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Case Studies: MOOCS with language learning components


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Case studies presentation: "MOOCs with language learning components addressed to refugees". Seminar "How Relevant is Open Education for Refugees?", EDEN 2017 annual conference

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Case Studies: MOOCS with language learning components

  1. 1. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This website reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. Case Studies: MOOCS with language learning components Dr. Tatiana Codreanu – Web2Learn
  2. 2. Overview • The Institute of Educational Technology, UK • Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium • Kiron • ‘Language learning is a first-priority intervention for the general migrant and refugee community.” (Colucci, Castaño Muñoz, Devaux, 2017) 26th EDEN ANNUAL CONFEENCE - Jönköping University
  3. 3. The Institute of Educational Technology Vision •To increase immigrants' ability to function in an unfamiliar society by facilitating communication and learning, and by structuring technological supports according to user needs. •To change in a positive way immigrants' attitudes and behaviours through technology- mediated persuasion and social networking influence. •To take advantage of situation and context to capture user motivation and extend immediate assistance into more structured learning, game-playing, and interaction with other immigrants and the wider community 26th EDEN ANNUAL CONFEENCE - Jönköping University
  4. 4. The Institute of Educational Technology Implications •Achieving inclusion •Recordings •IT skills Practical skills •Find a job, open a bank account etc. 26th EDEN ANNUAL CONFEENCE - Jönköping University
  5. 5. Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) and the NGO Croix-Rouge • Fixed day and time for online activities as a potential time pressure • MOOC with CLIL content for refugees in collaboration with the NGO Croix- Rouge, Belgium. It aims to re-connect refugees with universities. – English (for the online course) – English or French (for the on-campus activities) 26th EDEN ANNUAL CONFEENCE - Jönköping University
  6. 6. UCL: International Human Rights Law Implications Learn about the Law of the International Community, including how International Law is created, applied and upheld in today's world. Certification: Master’s 26th EDEN ANNUAL CONFEENCE - Jönköping University
  7. 7. UCL: Paradigms of Computer Programming – Fundamentals Project description ‘The course covers functional, object-oriented, and declarative dataflow programming in a unified framework, with practical code fragments and a simple semantics.’ Certification: BA 26th EDEN ANNUAL CONFEENCE - Jönköping University
  8. 8. UCL: Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Project description •‘Understand the multidimensional nature and content of corporate social responsibility. •Adopt a critical perspective on managerial practices related to societal issues. Stimulate and manage impactful changes in organizations, toward more responsible postures.’ •‘Reconcile multiple stakeholders’ interests (and understand the importance of doing so), into a clear, persuasive, smart action and communication plan.’ •‘Recognize the risks of CSR washing, as well as the opportunities related to a strong CSR communication strategy.’ Certification: Master’s 26th EDEN ANNUAL CONFEENCE - Jönköping University
  9. 9. Kiron • Kiron (“ray of light” in Sanskrit) - venture capital backed start-up • Learning hubs- users in Turkey, Jordan and Sri Lanka • Backed by Schoepflin (the largest individual contributor), Bertelsmann, Vodafone Group Plc., Akzo Nobel NV, Capgemini SA., Google Inc., BMW and German government funding • The VC firms and donors commited to a non-profit business model • Twitter: @KironEducation 26th EDEN ANNUAL CONFEENCE - Jönköping University
  10. 10. Kiron • Kiron start-up was created by 3 German co-founders helping refugees access HEI and labour market (LM) • Scenario: issues refugees face  innovative solutions (backed by crowdfunding and VCs) that enable refugees to access HEI and LM, and also open such solutions to users worldwide. • What new and innovative solutions have been implemented in contexts where refugee needs are under served? • This approach illustrates the principle of 'What Valuable Company Is Nobody Building?' (Peter Thiel, 2014) 26th EDEN ANNUAL CONFEENCE - Jönköping University
  11. 11. MOOC: Working in French (The French Institute/ The Open University) • MOOC aimed towards migrants in order to gain skills to be employed in a Francophone country • Directly linked migrant job seekers to employment agencies and recruiters • Achieving inclusion, linking job seekers to recruitment agencies for training, ongoing Facebook and Twitter communities • Connectivist model (Siemens, 2004, Downes, 2005) • Feedback from peers, recruiters and intercultural coach 26th EDEN ANNUAL CONFEENCE - Jönköping University
  12. 12. Questions • Have initiatives for refugees successfully connected the dots by understanding refugees’ context and needs? (e.g. the real working world in a country for job seekers) • Do MOOCs offer products or services that refugees are looking for in terms of language learning ? 26th EDEN ANNUAL CONFEENCE - Jönköping University References • Colucci, E., Castaño Muñoz,J. Devaux,A. 2017.MOOCs and Free Digital Learning for the Inclusion of migrants and refugees: A European policy study, Proceedings of EMOOCs 2017: Work in Progress Papers of the Experience and Research Tracks and Position Papers of the Policy Track • Peter Their, 2014. Zero to One. Notes on startups or how to build the future (with Blake Masters)