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Not getting-results-online? - This Article Will REALLY Give You The Answer


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This article will Really give you the answer!

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Not getting-results-online? - This Article Will REALLY Give You The Answer

  1. 1. Not Getting Results Online? - This Article Will REALLY Tell You Why - 02-19-2013by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.comNot Getting Results Online? - This Article Will REALLY TellYou Whyby admin - Tuesday, February 19, 2013 Not Getting Results online? Dont worry I got you.Dont you just love it when some "fallen guru" jumps out and starts babbling about giving value andsolving problems?The problem is one:People are not rich and want to become such...As for value - yes you have to always help people the best way you can, yet this is not the reason you oranybody else is not getting results online. And by getting results I mean making money.The one and only reason for people not getting results online is lack of sales skills.You, me and everybody who calls himself an online marketer, entrepreneur or businessman if you will,make money by making sales. Sales is what drives business. Its a whole different story some people areonly good at selling, instead of combining it with offering valuable products.Lets focus on sales. Everything that is going on online is tied with marketing and sales... people whomake a lot of money are either good at selling, or have such people working for them.What is selling?Selling is storytelling - mainly. Every awesome business has a story behind it. Selling is also having anawesome product to offer to the marketplace. A product that people like, need and want to buy.It is really that simple. If you have a cool wanted product, and combine it with proper promotion you willmake money. The product though has to be wanted by other people, not only by you. Many peoplebelieve everything they get fits everybody else... this is a mistake. page 1 / 2
  2. 2. Not Getting Results Online? - This Article Will REALLY Tell You Why - 02-19-2013 by admin - Wealth Magnate - When you build, or find a product to promote you have to do your research and see how well this product sells/would sell on the marketplace. You might love it, yet people might hate it. What is a wanted, cool and good selling product? Reality is that a product that is overly hyped is crap - most times. When a product is valuable it doesnt need that much promotion to sell. Have you seen Google promote their search engine? - no Have you seen Facebook promote themselves? no And they are the top two products online. Affiliate marketing is a bit different, however the rule is valid with affiliate marketing too. If something is too hyped, most times it sucks. Enough about this and lets get back to getting results online. Along with selling there is one more rule you should obey like its your only god - to really really love what you do. In other words to be passionate about your activities. Entrepreneurship is so hard that you need to be really passionate about what you do, to never give up. It just is... This is Steve jobs talking and here is the video: YouTube Video Most people are online for the only sake of making money... well, Im here to tell you this is really not a good idea. Of course you would want to make money, but the more important factor is - by doing what, meaning the thing(s) you are good at and love doing. This article right here is the real formula to getting results online and the next time your hear the "value talks" just know people who always repeat how you have to offer value are exactly the ones who dont care about it that much. Getting results online equals selling by doing what you love. Value is a result of that process. _______________________________________________ PDF generated by Kalins PDF Creation Station page 2 / 2Powered by TCPDF (