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Backlinking gangsta-style

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Backlinking gangsta-style

  1. 1. Backlinking Gangsta Style - 04-02-2013by newmedia - Wealth Magnate - http://topimnews.wealthmagnate.comBacklinking Gangsta Styleby newmedia - Tuesday, April 02, 2013 is the name of the game online and will always be... at least as long as the internet runs onsearch, as I have said quite some times already.Old school backlinking though is not a good idea, meaning on-page optimization, some articlesubmissions, commenting and the like are not going to help you a lot. Neither will senuke, or any othermass submission software.Guest posting is a decent way to build links, yet it is dead slow, as I mentioned in the post: "2 extremeSEO strategies that will help you rank"The post itself reveals some awesome backlinking tactics and it is a good idea to read it... now lets jumpinto gangsta style backlinking, because it is the ultimate way to rank fast... which is basically becomingpopular on the internet.1 InfographicThats right - infographics are the first thing to concentrate on if you want exposure, as they tendto become viral pretty easy, when they are cool. Once they get viral, you get a lot of traffic and possiblysome authoritative backlinks from relevant blogs.You might not be that good at creating them, so you can hire, or to do the job for you.2 QuizzesQuizzes are fun... people love them, the same way as infographics you can make them go viral, plus youcan provide people a way to embed them, or add them on their sites, giving you a backlink with thewanted keyword.3 ComicsComics might seem a little childish to you, but they tend to spread very well on social media. Here is theplace to go for comics. They dont have any factual data, but they are really funny and are an awesomeway to promote your site, offer, or just to get people to remember your brand.As for backlinking - they tend to work just perfect. Yahoo claims this comic itself pulled in 3 000 naturalbacklinks.4 Reviews page 1 / 2
  2. 2. Backlinking Gangsta Style - 04-02-2013 by newmedia - Wealth Magnate - This backlinking method is the most seen online, since it is simple, takes not more than an hour and gets amazing results. You dont have to solicit for the backlinks. When your review is cool, sites would start linking to it. For this to happen though you have to really write an amazing review, and not some pitchy 300 worded post. And those links would not happen over night. Good things take time. 5 Trends Everybody wants to know whats hot... which is the main reason for sites like smashing magazine to be one of the most popular online. Thats what they do - break down up and coming trends. As a result they get about 200 comments, along with 5 000 backlinks from one single piece of content. 6 Lists This tactic is a bit old, yet it still works pretty well. Make list posts, but dont write too long introductions... go right to the meat instead. You will have to do this and see if it works for you. I have to say lists have brought in a lot of backlinks and traffic to Wealth Magnate. 7 Photos This is the easiest backlinking strategy, it is also extremely efficient. Just take some photos and publish them on your page. Let people know they are royalty free and ask for a link back if they use them. This way you will get a lot of backlinks, because everybody publishes content nowadays, therefore needs images. There really are numerous ways of getting backlinks, some take more time, some less, some are more efficient, some - not so much... but reality is you have to get as many backlinks to your site as you can, and make backlinking as natural as possible. In other words, Think of SEO as an expensive long-term investment. _______________________________________________ PDF generated by Kalins PDF Creation Station page 2 / 2Powered by TCPDF (