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3continent master of_global_management_2013

  1. 1. FULL-TIME3ContinentMaster ofGlobalManagementOPENING MINDSTO IMPACTTHE WORLD
  2. 2. Five good reasons toattend this program: > You will expand your knowledge of all management functions within an international company. > You will develop your business attitude as well as your social and communication skills, individually and in a team. > You will understand how to interact and function in a multicultural environment. > You will be confronted with international business challenges through real-life experiences. > You will build an international network, improving your chances of future employment. Target group > recent graduates with a Master’s degree in any discipline > work experience not required, but 1 to 3 years of experience acceptable > candidates that are able to write and speak English fluently > people with a clear interest in an international business career  18% Applied Economics and Business Engineering   9% Civil and other Engineering PRIOR 27% Management and Business DEGREES Administration (2011-2012)  14% Law 32% ICT, Architecture, Pedagogy, Political Sciences and other degrees
  3. 3. CurriculumYou will spend 4 months at each of the three participating schools. During the pro-gram, the different management functions will be studied from both a global and apractice-oriented perspective. Additionally, the business realities in Europe, Indiaand the USA respectively will be discussed at length and illustrated by an extensivenumber of company visits and class excursions. You will also experience an intensejourney of self-development, both individually and as a team, through a number ofworkshops and team projects. COURSES ANTWERP > Integrated Performance Management > Business Research Methods > Fundamentals of Global Business > Contemporary Issues in European Business > Personal Development Portfolio 1 INDIA > Innovation Management > Global Supply Chain Management > Global Human Resource Management > Non-Competitive Strategies > The Indian Business Context > Personal Development Portfolio 2 NEW YORK Jessica Derous > Global Marketing Management — alumna 2011-2012 > Finance in Global Markets “If you’re fascinated by eco- > International Business Law nomics and want to explore > Global Strategy different cultures at the same > The American Business Context time, this program is really > Personal Development Portfolio 3 what you’re looking for.”Career opportunities A state of theafter attending this art insightprogram:The 3ContinentMaster of Global Management in globalprogram offers you a unique advantage overother students due to the intense contact with management,three distinct and important business cultures.Graduates looking for an international business whilecareer will not only find more opportunities,their careers will be accelerated on the fast track experiencingto success. Many are expected to find work in a real-life threecountry other than their native country. major global (business) societies.
  4. 4.  ANTWERP  NEW YORK  BHUBANESWARA lifetime global experience REGISTER NOW For start date, fees, requirements and application procedure, please check our website: www.antwerpmanagementschool.be/3CMGM DURATION > 12 months contact Bieke Janssens — Student Recruitment Manager t +32 (0)3 265 40 11 bieke.janssens@ams.ac.be Wim Van Driessen — Program Manager t +32 (0)3 265 49 42 wim.vandriessen@ams.ac.be Antwerp Management School Sint-Jacobsmarkt 9-13 / B-2000 Antwerp / Belgium