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Google makes-updates-so-what-you-will-be-solid-after-you-read-this


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Google makes-updates-so-what-you-will-be-solid-after-you-read-this

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Google makes-updates-so-what-you-will-be-solid-after-you-read-this

  1. 1. Google Makes Updates... So what? You Will Be Solid After You Read This - 04-25-2013by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.comGoogle Makes Updates... So what? You Will Be Solid After YouRead Thisby admin - Thursday, April 25, 2013 just rolled out several new updates, that wouldprobably give a few headaches... and they would not stop, as this is the only way to keep search clean andget more people to do Google PPC.The moment SEOs start manipulating the crap out of the search engine using the latest effective method,Google reacts... thats how it is. So instead of trying to work Google, or trying the latest backlinkingmethod that will keep you on page one for a day, you better smarten up and build a real business, which isthe only way to be liked by Google and everybody else...What do I mean?Im not saying you are doing something not profitable, or unproductive, or anything...what Im saying is you have to follow the next few steps to survive Googles updates and NOT care abouttheir future renovations:1 Get yourself a really cool domain name (those whove already done this, go to step two).I know you have heard many times domain names are not that important, but you have to stop listening topeople who say that. You have to invest in a cool domain name, period.How is that relevant to surviving Googles updates? you might 1 / 5
  2. 2. Google Makes Updates... So what? You Will Be Solid After You Read This - 04-25-2013by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.comIt is indirectly related. You might not see the importance right now, but believe me naming your businessis the first and most important step in doing good are several reasons why:- first of all you should already know Google dont care how exact you domain matches your keyword.They care about your authority, which you build firstly by getting people to remember and like yourname.- your domain name is your BUSINESS name. People would recognize you by that. You have to make itshort and sweet. If you can not invest in the exact name you are after, then at least get creative and comeup with something cool.- Long and ugly domains never get remembered- tricky domain names, meaning such containing multiple s, z, numbers, or any signs so you can get themto look closer to the name you want, look really unprofessional, cheap and ugly.- when your name is awesome, it will get people to visit you more often and like you easier, which willlead to higher authority with time.There are many more reasons, but Im sure you get the point. Think about all the important and popularsites online and you will see what I mean. With all that competition online nowadays it is really importantto get people to remember you easier .2 Internal backlinkingThats major... you have to get your post to link to each other. You can use pluginslike wp-internal-links-lite and seo-internal-links, or you can do it by hand.One thing is for sure - you have to do it a lot. Not only it gets people to spend more time on your blog,which is something Googleve been measuring a lot more strictly lately, but you will also show Googleyou are not just one of those content farms sites - sites build for the sole reason of backlinking, that havepages having external links only.Google penalizes those sites... just like they did with article directories and some blog 2 / 5
  3. 3. Google Makes Updates... So what? You Will Be Solid After You Read This - 04-25-2013by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.com3 Instead of targeting keywords for each post, writeyour content naturallyYou have to do your keyword research, yet you can not expect to have 1000 posts all targeting specifickeywords, and be liked by Google. When you do this, it would be obvious your only goal is to be on pageone, and not to write awesome content, that would help people if it was on first page of Google.You have to create content, as if it will be the core of your business... as by the way it should be.When you start doing this, you are more likely to gain more authority faster and rank for the long tailkeywords your posts are tied with.You can publish extremely keyword targeted posts every once in a while, just dont do it with every post.4 Write really long postsAs I mentioned in the post - "Content Marketing 2014 Style" long posts are gold nowadays. They keepyour readers longer on your blog and show Google you might know this and that about your post topic.This is not always the case, as there are many useless articles online, yet yours would not be any of themwhen you write them interesting, descriptive and informative, instead of just chasing word count.You will also get more backlinks when your content is rich, but you could read about that when you headto the post mentioned above.5 User experience is vitalAs I already mentioned above Google now measures time spent on your site as well as likes shares,comments and everything that gives them proof you are liked more strict than ever.So you have to improve your user experience as much as you can, starting with cool design for you site.Select carefully your colors, theme, optin box, site structure and everything to make it more user-friendly.Additionally write awesome content and post coll pictures, infographics, videos and everything thatwould make your readers stay a bit more on your site, because they got interested.Give them the option to express opinions by using a real comment section, and not just one thats meant topage 3 / 5
  4. 4. Google Makes Updates... So what? You Will Be Solid After You Read This - 04-25-2013by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.comgive them a backlink. When people come and comment just for the link, they most often write just so theyhave something there.You need to make them really talk and chat to increase traffic as well as their user experience. It is noteasy to do so, but with time, if you publish great content, stimulate them to comment and reply to theircomments, you will get there.I dont have that many comments in here, since this is more of a company blog, but my personal blog isdoing more than fine.Personal blogs tend to get more comments, since they are more real and their main reason is to interactwith people.6 Backlinking gangsta styleBacklinking is still the name of the game and the new old school backlinkind is diversifying...You need to get conventional backlinks meaning EDU, PDF sites, wikis, blog comments, forum profiles,web 2.0s plus high PR backlinks.Link building is not difficult, but expensive. Thats reality... and the reason you need all types of links isbecause you have to make the whole process of building links as natural as possible...although high PR backlinks are the ideal SEO strategy for 2013, you still have to get low qualitybacklinks as well. Imagine what would Google think when they notice all your backlinks are highauthority and you dont have one coming from a forum, or a comment...thats right, they will know something is up... and they will act on it. Thats why I keep saying masssubmission tools still work and will always do, when you know how to use them of course.A tool like Senuke could get you numerous conventional links with just a push of a few buttons. Ofcourse you can not just mass submit like crazy and expect to be ok... no, you have to mix high PR linkswith conventional such, making the whole process not looking like you are trying to manipulate theengine.7 Publish content regularlyAlthough you have already heard you have to publish regularly I just had to add this step as it is one ofthe most important if you want to get through all Google updates and make your blog popular.You have to publish at least once a week to make Google notice you are serious and possiblyauthoritative. They dont like static sites and would not give you credit if you set yours and forget about it.You have to read this post: "How To Outmarket The Competition By Blogging Daily" to see what I meanmore in 4 / 5
  5. 5. Google Makes Updates... So what? You Will Be Solid After You Read This - 04-25-2013by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.com8 Social EngagementAlthough all social networks are important these days, I will only concentrate on the science of Facebookmarketing and engagement, because if you manage to build an audience there you will be pretty muchsorted all over social sites.Google wants to see popularity, as there are too many sites online already, and to really know which arethe right for their page one, they have to measure social presence.To get to know how to increase it just follow the link to the cool infographic you have up there.lets sum up and see why surviving Google updates is easy when you...develop a business, and dont just try every tricky thing to make a buck. All you just read basically meansto stop looking for the short cut and put time and money into your business... and most importantly doexactly what you like, or you will burn out...because it is really hard... you better believe it right now so you save yourselves from struggle. The onlyway to do good online is by doing what you love and by putting hard work and some money into yourbusiness.Thank you for reading! :)Images credit: generated by Kalins PDF Creation StationPowered by TCPDF ( 5 / 5