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Drupal Communitydesign


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Published in: Technology
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Drupal Communitydesign

  1. the redesign project design by community leisa reichelt with
  2. ‘Drupal is an open source social publishing platform that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Begun as a hobby project of Dries Buytaert, it was first released as an open source project in 2001 and has steadily grown in popularity ever since.’
  3. Fast Company The Onion Seattle Times MTV UK Sony BMG Belgium Government Mike Bloomberg AOL Corporate Sun Open Office Ubuntu Yahoo! Adobe United Nations Amnesty International World Bank Harvard Science Science Museum of Minneapolis
  4. 720,000 unique visitors / month homepage viewed 1 million times/month
  5. 300,000+ users 300 new users per day 375,000 discussion threads 4:1 response rate on general discussions 10:1 response rate on dev. discussions
  6. how do you redesign the home of such an active, engaged community?
  7. how do you design in an ‘open source’ way?
  8. design by & with community
  9. recruiting participation - Google Apps Forms
  10. openly blogging the process asking questions
  11. openly blogging the process asking questions
  12. engaging with existing community infrastructure
  13. crowdsourcing design (wireframes)
  14. online card sorting (information architecture)
  15. recruit *more* participation (
  16. lightweight communication with community via Twitter
  17. knowledge sharing & empowering - wiki crowdsourcing usability testing
  18. rapid, iterative, open prototyping
  19. rapid, iterative, open prototyping
  20. are you guys nuts?
  21. design by committee vs design by community
  22. get involved! contact me: