Creativity is important


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Internal presentation about culture in various IT startup companies

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Creativity is important

  1. 1. Creativity is Important How different web teams workG itH ub, Tw it te r, Dro pB ox , M a ilC h im p,37S ig n a ls
  2. 2. GitHub ideologyHours are bullshit; worry about good workWorking 9-5 doesn’t work!Working long hours isn’t a badge of honor!Best work from employees when they are happy,fresh & creativeMinimize distractionsBe asynchronous
  3. 3. More ideology...AlcoholCreativity means self-directionHacks on side projects
  4. 4. Hubot - Github bot the door to the officedeploy GitHubsay an arbitrary strings over the office speakersfind an apartment in the area to rentand more...
  5. 5. GitHub StatLaunched - April, 2008Around 1.6M people and 2.7M repositories2 first years without officeEmployees - 77Revenue over 1M+ and no VC
  6. 6. GitHub CEOChris Wanstrath - GitHub co-founder and CEO@defunkt
  7. 7. Dropbox “cookies”Free breakfasts, lunches and dinners dailyWhiskey friday :)Unlimited Dropbox storage18 payed vacation daysStarcraft dedicated game rooms, DDR etc.
  8. 8. Dropbox StatOver 50M usersFounded in 2007 (Y Combinator Start up)Written in - PythonEmployees - 78Total VC - 257M; 96% users pay nothingValuation around 4B and Revenue in 2011 240M
  9. 9. Dropbox CEODrew Houston@drewhouston
  10. 10. Twitter “cookies”ZipCar discountLaundry and cleaning servicesCatered breakfast and lunch dailyWeekly in-office yoga and pilates classes...
  11. 11. Twitter ideologyFriday evening - talk with executives over drinksBrainstorm everywhereBreakfast & lunch are free!Hard work, long hoursToo many good people. Makes you look bad :)
  12. 12. Twitter StatEmployees 900+Revenue 140M+ annualFounded 2006140M+ active users, 340M+ tweets & 1.6Bsearches dailyAcquisitions - 45,2MFunding - 1,16B
  13. 13. Twitter - 2012Posterous (2012)DasientSummifyTweetDeck (2011) - 40M
  14. 14. Twitter CEOJack Dorsey@jackWorks 16 hrs dailyCEO of Square as well
  15. 15. Mailchimp funColor book - “Love what you do”Pranks on the web siteEaster eggs ritual -> not really thisEmbedded Asteroid game typing “boredom” intosearch bar
  16. 16. Maichimp rules1. Avoid rules ;) Avoid order. Create a little bitchaos2. Give team permission to try, to fail, to makesomething crazy3. Hire weird people. Not someone with tattoo inthe ass :), but from different area4. Meetings outside meeting rooms
  17. 17. Mailchimp statEmployees 35Founded 2001825,000 subscribers & sending 1.75B emails/mFreemium gives +160% payed customers20% of users has email lists > 10K subscribers
  18. 18. Mailchimp CEOBen Chestnut@benchestnut
  19. 19. 37Signals cultureStanding for something isn’t about writing itdown. It’s about believing it and living it.No treating employees like children, no meetings4 day week, can work remotelyPay for: flight lessons, cooking lessons etc.CC from 37Signals for books, go to conference
  20. 20. 37Signals “tech”Basecamp Mobile - CoffeeScript + Cinco:Backbone, Zepto, Eco, StitchWeb on Ruby; they built RoRDo not support IE6, its rule :)Journal screen - shows everyones status
  21. 21. 37Signals stat3M customers16 employeesFounded in 1999Basecamp, Campfire, Highrise, Ta-Da, SoftfolioBooks: Defensive Design, Getting Real, Rework
  22. 22. 37Signals CEOJason Fried@jasonfried