9 out-of-10-marketers-online-are-fake


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9 out of ten marketers online are fake... get to know how to tell who the real are

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9 out-of-10-marketers-online-are-fake

  1. 1. 9 Out Of 10 Marketers Online Are Fake... How To Tell Who The Real Are - 03-24-2013by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.com9 Out Of 10 Marketers Online Are Fake... How To Tell Who TheReal Areby admin - Sunday, March 24, 2013http://wealthmagnate.com/9-out-of-10-marketers-online-are-fake/ 9 out of ten marketers online are really fake... thatswhat many years in this business has shown us. Lately the situation has been out of control, since moreand more people try to position themselves as experts."Gurus" tell you to position yourself as a pro right? While you have to show people you know this andthat about what you do, pretending to be who you are not is the worst approach to making money online...and it has led many people to failure.Quoting famous people, posting money snapshots, pretending to be someone who you are not is notreally marketing, neither is it positioning. It is what wanna bes do.When you stumble upon the next marketer doing anything like this, you should know they are fake. Andsince you know the importance of social environment, you better stay far away from such people. Mostentrepreneurs who fail online, tend to do it because they listen to the wrong guy.Positioning is important, and the best way to do it is by being yourself, not by faking whatever you couldto make a sale. Sadly, too many marketers make the mistake to believe it is the latter.How to separate the real marketers online from the fake?1 Real marketers who actually make money online dont spend their whole life on Facebook posting howcool they are, or how much money they make and what they buy, or how they make money while theysleep and the like...they spend their time running their business and use Facebook as an additional way to reach morecustomers. And this happens by developing cool pages, groups and profiles to get people involved in. Asa matter of fact, when you have a real business going, you will hardly find time for Facebook. page 1 / 3
  2. 2. 9 Out Of 10 Marketers Online Are Fake... How To Tell Who The Real Are - 03-24-2013by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.comShowing off on Facebook is nothing more than a stupid way to get a few people interested in you, and allthe rest pissed by how pompous you are. It doesnt hurt to do it occasionally, but again there is a properway to be done - read: "Social Proof Marketing – How To Do It, What To Know About It And Why It IsExtremely Important In 2013 And Beyond"2 Real marketers online do NOT spend their whole life on Warrior Forum, or any other forum - forumsare an alright way to get traffic for free when starting out, and nothing more. You can also find somevalue there, but they are not the way to go if you seriously want to make money online.Most people who have 10 000 posts on there are fake. They might know something related to the forumtopic, yet they are not what they pretend to be for sure. Marketers who have real businesses dont havetime for forums. Of course there are some exceptions, however they are rare.3 Real marketers are additionally good at business, and not just at shooting videos, talking or SEO.Marketing is the department that drives business, real wealth though comes from running a business, andnot from just marketing campaigns.4 Good marketers who are not fake have a cool, friendly attitude... they are never emotional or negativeabout any other business, or people. The reason is people who make a lot of money are neither dumb, norhave time for wasting with others business.There are many cocky fellows out there and they are all fake, no exceptions. Self confidence and cockyattitude are two different things and real marketers online know this very well.5 This one is a biggie, so I left it for last:Marketers online who make money and are real would never waste time on one on one coaching forfree, or any other free activity. They would never give their advice, service or business approach forfree or little money.This is business we are talking about here and we are all in this game for the money. If you dont sell youdont make money, so stay away from people who are always talking "free"...The free mindset is fake marketers or wanna be marketers mindset. Those who offer their coaching,advice, training, SEO service or any of that matter for free are nothing more than wanna bes.Actual marketers online sell and like selling, and you should do too if you truly want to make it in thisbusiness.Why should you be absolutely careful who you listen to?The best thing you could do about your business online do is to hang out with people who are eitherricher, or know more than you, or of course are both. You dont have any reason to follow fake marketers,as you could never achieve the results you want when you listen to people who pretend to be somethingthey are not, or constantly post money shots all over the place to entice you into buying whatever it is, ormake 500 dollars a month. page 2 / 3
  3. 3. 9 Out Of 10 Marketers Online Are Fake... How To Tell Who The Real Are - 03-24-2013 by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.com Be extremely strict when it comes to who you get advice from as well as who you follow online, as this is vital for your business. 9 out of ten marketers online are fake - the pure reality... the good thing is you already know it plus how to tell who the real are. Picture credit: http://www.cxotoday.com/ _______________________________________________ PDF generated by Kalins PDF Creation Station page 3 / 3Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)