10 awesome apps for increasing productivity


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10 awesome apps for increasing productivity

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10 awesome apps for increasing productivity

  1. 1. Page 110 Awesome Apps For Increasing Productivity - TopIMNews.com10 Awesome Apps For Increasing ProductivityApr14th 2013 Written by Wealth MagnateThings are moving fast nowadays and we need to be more productive to keep up. Mobiletechnology makes it a lot easier for this to happen and we wanted to highlight the 10 awesomeapps for increasing productivity.Some of them are so cool they will make your daily activities a game. They are only available onthe iPhone and iPad, but we are sure android alternatives are also available.Daedalus Touch is a beautiful writing app packed with top notch editing featuresthat put the focus on writing not the app.Editing just got fun. This is truly a simple app that will take care you of your fast and correctwriting.Price: $0.99
  2. 2. Page 210 Awesome Apps For Increasing Productivity - TopIMNews.comSunrise is our new favorite calendar app. It’s easy to use, looks great, andintegrates locations with Google Maps.Price: FreeScraps organizes your thoughts. Have you had those moments you just could notremember what you were about to say? or you forgot that awesome idea you hadthe day before? Well, those moments are about to disappear. Now you can jotdown whatever you have in mind and just come back to it later when you havesome more time.
  3. 3. Page 310 Awesome Apps For Increasing Productivity - TopIMNews.comPrice: $0.99We’re obsessed with Carrot. The sadistic to-do list keeps us coming back everyday itching to check off another thing from our list. Carrot is unique in that itgets mad at you when you don’t get the things you’re supposed to do done.
  4. 4. Page 410 Awesome Apps For Increasing Productivity - TopIMNews.comWith carrot you will feel like you have your own personal human productivity trainer, who is notafraid to get a bit angry to get you to finish what you are supposed to.Price: $0.99 (currently on sale for half off)Thinglist is a simple place to remember things. Don’t think of Thinglist as a to-dolist instead its a place to organize books you want to read, ideas to remember,people, products and more.
  5. 5. Page 510 Awesome Apps For Increasing Productivity - TopIMNews.comPrice: $0.99Inkflow is an app for those who think more visually. The app allows you toactually draw out ideas with the ability to export creations to PDF and JPEGformats.
  6. 6. Page 610 Awesome Apps For Increasing Productivity - TopIMNews.comNow this is what we call awesomeness. Vision is the one thing that creates marvels. Inkflow willget your ideas to the next level, helping you visualize them.Price: Free1Password helps you to never forget your passwords again. Don’t be discouragedby the price, for what this app can do it’s certainly worth it. 1Passwordremembers all of your passwords so you don’t ever have to type one in again.Everything is done securely so that you don’t have to ever use the same passwordtwice too.
  7. 7. Page 710 Awesome Apps For Increasing Productivity - TopIMNews.comYou now how ugly it gets when you forget what the password was for the site you need to log inright now. Then you restore it, but after a while you forget another one. This app will end thisimmediately.Price: $17.99CoBook is a non-destructive address book. This means that whatever you do inthe app does not negatively affect your stock iPhone address book. CoBook isgood because its easy to use and updates contacts with current pictures, emailsand phone numbers. Besides that you can stay on top of your contacts by alsoviewing their latest tweets.
  8. 8. Page 810 Awesome Apps For Increasing Productivity - TopIMNews.comPrice: FreeCue helps organize your day. The app links all your accounts like Gmail,Calendar, Twitter, Dropbox, and other networks to help you get a realistic viewof what your day will look like. Cue is a centralized place to know what’s comingup next.
  9. 9. Page 910 Awesome Apps For Increasing Productivity - TopIMNews.comPrice: FreeHabit List wants to help you form good habits. Each day you can check off aparticular task you’ve accomplished and see how close you are to forming ahabit. There’s even flexible scheduling so you don’t get penalized for not doingsomething each day.
  10. 10. Page1010 Awesome Apps For Increasing Productivity - TopIMNews.comPrice: $1.99This post originally appeared at Business insiderRead More at - TopIMNews.com