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In this presentation Alberto Nantiat (ATiT, Belgium) introduced the concept of curation, highlighting tools such as, Diigo and This presentation was given during Web2LLP's 4th pilot session 21 May 2013 as a pilot for the online social media course for managers of lifelong learning projects. Find out more on and

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  • What Does Content Curation Mean? How Content Curation Tools Work
  • types of curation (quick overview) or types of tool (many classifications, Robin Good) 5 types of curation, original article -   Content curation manifesto -   Robin Good’s channel about curation - Robin Good’s classification of curation tools -
  • Very quick overview on Diigo characteristics Diigo -   Web2LLP channel on Diigo -
  • Web2LLP channel on Diigo -
  • Very quick overview on characteristics -   Example on the right:
  • Very quick overview on characteristics –   Example on the right :
  • A g ood list of curation tools (with description) - Another good list of curation tools - And a third and final list -
  • How to use curation in your project: thinking about curation in your strategy and choose the right type and tool Also see Web2LLP handbooks -
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  • Alberto Nantiat - Curation tools

    1. 1. This project was financed with the support of the European Commission. This presentation is the sole responsibility of theauthor and the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.http://www.web2llp.euSocial content curationAlberto NantiatATiT
    2. 2. Content curation• identify, organise, and share the best and mostrelevant content on a specific topic or issue online• information overload content curation• not a replacement of your content2
    3. 3. Types of curation• Many classifications: action, output, aim, etc.See a classification of the tools by Robin Good:
    4. 4. Tools - Diigo• Highlighting, sticky notes on web pages• Bookmarking & Saving• Search and share4
    5. 5. 5
    6. 6. Tools –• publishing platform: topics, contents, interactions• scoop and rescoop content• Community6
    7. 7. 7
    8. 8. Tools –• publishing platform: topic based newspaper• Daily automatic publication8
    9. 9. 9
    10. 10. Other tools… and tons more. Among the most used:10Quora Storify Zite List.lyBundlr Pearltrees Eqentia Trap.itDelicious Netvibes Pinterest Percolate
    11. 11. Strategy for content curation• First question is: does curation fit well in yourcommunication plan?• A few factors worth considering:• Some choices to make11 Goals  Audience  Time Type of curation  Tool(s)  Topic (focus)
    12. 12. How to pick the right toolThings to consider:The Inputs (data source the tool can access)The Organization (how the tool let me organise thecontent)The Venue (how and where the content is shared)Have you decided? Have a try at similar tools too!12
    13. 13. Curate your content in 3 steps1)1) DiscoveryDiscoveryIt is the stage in which you search the Web forcontent on your topicIdeas:aggregatorsother people’s curation channelsonline newspapers and magazinesTip: find good sources and follow them13
    14. 14. Curate your content in 3 steps2) Analysis2) AnalysisIt is the stage where you decide if something isactually worthy of sharingYou don’t need metrics: it’s your channel.Tips:establish some general criteria/requisitequality information“the less is more”14
    15. 15. Curate your content in 3 steps3)3) CurationCurationIt is the stage where you actually share the contentTips:add value: commentary, insightgives credit where credit is duevary your content types15
    16. 16. Useful links• Content curation manifesto -• Content Curation World -• Content guide to understanding Newsmastering and contentcuration -• The ultimate list of content curation tools and platforms(70+ tools) -
    17. 17. Thank you!