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Understanding Investments

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Investment platform

  1. 1. Collective Investment Scheme (CIS)A collective investment portfolio is a collective investment that enablesyou to pool your money with other investors who have similarinvestment objectives.Experienced investment managers invest this pool of money indifferent assets in financial markets.This includes a wide range of local and international shares or equities(companies listed on a stock exchange), bonds, property, moneymarket instruments.
  2. 2. Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) Total CIS Net Asset Value = R1m Amount of Units Issued = 500 000 Value of 1 unit = R2 Collective Investment Scheme You are the unit holderThe total value of the pool of invested money is split into equal portions called participatory interests of units.When you invest in collective investment portfolios, you buy a share of the units of the total fund.The unit price, also known as the net asset value (NAV) is dependent on the market value of the instruments in whichthe pool of money is invested and therefore rises and falls. It is calculated daily
  3. 3. Security Your money is held separately from the managing companys assets in a trust. If anything goes wrong with the company, your money is safe.The industry is also strictly regulated by the Registrar of Collective InvestmentSchemes, the Financial Services Board and each collective investmentportfolio companys trustees to protect your investment.
  4. 4. Multi Asset Allocation FundsMulti Asset Class CIS Asset Classes Regulation 28 Limits Cash Max 75% Bonds Equity Max 25% Property Max 25% Offshore
  5. 5. Equity Breakdown Equity Owns Various Shares BAT CND Equity CCL ADW AGL ASAThe unit price of the CIS changes as the share price changes. Any dividendsreceived from the shares will be re-invested automatically to buy more units.
  6. 6. Fund Classifications - SA
  7. 7. Fund Classifications (non SA)
  8. 8. Linked Investment Service Provider (Lisp)A Lisp is a company that enables you to invest in a wide range of collective investmentschemes, such as unit trust funds, via one source.Effectively an investment administration and product packaging business, a Lisp also offers CISaccess to products such as endowments, retirement annuities, preservation funds and livingannuities to cater for the full range of your investment needs.A Lisp is licensed to buy and sell units in collective investment schemes on your instruction,effectively acting as your agent.A Lisp never owns the units that it buys. By law all money received by a Lisp from clientsmust be held in a trust account until invested and similarly the proceeds of all sales must bepaid into a trust account. Under no circumstances may your money be mixed with Lispassets.All Lisps must be licensed with the Financial Services Board (FSB) as Administrative FinancialServices Providers. Lisps are regulated by the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services(FAIS) Act.
  9. 9. Collective Collective Collective Investment Investment Investment Scheme Scheme Scheme Retirement Annuity (RA)Linked Investment Services Platform (LISP)