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Writing and speaking skills for computer scientists


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Introduction to the academic speaking and writing skills developed within the GraDAna project

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Writing and speaking skills for computer scientists

  1. 1. Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union Upgrading soft skills: writing and speaking skills for computer engineers Dr. Tatiana Codreanu Web2Learn, Greece GraDAna winter school, February 2017
  2. 2. Module fully available on OpenLearning customized for GraDAna winter school 2 Speaking & writing skills
  3. 3. Display on OpenLearning Speaking & writing skills 3
  4. 4. Outline  Objective: improve the skills and knowledge needed to create and deliver presentations in area of academic writing and speaking.  Approach: modular to recognise the fact that not all candidates are required to develop all the skills to the same level  Delivery mode: online. Content available on OpenLearning and writing and speaking exercise with a professional tutor online Speaking & writing skills 4
  5. 5. Example of assignment Speaking & writing skills 5
  6. 6. Content (1) Speaking & writing skills 6 1. Writing an abstract for academic purposes Intro Main contents of an abstract 1.1 Define your research topic / question 1.2 Where to find bibliographic references 1.3 Why do you need to cite authors? 1.4 Research methodology 1.5 Revise your abstract for grammatical and spelling errors 1.6 Sample abstracts 1.7 Task: Write an abstract of around 300 words.
  7. 7. Content (2) Speaking & writing skills 7 2 Social media strategy 2.1 Build your social media presence 2.1.1 Personalised responses and reactions 2.1.2 Create purposeful conversations 2.1.3 Segment your followers, create lists 2.1.4 Use natural user segmentations to your advantage 2.1.5 Tweet regularly – use scheduling tools to assist 2.1.6 Manage your followers and analytics 2.2 Build your social media academic network 2.2.1 2.2.2 ReseachGate 2.2.3 Mendeley 2.2.4 Google Scholar
  8. 8. Content (3) Speaking & writing skills 8 3. Oral presentations 3.1 Before the presentation 3.2 During the presentation 3.3 Task You will have to deliver a a 5 minutes presentation. You can deliver your presentation: On Skype, during a 10 minutes conversation with an academic OR Online, by submitting a recording (audio or video) of your presentation on the forum of section 3 of the module
  9. 9. Oral task- conversation with a professional tutor Organisation: 10 minutes slots will be made available between February 26 and March 23, with an online tutor (free of charge, naturally)  What is expected  - Prepared in advance by the candidate for presentation to a specialist native speaker of English  - Candidates may use their own notes but must not deliver a fully scripted speech  What is tested  - Ability to deliver an academic presentation in English on a topic of the candidate's choice using the appropriate register Speaking & writing skills 9
  10. 10. Task  Go through section 1 (writing an academic abstract) and/or 2 (social media communication) and consult the resources available.  Group discussion in 45 minutes  In coming days: fill in the slot that fits best to your schedule for a 10-minutes conversation. Speaking & writing skills 10
  11. 11. Thank you! @web2Learn_eu Web2Learn 11 Speaking & writing skills