10 mobile-apps-that-make-life-easier-and-more-fun


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10 mobile apps that make life a lot easier

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10 mobile-apps-that-make-life-easier-and-more-fun

  1. 1. 10 Mobile Apps That Make LIfe Easier And More Fun - 03-17-2013by newmedia - Wealth Magnate - http://topimnews.wealthmagnate.com10 Mobile Apps That Make LIfe Easier And More Funby newmedia - Sunday, March 17, 2013http://topimnews.wealthmagnate.com/10-mobile-apps-that-make-life-easier-and-more-fun/The 10 mobile apps are especially chosen among many others to make your business and life a lot morefun. The more we get into technology the more interesting life becomes.First came the paper eraPeople were taking notes on pieces of paper and only needed a pen and a clear sheet... You’d collectbusiness cards, gather receipts and carry around a tote bag full of exhibitor booth sell sheets and stickynotes.Then came the laptop eralaptops slowly took over and people started carrying them everywhere to take notes at first... Outletsbecame conference campfires, with attendees sitting cross-legged on the floor in semi-circles aroundthem. later on notebooks become even more popular, WI-FI emerged as something normal and laptopswere all over the place... and they still are...Yet, you are now welcome to the mobile eraIts been all about tablets and mobile phones lately since they are the ultimate communication tool, thatcould simply fit in your pocket... You take notes, take pictures and record videos. You connect, engageand follow-up. And the apps available on these mobile devices continue to evolve.We have carefully chosen the tops 10 mobile apps for you, starting with:#1: Evernote—Remember EverythingNo matter how advanced technology becomes, taking notes would always be the number one activitywhen attending a conference, or you simply need to list the most important facts for the day.There are numeral note taking apps, yet evernote is the preferred by most marketers and businesspeople.It is free and available for your laptop, tablet or smart phone. Evernote allows you to create differentnotebooks, and keep individualized notes in each one. That way you can create a virtual notebook for theconference you attend and then create a separate note for each individual presentation.It is pretty easy to find your notes, since evernote has a highly effective search engine that even suggestsrelated searches. You can also include photos (of your favorite presenter or a detailed slide you’ll want toreview later), audio, tags, URLs and more in each note. page 1 / 3
  2. 2. 10 Mobile Apps That Make LIfe Easier And More Fun - 03-17-2013by newmedia - Wealth Magnate - http://topimnews.wealthmagnate.com#2: Twitter (or Your Favorite Twitter App)—Network in Real-TimeTwitter for mobile phones is like Facebook for laptops. It is easy, helps you keep in touch and reallymobile phone relevant since it is basically a text message social network and it is as you already knowone of the most popular social sites.Im pretty sure you already know about twitter, so let me give you a guide to run more efficient twitterads, better tweeting and how to use device targeting.#3: Facebook Messenger—Keep in Contact With FriendsFacebook Messenger doesn’t offer the real-time interaction of Twitter, and it’s not a great tool for takingnotes, yet it is a great, real-time tool to stay in touch with your friends.You can reach your friends directly on their phones and quickly gather them up for a fast meeting in notime. Facebook Messenger is available on iOS, Android and Blackberry and it’s free.#4: Foursquare—Make the Most of Where You AreWhy not getting the most of your visits here and there... When there are multiple tracks and your friendsare all over the place, Foursquare quickly shows you where people are.You can easily find your friends and spend more time with them, as well as get to know all the goodplaces around since your fellow like-minded folks were there.#5: CardMunch—Turn Business Cards Into ContactsCardMunch quickly scans business cards and pulls the information into LinkedIn. This makes it easier toconnect and follow-up. Imagine collecting all the business cards you stumbled upon on conferences andevents...you can simply fill your house with paper, that you wouldnt even be able to sort out later. This is whereCardMunch kicks in. It is a great free app available on the IOS platform.#6: Evernote Hello—Keep Track of Your ConnectionsAnother great networking app is Evernote Hello. With your permission, this app can connect yourDayTimer, LinkedIn profile, Facebook account, phone contacts and more to help you remember all ofthose great contacts you made at a conference or any other event.You can scan business cards or enter in people’s information manually. You can even instantly connectto a group of people using the Hello Connect feature. YouTube Video page 2 / 3
  3. 3. 10 Mobile Apps That Make LIfe Easier And More Fun - 03-17-2013 by newmedia - Wealth Magnate - http://topimnews.wealthmagnate.com #8: Viber - Free calls, text and picture sharing with anyone, anywhere! Viber is the simplest way to call your friends, or text them for free. Not only this, but instead of searching to see who among your contacts have it installed, it automatically notifies you when the next person in your starts using it, and adds them to your viber contact list. You can also send pictures using it. It is an amazing app available for pretty much anything - IOS, Android, Bada, Nokia, Blackberry and Windows Phone. #9: Google Maps - Navigate your World with Google Maps Google maps is now available for iPhone as well, so you could get comprehensive, accurate and easy to use maps with built-in Google local search, voice-guided-turn-by-turn navigation, public transport directions, street view and more. The story was inspired by http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/. This is my list of 10 Mobile Apps That Make Life Easier... and you are probably wondering where number ten is... I left it for you to designate... give me your choice for the tenth most awesome mobile app in the comments. I would love to see what you think. _______________________________________________ PDF generated by Kalins PDF Creation Station page 3 / 3Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)