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9 extraordinary-ways-to-build-links

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9 extraordinary-ways-to-build-links

  1. 1. 9 Extraordinary Ways To Build Links - 04-08-2013by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.com9 Extraordinary Ways To Build Linksby admin - Monday, April 08, 2013http://wealthmagnate.com/9-extraordinary-ways-to-build-links/Connecting to web masters, or investing in blog networks to build links, as I mentioned in the post "2extreme SEO strategies that will help you rank... immediately" might be a little pricey, or worst - boring...they sure work better than almost anything, yet you might have hard times with them, which is why Idecided to point out some extraordinary creative ways to build links. You will know see SEO might evenbe fun.1 Interview Experts How do you build links by doing that?Pretty easy actually - every expert have a site, after you interview them you can simply ask them to shareyour interview with their audience, or even tweet, or post it on Facebook. Most times people would lovesharing it and you will be able to build a lot of links.And the good thing is everybody wants popularity, meaning almost all the experts you ask for aninterview will gladly agree to give it.2 Quizzes page 1 / 5
  2. 2. 9 Extraordinary Ways To Build Links - 04-08-2013by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.com To build links usingquizzes and not get frown upon by Google you have to follow these steps:- The quiz has to be related to your website- The quiz should not contain rich anchor text - at the end of every quiz, you have a section showing yourscore... and the way to do that is by displaying an embeddable badge that doesnt contain rich anchor text.The anchor text should be the name of the quiz.- Link to your quiz page - the badges should link to your quiz page instead of your home page.Quizzes are a cool and fun way to build links. People love them and it is very likely that they would sharethem.3 Personalized videos The best example is ElfYourself... Im sure you have seen that famous elf dancing all over the net, having thousands of different page 2 / 5
  3. 3. 9 Extraordinary Ways To Build Links - 04-08-2013by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.comfaces. What people did was uploaded a picture of their faces and then JibJab created an elf video out of it.At the end of each video you had an option for sharing. According to Open Site Explorer, Elf Yourselfhas over 10,000 links.What you want to do here is come up with an awesome video concept that would let people personalizetheir videos. You will be amazed how many links you will be able to build leveraging this method...people love videos, when they are funny and amusing they would share them without even thinking.4 Scholarships This right here is onesweet approach to build the so wanted EDU links. Gotta say this strategy is my personal favorite. Youneed several hundred dollars (depends on you) and works like this:you create a scholarship (lets say 1 000 dollar such) that you would give to one student. Then you notifyall the colleges that have a marketing department about it and they display it on their sites. The result is alot of EDU links and one 1 000 dollar richer student.The key point here is to make real campaigns, and not just lie to get backlinks. This is major important,you have to give money each year and may be help out the winner in some way.5 Create viral Facebook pages page 3 / 5
  4. 4. 9 Extraordinary Ways To Build Links - 04-08-2013by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.com Now you are probably thinking: yeah right, if it was that easy to make them Iwould be rich by now.Well you will not get rich off of this strategy, yet you would get some natural easy links. And it is not thatdifficult to pull it off. For the purpose you better have somebody run the page for you, or at least help youwith it, because to make a FB page viral, you will have to put some time and effort.The way to do it is by creating a page about something people really enjoy, take a look at some alreadyviral pages and you will get an idea. Then post relevant material regularly. To get it going use likeexchange sites, empireavenue, fiverr, or any other method you find that works.Once you get about 2000 likes, it will be a lot easier to grow your audience. There is a much biggerchance for people to like your page when it already has some votes.After this it is all about posting awesome content and stimulating people to like and share.It might take you some more time if you dont have money to buy FB PPC likes, or to promote yourposts. But you will get there . Social media are all about posting fun, interesting content.6 Create awesome listgraphicsI posted a listgraphic about "101 ways to advertise your business" the other day and have to tell you it gotme some serious traffic from all over the web. In future I might push it a bit and add an embedding optionto be able to get some more backlinks.listgraphics are the same as infographics, only you create them using lists. They are very easy to makeand extremely powerful for building links, as lists are very readable.7 Give away swagPeople enjoy gifts, and when you start giving bloggers such, they would not only like you more, but theymight start writing about you, and linking to your site.One person who talks about all the free stuff he gets is shoemoney. Every Friday he takes a picture of himwearing a new t-shirt that someone gave him. He then blogs about the shirt and links back to the companywho gave him the shirt.So start giving stuff away. T-shrts, hats, pens... whatever you think of, just do it and you will start gettingall those links to get to page one of Google eventually. page 4 / 5
  5. 5. 9 Extraordinary Ways To Build Links - 04-08-2013 by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.com 8 Add interesting facts and stats at the end of posts for people to tweet... the same way I did right at the end of my color infographic post. Use clickttoweet.com for making it easy for your readers to tweet those awesome stats by just one click. Thats what twitter is all about - short and awesome facts and stats. People would love tweeting cool things. 9 Infographics they are a must and I discussed how to build links using infographics in the post "Backlinking Gangsta Style" As you can see there are numerous ways to build links and become awesome online. The key is to get creative and of course pull out some cash to invest. :) Images source: www.quicksprout.com _______________________________________________ PDF generated by Kalins PDF Creation Station page 5 / 5Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)