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Quality Assurance of the Web2LLP


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In this presentation project evaluators Sunil Maher & Eleni Anoyrkati (Coventry University Enterprises Ltd.) present their Quality Assurance workpackage for the Web2LLP project, which aims to improve Internet strategies and maximize the social media presence of lifelong learning projects.

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Quality Assurance of the Web2LLP

  1. 1. Improving Internet strategies and maximizing the social media presence of LLP projects Work Package 6 – Quality Assurance Sunil Maher & Eleni Anoyrkati Coventry University Enterprises Ltd. This project was financed with the support of the European Commission. This publication is the sole responsibility of the author and the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.
  2. 2. Work Package 6 – Quality Assurance• Key Aims of Work Package – Perform an evaluation of; • The project • The partnership • Experience gained based on Case Studies • Development of recommendations – Effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, sustainability, impact on activities of other LLP project activities
  3. 3. Key Activities (1)• Monitoring System – Gather information from target groups, consortium, partners & key stakeholders
  4. 4. Key Activities (2)• Evaluation System – Focus on Interim & Final results – Deliverables of highest system – Evaluation meets need of (potential) participants – Added-value – Uptake by LLP projects and sub-actions
  5. 5. Key Objectives (1)• To develop a Quality Assurance plan, tools and indicators for the assessment of the projects progress• To design and implement a monitoring and evaluation system• To monitor project development and evaluate the (potential) impact of the project on other LLP projects and the LLP programme itself.• To set-up evaluation methods
  6. 6. Key Objective (2)• To develop a perpetuity agenda• To develop two evaluation reports (Interim and Final)• To establish constant communication and facilitate feedback from the external reviewer• To develop a recommendations report summarizing good practice and potential future improvements in cooperation with the external reviewer
  7. 7. WP6 DeliverablesDeliverable Title Type Input Deadline No. Agreed evaluation criteria, project Quality Assurance Plan & 30 Report processes, self-evaluation manual, Month 4 – April 2012 Project Evaluation Tools project milestones/reports Methodological Matrix (Organic 31 Set of Tools Tools Month 9 – September 2012 document) assessment of first 12 months results, Interim Evaluation of Project Report 32 Progress Vs Target, impact to other LLP, Month 11 November 2012 Results Method & Tools (WP2, WP3, WP5) Project Sustainablility, future potential 33 Perpetuity Agenda Report or other Month 16 – April 2013 activities External evaluators report. Case Studies, 34 Final Evaluation Report events training sessions, future Month 24 – December 2013 recommendations
  8. 8. WP6 Partner Input Number of staff days Partners    Country Short name Role and tasks in the work package involved Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Total P5 leads this WP in terms of coordination,  supervision and assessment of the quality of Lead partner P(4) UK CUE 30 35     65 the project. To deliver the reports on time and  on task.  To provide any type of feedback valuable to the  P(1) LU UL   10     10 quality assurance plan. To gather feedback  from the target group.  To review and provide input and feedback on  the deliverables. To assist with the  P(2) GR W2L 15 10     25 development of the tools & methods. To  develop the Perpetuity Agenda  In conjunction to WP3, to review and provide  P(3) BE AT   5     5 input and feedback on the deliverables  To provide any type of feedback valuable to the  P (5) IT     5     5 quality assurance plan.  To provide any type of feedback valuable to the  P (6) ES     5     5 quality assurance plan.Total       45 70 0 0 115  
  9. 9. Deliverable 30; Quality Assurance Plan & Project Evaluation ToolsDescription Focus• Deadline month 4 (April • Project Processes 2012) • Deliverable overview• Dissemination Level; • Self-evaluation manual Confidential (internal)• Nature; Report • Measurable Criteria• English • Apply Corrective Actions (where necessary)
  10. 10. Deliverable 31; Tool Matrix• Description • Focus• Deadline month 4 • Methodological (April ‘12) Matrix• Outcome; Set of • Impact of WEB2LLP Tools on other LLP projects• Dissemination Level; • Detail usage of tools Confidential and frequency of• Nature; Report application• English • Assessment Criteria
  11. 11. Deliverable 31; Tool Matrix (2) Assessment Criteria• Acceptance by target group • Project Management – Usefulness, training – Integration, results provision, re-use of valorisation Vs resources objectives• Organisational Impact • Potential of continuation – Impact of training – Benefits for LLP scheme projects • European added value – Training uptake - EU
  12. 12. Deliverable 32; Interim Evaluation of Project Results• Description • Focus• Deadline; month 12 • Progress Vs initial• Outcome; 12 month plan Evaluation • Preliminary impact• Dissemination; on other LLP’s Confidential • Review WP2, 3 & 5• Nature; Report methods & tools• English • Review of each phase of project
  13. 13. Deliverable 33; Perpetuity Agenda• Description • Focus• Deadline; month 16 • Establish project sustainability strategy• Dissemination; • Potential project Confidential continuance• Nature; Report • Delivery of training• English modules (independent) • Adaptation to other programmes
  14. 14. Deliverable 34; Final Evaluation• Description • Focus• Deadline; month 24 • Assess overall quality• Outcome; Evaluation of activities of Results • Summation from• Dissemination; external evaluator Confidential • Include• Nature; Report – case studies – Events• English – Training sessions – Recommendations
  15. 15. WP6 Discussion• Partners role in WP6• Deliverable deadlines• What are the next steps ?• Discussion