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Email marketing-101-how-to-actually-earn-from-it


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email marketing and how to actually earn from it

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Email marketing-101-how-to-actually-earn-from-it

  1. 1. Email Marketing 101 - How To Actually Earn From It - 03-07-2013by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.comEmail Marketing 101 - How To Actually Earn From Itby admin - Thursday, March 07, 2013 Email marketing is the ultimate marketing approach,yet it turns out even some seasoned marketers only do it for fun, despite they believe the opposite. This iswhy I have come to the conclusion email marketing is far more than just collecting leads and sendingthem emails consistently.This is science we are talking about here, and not just hoping to get traffic to a capture page. Why dontwe start learning it right away...Email marketing starts with collecting the emails somehow. The most common practice is using a capturepage, which is cool and works... if you know how to make the capture page a bit different form the rest. Ifyou just send people to the regular "get this free e-book" capture page you might not get the most wantedresults.I will tell you right away its a misunderstood theory freebies work good for monetizing leads. Theymight work fine for collecting the leads, yet monetizing them is a whole different game. "Freebusinessman" as I call people who always look to get everything for free are the worst for business,mainly because business and free just dont go along.A nice capture page is this: About 27 out of 100 peoplewho get to it decide to give their name and email, and if It was only email wanted on the page it wouldprobably increase the submission rate twice.Another well working page is you already get the idea. The capture page has to benice and simple, with a big submit button and a clear reason for people to give their email. And it has tooffer them a solution to their problem.Confirmed VS Unconfirmed emails page 1 / 3
  2. 2. Email Marketing 101 - How To Actually Earn From It - 03-07-2013by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.comI personally always recommend asking for confirmation. Sometimes I collect all kinds of leads, mainlywhen I send them to a video. Other than that I always want confirmation, as I dont like fake emails andpeople just submitting for no reason. You might wanna read the post I link to up there as well, to find outseveral major reasons to ask for confirmation.After collecting the leads comes monetizing them... here is where most marketers suck. And I mean theyreally dont get this process.Why? you would ask... because email marketing is not a collecting leads competition, but amoney-making process, and making money includes selling. You have to sell products to your leads...and they have to realize they are in to buy.People who talk about how they would unsubscribe right away from your list if you send them too manypromotional emails are exactly the ones you dont need on your list... let them unsubscribe right away.You are not running a school here, or a comedy club, but a business... a business includes sales.If you were a comedian you would probably send them funny movies, yet if you were a businesscomedian you would send them funny promotional movies instead.After people buy, you then move them to another list, where you take things to the next level sendingthem more value, since they are your customers. If they are satisfied with your product, they will alwaysbuy again, even if you dont push it that much.You have to welcome unsubscribers... they are a very important part of the email marketingprocess. They are exactly as important as subscribers.I know a lady in this business who has 19 000 thousand people on her list and makes $700 a month out ofthem... this is just embarrassing. I make the same out of one. I personally buy everything I like and lovepeople sending me cool things to buy.When I like something - I buy it, because this is what money is for... to buy. If you are too afraid to sellthen move to another niche.Sequence of the emailsSending emails regularly will firstly get people used to receiving stuff from you. Regularly is daily, oronce every two days. Dont confuse spam with email marketing, as a lot of poor marketers do. Sendingpeople what they asked for is not spam, but email marketing.Send emails daily, people already get too many emails... you dont have to care about that. They canchoose what emails to get. Your job is to make money and make your customers happy to buy fromyou.This right here is a guide to extremely powerful email marketing campaigns, but lets talk about opens andclicks in addition to that. page 2 / 3
  3. 3. Email Marketing 101 - How To Actually Earn From It - 03-07-2013 by admin - Wealth Magnate - What would make someone open your email? - the email headline of course, nothing more than that. The headline is the most important part of your email... it catches your receivers attention and determines whether he would be interested in your thing or not. A headline like: "learn how to optimize your blog" is not a really good way to go, except when you run some kind of a SEO course. The headline should be something like: "what is the matter with you?" or "got 15 minutes?" It has to be something emotional, or interacting, or interesting. It is what gets your email opened. Once it is open you have about two or three lines before you lose your reader. If you start with something stupid and boring... thats it, no click for you. The first two lines are what will make your reader click the link you want him to. After that comes the body copy - it should be entertaining and emotional. Additionally you have to teach something interesting your reader. And of course you have to link to your offer everywhere inside the email. You will really know you are good at email marketing once you start getting a sale per every 50 or so people you get on your list.... maybe even less. And if you follow this email marketing formula there is quite a big chance you will do it. Although email marketing is a bit saturated nowadays, it still works. You just need to do what you just read and of course customize your emails according to your style. Before all you have to make them unique and different from everything out there. And dont be scared to sell. This is the main purpose of email marketing, unless you are a non-profit organization, which I believe you are not. There is more to email marketing, which you are welcome to learn here. _______________________________________________ PDF generated by Kalins PDF Creation Station page 3 / 3Powered by TCPDF (