How to explode your landing page results


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It's about time to get to know how to collect leads by using your capture page...

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How to explode your landing page results

  1. 1. How To Explode Your Landing Page ResultsFeb21st 2013 Written by Wealth MagnateI just found the hottest article on how to improve your landing page results and collect moreleads.It’s a true fact you have to really understand marketing nowadays to make decent money online.The landing page is a main marketing method used for collecting leads, however lately it hasbeen overly used which of course leads to the need of more skill and better landing pages toreally make it work.Have you heard of hick’s law?Whether you know it or not, it has probably lowered the click-through rates on your landingpages.Here’s what you probably already know…According to Hick’s Law, the more choices you give someone, the longer it takes them todecide.Here’s where it gets interesting…It’s easy to misapply Hick’s Law and actually hurt your sales. I’m not disputing the wisdom ofone page, one offer. But that doesn’t mean you need to limit the number of ways you allowvisitors to take that offer.If you want more orders, you need to provide as many ways as possible for prospects to sayYES!Get results with more links, not fewerStudies have shown that people often hover their cursor over the section of a Web page they arelooking at. As a result, the elements that attract their eye are the elements they click on first.It may be a product image, a benefits statement, or an image of a happy customer. If it capturestheir interest — and if it makes them want to buy — that’s where they click first.Here’s a Crazy Egg heat map of one of our blog articles. As you can see, people click… well…everywhere,
  2. 2. But what happens if the element they click isn’t hyperlinked? Or worse, in the case of an image,what happens if the image is linked to the image location on the server?Confusion. In many cases, people change their minds and leave. They’re interested enough toclick once, but not enough to hunt for a link.Needless to say, more clickable items could easily improve sales. Provided, of course, that youkeep Hick’s Law in mind and maintain just one simple call to action.Wondering how to do this tastefully? I mean, we certainly don’t want to fill the page with oneBUY NOW button after another. Let’s take a look at how one of the best direct responsecompanies in the world, Rodale, does it with their Lose the Wheat! Lose the Weight! cookbookpromotion.
  3. 3. A link every 150 pixelsYou won’t believe this but there are four links to the order form in the first 600 pixels of thisPrevention Magazine landing page.There’s only one offer, but four ways to get to it:The “Johnson box,” or pre-headline teaser.The red “Try it FREE!” tab.The headline.The pancake graphic.It’s powerful copy. Powerful enough that you may decide to buy without having to scroll down.On most other landing pages, you’d have to hunt for a link, but not here.By hyperlinking all major top-of-the-page elements, Rodale encourages interested buyers to takeaction immediately.Notice that only one of these four links looks like a link: the red tab. This is a big reason whyRodale’s approach doesn’t come off as over-kill. A more clickable landing page doesn’t have tolook like a link-fest.Your take-awayOnce you’ve crafted a selling headline, let it sell. Link it to your order page.Consider adding other persuasive elements that allow people to take action right away. Add ateaser above the headline (sometimes called an “eyebrow” or “Johnson Box”) or a subtitle (oftencalled the “deck”) below it.If you can add an image, do. Then follow Rodale’s lead and link it to your order page.Keep one focus, one responseHick’s is right about one thing. You can improve results by focusing on a single call-to-action.But that doesn’t mean you only ask for the order one time.So keep it simple. One message. One call to action. With lots of opportunities for people toaccept your offer.Make it easy for people to buy. Boldly link where no one has linked before. And create thepotential for significantly more sales.The article originally appeared over at the Daily Egg
  4. 4. The conclusion:It is really simple: you are in this game to make money, so don’t be afraid to sell. People like tobuy, but they don’t like to be sold, so find a way to give them what they want without being topushy, yet at the same time – providing them a lot of options to get to what you have, focusingon only one product at a time.And if something catches the eye on your landing page, then make it clickable, leading them toyour offer, and not to the actual file on your server.