WWOF Open Positions 2012


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A Presentation of Open Board Positions for WWOF in April of 2012!

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WWOF Open Positions 2012

  1. 1. 2012 Board Positions Open Board Positions www.WeWantOurFuture.org
  2. 2. Required Positions/Actions New Board Positions• Executive Director (CEO) – Bradley Cheetham• Director of Operations (COO)- Matthew • Director of Postcard Expansion- Bruce Cannella Davis – Logistics management • Director of PF Relations (DER)• Associate Director (VP) – Participant Facilitator Follow-up – Daily management (team coordination) – PF Recruitment• Director of Finance (CFO) • Director of International Relations (DIR) – Sponsor relationship management – International focus on participant facilitators, – Donor solicitations partners, media!• Director of Marketing (DM) • Event Coordinator/Manager (ECM) – Social media – Colorado Local focus, aiding in creating – Traditional media opportunities to execute the WWOF activity – Web master position falls in this area Position Status Key (as of 4/24/12):• Director of Partnerships (DP) Red- Position Filled – Partner organization relationship management Yellow- Position under consideration by other applicants, but still open Green- Position open!
  3. 3. Associate Director (VP)• Responsible for running meetings, sending reminders and follow-ups on action items• Support Director of Operations• Daily Management of initiative• Assist CEO and COO with any personnel change or addition of staff
  4. 4. Director of Finance (CFO)• Responsible for keeping an up-to-date and balanced budget/ledger for the initiative• Solicit sponsorship from individual donors• Responsible for approving major financial transactions – Any spending above $75 – Sponsorship solicitations – Grant applications
  5. 5. Director of Marketing (DM)• Responsible for approving strategic communications – External media statements – Conference abstracts, papers, presentations, etc. – Any initiative official positions or opinions – Etc. (if questionable – ask)• Keeping an active web presence to engage followers – Social Media – Traditional Media• Supervise Web Master and assure an up-to-date and engaging website
  6. 6. Director of Partnerships (DP)• Responsible for keeping active relationships with all partnering organizations – Regular communication and updates – Collect feedback from existing partners• Strategically plan and solicit partnerships with new organizations – Search for mutually beneficial partnerships• Work with Director of Marketing to publish press releases for new events/partnerships• Coordinate with COO, ECM, and partner organizations on short-run promotional activities
  7. 7. Director of PF Relations (DER)• Manage all Participant Facilitators (PFs) – Send follow-ups after the WWOF activity is completed – Reach out to PFs who have not completed activity in over 1 year – Regular communication (mailchimp newsletter)• Seek out and recruit new PFs• Work with DP to disseminate information about short-run promotional activities
  8. 8. Director of International Relations (DIR) (preferably non-US citizen)• Work with DP to engage international partner organizations – Where beneficial, seek new international partnerships• Solicit initiative activities in new countries – Work with DP and international partners to find contacts in a desired country• Manage non-US facilitators, volunteers, and participants• Work with DM to develop international media presence
  9. 9. Event Coordinator/Manager (ECM) (preferably Colorado-based person)• Work with DP to encourage WWOF events with partner organizations – Work directly on spreading activity throughout the globe• Keep volunteers engaged with events in their area – Work with DM to disseminate information about events• Focus locally (Colorado) to set-up and execute WWOF events – Museums, Schools, etc.• Manage volunteers to ensure each event is sufficiently staffed
  10. 10. Interested?To apply, please send a notice of intent toinfo@wewantourfuture.org, and CC mattnella@gmail.com. In this intentemail, please include:• Your name, affiliation (day job or school attending), desired position• Relevant previous experiences or desire to learn skills for particular position• Approximate availability: How much time per week can you devote?Timeline:i. send intents in as soon as possible, with the final deadline being on Monday, 05/14/2012.ii. Requests for further information will be sent out as needediii. Acceptances will be officially announced on Monday, 04/30/2012 for filled positions. Unofficial acceptances will be made as required. www.WeWantOurFuture.org