The secret-to-getting-more-sales-and-growing-your-business-exponentially


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the secret to getting more sales

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The secret-to-getting-more-sales-and-growing-your-business-exponentially

  1. 1. The Secret To Getting More Sales And Growing Your Business Exponentially - 03-13-2013by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.comThe Secret To Getting More Sales And Growing Your BusinessExponentiallyby admin - Wednesday, March 13, 2013 The secret to getting more sales and growing anawesome business online is far more than just collecting leads and monetizing any of them. The dayswhen you could simply create an informational product and take people to one of those long sales pagesand hope they would buy are also gone.Not that these approaches dont work, they do... yet if you want to really make sales and build an internetbusiness you have to take the internet marketing game to the next level - the one you are just about toread.Making money online has changed a lot... so much that even some guru marketers suffer. Nowadayspeople who truly make money are the businessmen, people who understand business on top of marketing.To get a business to grow exponentially you have to make sales and increase them over time.How is that possible?As I already said the old school methods like collecting as many leads as you can and monetizing themost out of them along with creating info products and hoping to sell them on autopilot are a bitoutdated...these days you need the secret to getting more sales, which is building a fan base of about 1 000 loyal fancustomers. You can of course go for a larger number, however 1 000 is enough to make you pretty decentincome online.This is how it works: page 1 / 2
  2. 2. The Secret To Getting More Sales And Growing Your Business Exponentially - 03-13-2013 by admin - Wealth Magnate - Instead of constantly looking for affiliate products to promote, or launching new products, or building different online business you concentrate on delivering extremely important information, along with creating high quality products and services. You offer people your support, help, knowledge and everything you could, and in exchange they support you by purchasing your products. It might sound a bit to hard now, but I can assure you it is a lot easier to build a small fan base, than maintain a massive email list and constantly looking for the next big ting to offer people. The new age selling is making friends, and not just customers. People love to buy, and this is mainly what money is for, but they like to buy from friends nowadays mostly... nobody just goes to a website to buy something any more. Instead they prefer to really know what and who they buy from... which is understandable, having in mind all the BS online. But it makes it a bit different to make money just by pushing some keyword buttons, as most people believe internet marketing works. To start getting more sales you need to build a fan/friend base of about 1 000 loyal customers, who like your stuff and would gladly buy your next product. This right there is true internet marketing and is how most real marketers make a lot of money online. There are plenty of ways to build trust, the best of which is proven to be having an awesome blog. It is really not that difficult to make a customer base of 500 people and get them to buy a $15 per month product... yet to do it you have to be positioned as the expert, meaning you really have to know how to deliver value. If you can not build a high value product, or dont know much about what you are trying to make money off of, this business model might not be for you. And by building a base of loyal customers, all you would need to do after that is collect a few leads a day to replace the unresponsive people in your fan base. Thats about it. This is mainly how business works - you offer people something awesome and get them to pay monthly for it. Even if you dont create new products, but get several new leads a day you will always have about the same amount of people buying your product, if not more. Now you know the secret to getting more sales online and building an enormous business - it is all about building a customer base of about 500 - 1 000 fans. After that everything is possible. _______________________________________________ PDF generated by Kalins PDF Creation Station page 2 / 2Powered by TCPDF (