunities to study certain Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence areas in more depth and to undertake another degree, which is available as both a BSc and a 40-credit project (either individually or as a group) four-year MSci, combines a general understanding that engages with current research in computer of computer science with specialist knowledge of science. the domain of artificial intelligence. Our four-year optional modules currently include: Alternatively you may wish to combine computer science with another discipline, such as our • Advanced Computer Architecture joint honours degree in Computer Science and • Advanced Computer Communications Management Studies. This course offers half • Algorithm Design computer science modules and half management • Connected Computing at Scale modules, which are taught by the University’s • Mathematical Foundations of Programming Business School. We also work with the School • Mobile Device Programming of Mathematical Sciences to offer the BSc • Parallel and Distributed Computing Mathematics and Computer Science. This is an • Ubiquitous Computing excellent option for anyone thinking of a career in finance. Broadening your degree On any of our degrees, you can take up to 20 credits of modules in each year from other schools with the approval of your course director. Our programming languages Our initial teaching languages in the first year are C and Java. These form the primary languages that are used for coursework across all our degrees. Modules are also available which teach C++, Haskell and PHP as well as other more specialist programming languages. Some of these modules are compulsory for some degrees and all are available as options for all our degrees.11 12
  8. 8. Computer Science Computer Science First-year course structure This diagram shows the structure of our first-year Computer Science and Software Engineering PROGRAMMING degrees. It shows how the first-year modules G51FUN relate to each other and how they fit into the G51PRG G51OOP different themes that we group our modules into. Later modules in the same theme build on the ground work laid by these modules. OPERATING SYSTEMS AND ARCHITECTURE The first year for joint honours courses is formed G51CSA from a subset of these modules, combined with G51UST modules for the other subject. You can, should you wish, pick up the remaining modules as options in later years before studying the more advanced modules in that theme. MATHEMATICAL FOUNDATIONS G51APS G51MCS Module code Module title Operating Systems and Architecture ENGINEERING G51UST Unix and Software Tools SOFTWARE G51FSE G51CSA Computer Systems Architecture Programming G51DBS G51PRG Introduction to Programming (in C) G51OOP Object-Oriented Programming (in Java) G51FUN Functional Programming (in Haskell) NET-CENTRIC COMPUTING Mathematical Foundations G51APS Algorithmic Problem Solving G51MCS Mathematics for Computer Scientists G51WPS Software Engineering G51FSE Foundations of Software Engineering G51DBS Database Systems INTELLIGENT Net-Centric Computing SYSTEMS G51WPS Web Programming and Scripting Intelligent Systems G51IAI Introduction to Artificial Intelligence G51IAI Human-Computer Interaction G51REQ Requirements Capture HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION G51REQ Modules for the Modelling and Optimization and Graphics and Vision themes begin in the second year.13 14
  9. 9. Computer Science Computer Science Computer science “In my past two years, I have been able to explore and learn a variety of computer degree courses science topics which act as a foundation. The third year builds on this with optional Single honours degrees In addition to fundamental computer science modules allowing me to gain more depth in BSc/MSci Computer Science classes and laboratories, the course covers topics including expert systems, intelligent a particular field.” G400 (3 years) agents, the history and philosophy of artificial Peter Timson, Computer Science, final year G404 (4 years) intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, The Computer Science degree forms the core neural networks, heuristic optimization and other of our teaching programme. Within the three or intelligent systems. By following this programme four years of this course, you will develop a you will learn how to develop new methodologies sound knowledge of the fundamentals of and novel computational techniques for the computer science, including appreciations of the creation of systems with human-like intelligence. interaction between hardware and software; an The degree is supported by world-leading understanding of human-computer interaction and research undertaken within the school. the sociological impact of information technology; and knowledge of the professional standards BSc Software Engineering and ethics of the computer industry, together with the skills and confidence to react to its ever- G601 (3 years) increasing rate of change. The Software Engineering degree is a practically oriented degree which focuses on the design This course is designed to produce high-quality and implementation of large software systems, graduates who show independent thought, particularly those with interactive or multimedia flexibility and maturity and who command a sound components. It is built around four themes: the technical knowledge of the broad aspects of design and implementation of software systems; computer science. the use and development of networked and distributed systems; user interface principles; You will gain an appreciation of current computing and evaluation and testing. practice so that the skills learned can be applied immediately after graduation. The course also You will graduate with: general knowledge provides an understanding of the nature of and understanding of computers and software computer science as an academic discipline. systems; specialised knowledge of the design, implementation, user interfaces and evaluation of BSc/MSci Computer Science with software systems; experience in using a variety of tools and methodologies in order to solve a Artificial Intelligence variety of problems encountered in the area of G4G7 (3 years) software engineering; and an understanding of the G4G1 (4 years) professional, legal and ethical aspects of Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence is the discipline. designed to offer both a general understanding of computer science as well as specialist skills in artificial intelligence. Additionally, optional module choices offer the opportunity to study computer science in the context of robotic systems. Students in a paths algorithms lecture in the Computer Science Building on Jubilee Campus.15 16
  10. 10. Computer Science Computer Science “I really enjoy the wide range of ways in which we are taught – we don’t just have traditional lectures, we also have tutorials and lab sessions in small groups.” Joint honours degrees BSc/MSci Mathematics and Stuart Manton Computer Science Computer Science, second year BSc Computer Science and GG41 (3 years) Management Studies GG14 (4 years) GN42 (3 years) These joint honours courses provide a broad This joint honours course is taught by the School education in mathematics combined with of Computer Science and Nottingham University substantial degree-level studies in computer Business School. Its primary objective is to science. The BSc is a three-year degree and the produce high-quality graduates equipped to MSci extends this to a fourth year and a more bridge the gap between leading-edge computer advanced qualification. technology and its application in the management of commercial and industrial enterprises. The These degrees are half computer science and course develops skills required by computing half mathematics. The core modules in each professionals and managers alike. These include year are a subset set of the core modules for the project management skills; the ability to schedule respective single honours degrees. The exception work, plan exercises and take part in and run is the first year where two-thirds of the modules meetings; teamworking and delegation skills; and are taken from mathematics. In the final year, you the ability to combine the skills of specialists. will typically take a scaled-down individual project worth 20 credits, along with other taught modules This degree is half computer science and half from both schools. business studies. Its core modules in each year are a subset of the core modules for the You will pursue specialist pathways through the respective single honours degrees which, in degree: in computer science, these pathways second year, includes the Software Engineering include Formal Methods, Graphics and Image Group Project. In the final year, you will typically Processing, Optimization and Artificial Intelligence, take a scaled-down individual project worth 20 Networking and Security and in mathematics, credits, along with other taught modules from Probability, Methods, Analysis and Algebra. both schools. Year three of the MSci degree allows further specialist modules to be taken in mathematics and a 60-credit advanced project in computer science. Please note: admissions to the BSc and MSci Mathematics and Computer Science are administered by the School of Mathematical Sciences who can be contacted at A lecturer helping a student in a first-year programming lab.17 18
  11. 11. Computer Science Computer Science Year in industry and Sydney Opera House. summer placements In conjunction with the University’s Careers Here is one students’ account of her year in and Employability Service, we can offer industry: support and advice to students who might be considering taking a year out to work in “The most beneficial and important part of my industry or on a summer placement (usually degree has been my industrial placement. The fact after the second year of their degree). There that the school offers industrial placements was a are a number of benefits to doing this: very attractive part of the course for me, and after completing a year of work experience in London • The opportunity to make contacts and possibly working for an ecommerce company, I could not secure a job for after graduation imagine having done anything else. I have had an • Valuable experience in a workplace – something invaluable opportunity to accelerate my learning which is highly attractive to employers and experience working life; I know what awaits • A wider perspective and a better understanding me when I graduate, and my ideas about my goals of how the knowledge learned relates to real life and ambitions in life have really developed. I have • Increased independence and a more mature had a chance to make use of everything I learned outlook during my first two years, and it has really helped to cement all that knowledge in my head by Some recent examples of where students went actually practising it. and the areas they worked in include: I feel incredibly motivated for my return to • BT – software engineering complete my final year, and I am really looking Study abroad • Hewlett Packard – application support forward to getting stuck into studying again. This • HSBC – systems analysis, development and year has been amazing, but working definitely testing makes you appreciate the perks of university life! I • IBM – software engineering and more would recommend a year in industry to anyone. It • Microsoft – software engineering could really help you to decide where you want to • NextJump be when you finish university and even help you to • Ocado – programming/analysis/optimization improve your overall grade.” • Oracle – programming • Rolls Royce Airlines – Java programming and Olivia Graham more BSc in Computer Science, on an industrial Our links with universities across the globe “For my final year I studied abroad for one • Thomson Reuters – quality engineering, placement year mean we can offer a variety of study abroad semester at the University of New South Wales programming placements. Students can currently apply to in Sydney Australia. For me studying in Australia study in countries including Australia, Canada, was a great opportunity to broaden my horizons, China, Mexico, New Zealand and Spain. meet new people, learn in a new environment and immerse myself in new cultures. The whole For some study placements, you will need a experience is one I will never forget; the university good understanding of a foreign language but was challenging and it really developed both my for others, teaching will be in English. As well as academic and personal skills.” enabling you to experience a different culture, studying abroad is an excellent opportunity to Ben George learn about different approaches to technology. BSc Computer Science (third year)19 20
  12. 12. Computer Science Computer Science Careers Careers guidance The range of options and materials offered by our courses means that our graduates have The University’s Careers and Employability also become computer analysts, IT consultants Service is available to you from the moment you and planners, network/systems designers and first apply, and for the rest of your life after that! engineers, researchers, software designers and The service offers excellent support including engineers, web designers, and web developers one-to-one careers appointments, recruitment and producers. fairs, employer talks, careers skills workshops, an alumni mentorship programme, vacancies listings Outside of computer science, employers across and access to a part-time employment service, As a computer science graduate in Employment opportunities many different fields value the transferable skills Unitemps. For more information, see Nottingham, you will have a huge variety In previous years, our graduates have gone on to our degrees help you to develop and as a result, of possible career paths. Our most recent work for computer companies including: you will be well placed to pursue careers in statistics show that 93% of our graduates • Adobe Systems accountancy, advertising, business and financial In addition, the school regularly hosts careers were in full-time employment or further study, • Framestore UK analysis, investment and merchant banking, related events and guest lectures from its six months after graduating.* Of those in full- • Google management, marketing or the armed forces. established alumni and industry partners. time employment, 90.2% were in graduate- • IBM level employment.* • Microsoft Further study The Nottingham Advantage Award The School of Computer Science runs MSc Our advantage award is designed to recognise * Destination of Leavers from Higher Education 2009/10 survey of Others have gone on to find employment with known destinations. degrees in Advanced Computing Science, the skills you gain from extracurricular activities Accenture, the BBC, BT and Ocado, all of whom Human-Computer Interaction, and Computer such as being involved with the Students’ Union, rely on computer scientists to develop the systems Average starting salaries that drive their businesses. Science with Entrepreneurship. We also welcome volunteering or learning a new language. For more The average starting salary for 2009/10 full-time graduates onto PhD courses, where they can information, see graduates of the School of Computer Science benefit from working in an exciting and well- was £24,091.** equipped research environment. Yet more of our graduates choose to study related subjects such ** Average starting salary from known destinations of first-degree as machine learning, ecommerce, information leavers who studied full-time, 2009/10. security and psychology. Some of our graduates go on to do computer science research.21 22
  13. 13. Computer Computer Science School of Science Computer Science Why choose The University of Nottingham? There are a lot of factors to consider when ...access to a dynamic city applying to university and some will be more The city of Nottingham is another rich source important to you than others. We’re proud that of entertainment. Its attractions include bars, thousands of students apply to us every year boutiques, the Capital FM Arena, shopping – below are some of the reasons they give for centres, an arboretum, pubs, theatres, an ice choosing us. skating rink, cafes, markets, mainstream and independent cinemas, two professional football An inspiring environment... clubs, nightclubs and a climbing centre. Finding A commitment to academic excellence ‘your Nottingham’ is an exciting part of student life. drives everything we do and has earned us international recognition. It is evident in our ...and options for exploring the world teaching and research and our recent results If you’re hoping to broaden your horizons further speak for themselves: in the latest independent while at university, we have the connections to review of teaching quality carried out by the help you experience new cultures first-hand. As Quality Assurance Agency, Nottingham was well as exchange opportunities at our campuses awarded the highest possible judgement. Our in China and Malaysia we have developed links scores in the most recent Research Assessment with more than 320 partner universities in over Exercise rank Nottingham seventh in the UK in 40 countries. terms of ‘research power’ and in 2010, we were runner-up for the Sunday Times University of the We hope this information has given you an insight Year award. into life at Nottingham and why so many students choose to study here. The next step is to book ...with great career prospects onto one of our open days, which take place in Our high standards mean that a University of June and September. These events are an Nottingham degree is respected by both UK and opportunity to explore our campuses, chat to foreign employers and the employment record of staff and current students and most importantly, our graduates is one of the best in the country. get a feel for whether you will be happy here. For If you want to improve your career prospects more information about the open days and other further, you can speak to experts in our Careers opportunities to visit Nottingham, please see and Employability Service, gain recognition for your extracurricular achievements through the Nottingham Advantage Award or set up your own You can download our lively and information city business with the help of our EnterpriseLab. guide from ...not-to-be missed opportunities Outside of lectures, the opportunities at You can also find information about the city at Nottingham are numerous and varied. All our campuses have a strong community spirit and our Students’ Union (SU) offers over 250 societies and sports clubs. It’s through them that you can pursue an existing interest or take up something A student testing his iPhone-based new with like-minded people, develop valuable final-year project on Jubilee Campus. skills and generally make your time at university as rewarding and memorable as possible.23 24
  14. 14. Computer Science Computer Science Applying for a place Visiting and contacting us UCAS applications Support for students with a disability Open days Contact us You should apply to us through UCAS. Most If you have a disability, we would encourage you If you’re considering applying to The University For further information, please contact: applicants will have studied three or more A to visit the University in advance of making your of Nottingham you should try to attend one of the Admissions and Communications Administrator levels; we require you to have one A level science application to view our facilities. Like all students, University-wide open days, which are held in June School of Computer Science subject (computer science or maths preferred) as your offer will depend entirely on your academic and September each year. Find out more: The University of Nottingham one of these or a B in GCSE maths. merit. The school also has its own Disability Jubilee Campus Liaison Officer who will be able to provide Nottingham For entry in 2013, our offer will be AAB at A level, advice and assistance once you arrive. Further Campus tour days NG8 1BB 34 at IB (with 5 in maths at Standard Level), or information about support available during your The University runs tours on some Wednesdays t: +44 (0)115 846 6550 equivalent. We also accept qualifications such as studies can be found at throughout the year. For further information or to e: the European Baccalaureate, Advanced Highers, book a place on a campus tour day, please contact w: Irish Leaving Certificate and US Advanced the Enquiry Centre on +44 (0)115 951 5559 or Placement. Accommodation email The University of Nottingham offers a guarantee of We welcome applications from mature candidates University accommodation for one year to all new @UoNComputerSci who are offering a range of qualifications such UCAS visit days undergraduate students who make Nottingham Suitably qualified candidates will be invited to a as a foundation programme at a UK institution, their firm choice and apply for accommodation by For international student enquiries, UCAS visit day which will include a talk given by Access courses and BTEC. All applicants are the deadline*. Further information is available in please contact: an academic member of staff with an opportunity treated as individuals and are considered equally; the online prospectus: The International Office to ask any questions you may have. There will decisions are based on merit. and also at t: +44 (0)115 951 5247 be opportunities to tour the Computer Science f: +44 (0)115 951 5155 Building, Jubilee Campus and a hall of residence. International students e: You will also have the opportunity to meet and talk We welcome applications from international * For the deadline date please see w: to current computer science students. candidates and have a lively community of international students both within the school and You can also follow us through our social media the University. Qualifications are considered on Fees and finance Other visits channels, all of which can be accessed via In 2013-14, around a third of students at There are also informal opportunities to visit our a case-by-case basis but offers will be broadly Nottingham are likely to be eligible for a non- campus. If you want to look around the School equivalent to our typical A level offer. repayable University of Nottingham Core Bursary of Computer Science, it’s important that you visit and/or support through the National Scholarship during the week. Please contact us before you International and European students whose first Programme. Some students will also be eligible visit so that we can make arrangements to show language is not English require an IELTS score of for support through Nottingham Potential you around the school. 6.5, with no less than 6.0 in any one element, or All information in this brochure was correct at TOEFL iBT 87, with no less than 21 in listening Bursaries. These are in addition to any support time of print but is subject to change – for the and writing, 22 in reading and 23 in speaking. you may receive from the government. The latest information, please see University is committed to supporting UK students from lower-income families and those who may Mature students We encourage applications from students who find it difficult to access higher education. For the latest information about the financial support If you require this publication in an will be over 21 at the start of their course. We consider a range of qualifications and work arrangements for 2013-14 please visit alternative format, please contact us: experience. Mature applicants may be invited to attend an interview. For more information about t: +44 (0)115 951 4591 If you are an international applicant (outside of the applying as a mature student, please see EU), please see the ‘New international students’ e: section on Printed June 2012. Paper made from recycled material.25 Design: 26