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How Long It Takes To Become Successful


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How long-it_takes_to_become_successful

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How Long It Takes To Become Successful

  1. 1. How Long It Takes To Become Successful /how-long-it-takes-to-become-successf ul/ Wealth Magnate 59 Flares Twitter 12 Facebook 8 Google+ 27 LinkedIn 9 Pin It Share 3 59 Flares × There is one question everybody wants an answer to and it is: how long does it take to become successful? We get asked this a lot and lately even more considering the vast majority of more and more people trying to make it happen online. People mostly ask this question because the online space is presented by most marketers as a magical land of money where everybody gets rich in a day… leading to a major need of an answer to how long it takes to become successful. Are you ready for the answer? I have to warn you, maybe not warn you but let you know the answer might surprise you… here it is: It takes a SECOND to become successful, yes you read that right – a second, and 10 seconds have passed since you’ve been reading this. You see, being successful at anything is simply a decision, a decision to show up, persist and do the work and take responsibility for your own results. Most people don’t think of it like this though, they say things like: ‘I’ll wait to see some results and then I’ll take action’ or ‘I need the economy to be better and then I’ll act on it’ or ‘I hope this is going to work’ or ‘I’m going to see how it goes before I take action’ etc. These people are never successful, because being successful is not about how long it takes to reach your goals, but about you deciding once and for all you will make it no matter what. Some succeed after days of hard work, some after weeks, for some it takes years, but they all have one thing in common – they had all made a DECISION in one second of their lives that they were going to achieve something. Several years ago I was at the point I had to close my company due to the crisis and some not that reliable decisions I had made and i was at the phone with a friend of mine and will never forget what he said to me that day: “My friend, you are already successful, it doesn’t matter whether you are financially where you want to be yet or not, there is no doubt sooner or later you will reach your financial goals, but you have to know you are already successful, you had made the decision to be huge and no matter how long it takes you, you will be huge sooner or later.” This was a moment I will never forget because back then I though there was something really wrong with me, since I had just lost my million dollar company. Gotta say he was dead right and I’m pleased to have such friends. Several years later I have this blog that is currently valued at $100 000, not only this but I have several other sites as a part of my online company that are crushing it as well. The point I’m trying to make here is that the second you say to yourself: ‘I’ll become successful no matter what” is exactly the amount of time needed for you to become such! Keep that in mind and repeat it to yourself through all the struggles, as there might be a few until financial awesomeness kicks in.